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Undergraduate Council

UC Honors Faculty and Students at Annual Awards Ceremony

The Undergraduate Council honored exceptional faculty and students with various awards for teaching and advising at its annual awards ceremony Thursday evening.

Concentration Advising Fair

What Your Concentration Says About You

Applied Mathematics - Your first memory is of completing a Sudoku puzzle.

Blue Ivy

Today in Photos (04/03/2014)


Twelve College Advisors Recognized with Annual Award

For the third consecutive year, 12 advisors at the College have been recognized by the Advising Programs Office for their outstanding guidance and mentorship in their work with undergraduates.

English Advising Event

Advising Fortnight Provides Freshman Glimpses into Potential Concentrations

Throughout the past week, freshmen have discussed concentrations over pizza, cupcakes, and sushi as part of Advising Fortnight.


Advising Programs Office To Create New Website

In the hopes of allowing students to better explore academic options and access information, the Advising Program Office plans to create a new, easier to navigate website for the 2014-2015 school year.

Concentration Advising Fair

How To Pick the Right Concentration

If you’re a sophomore, you’re probably freaking out about having to declare your concentration by mid-November (and by even earlier for some programs). To help you avoid picking the wrong one, Flyby compiled a cheat sheet detailing some possible areas of study.

On Campus

Take an Intro Class as an Upperclassman

There’s nothing worse than walking into an Ec 10 lecture as a junior, except for maybe the declining elephant population—but let’s be honest, it’s kind of a toss-up. Yet for some reason, despite the fact that we are old enough to know better, and that all of our peers have already taken the classes, we find ourselves taking freshman intro classes as upperclassmen. It’s pretty embarrassing, so here are some tips for maintaining your reputation.


A Divided Duty: The Role of the Resident Dean

The resident deans hold a dual role within the framework of the College, interacting with students both as academic instructors and as House-level advisers. Current and former administrators say that over the past several decades the position has evolved from a role that drew an equal balance between scholarly and administrative work into a job that entails a sometimes overwhelming list of bureaucratic duties.


Just the Tip

Graduating FM executives share a few words of advice.

Advising Awards

Advising Awards

Darragh Nolan hands the Levenson Prize to Gabriel Bujokas for exceptional teaching of undergraduates at the Advising Awards in the Kirkland Dining Hall. Awards were given to TFs, professors, PAFs and other advisers on Tuesday.

Advising Awards

Teaching and Advising Staff Awarded at Annual Dinner

Eight members of the Harvard community received recognition for their commitment to teaching and mentorship at the annual Teaching and Advising Awards Dinner held Tuesday evening in Kirkland Dining Hall.

On Campus

Attention, Class of 2017: Faust's Advice for Prefrosh

Hey, Prefrosh! Can't make it to Visitas this weekend? Eager to make your choice before then so you can have fun? Want to feel more confident in your tentative decision to stay away from New Haven? Look no further for guidance. We spoke with University President Drew G. Faust and asked her what advice she would give to potential members of the Class of 2017.

On Campus

AAAS Advising Event Promotes Concentration

Upperclassmen and freshmen alike were drawn to the African and African American Studies Advising Fortnight event “Savoring Success” on Wednesday evening, which used alumni stories to inform potential concentrators about career opportunities open to undergraduates who study in the department.


Freshmen Advised as Fortnight Kicks Off

Hundreds of members of the Class of 2016 crowded into Annenberg Hall Monday night for the kickoff of advising fortnight. The two-week long program consists of a series of panels, open houses, teas, and socials for each of the College’s 48 concentrations with the goal of helping freshmen to choose their concentrations by the end of their sophomore fall.

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014