Ben and Andrew (Don't) Drink Absinthe

Ben and Andrew (Don't) Drink Absinthe

Ben and Andrew (Don't) Drink Absinthe

Ben and Andrew Don't Drink Absinthe

If there’s one thing synagogue taught me, it’s to love Jesus, go to Mass, and not drink absinthe to ascend to the next level of artistic vision.

Timeline of Harvard's Hard Alcohol Policies
House Life

After Shaky Past, Harvard’s Grip on Hard Alcohol Could Tighten

Harvard, like many colleges, has a troubled history with hard alcohol. Now, after the release of a University-wide sexual assault prevention report, the College again has returned to the debate.

Communist Bar
Food and Drink

A Drink to the Revolution: People's Republik

Nestled on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Lee St., People’s Republik, a Russian Communist-themed bar, has a startling exterior. Blood-red walls are streaked with lines of yellow and black, and they serve as canvases for huge murals.

A Wine and Microbe Affair

A Wine and Microbe Affair

Harvard affiliates and Cambridge locals watch as microbiology and immunobiology professor Roberto Kolter introduces “Appreciating Wine and the Microbes that Make It”, an outreach event by Harvard’s Microbial Sciences Initiative. Attendees listened to a lecture about the chemical processes involved in winemaking and had the opportunity to taste wine samples at the end of the program.

Fire Pit Pit stop
On Campus

Photos of the Day 02.11.16


Mather Bans Hard Alcohol in Junior Common Room

During a year in which the safety and accessibility of the College’s social scene has dominated campus conversation, a new policy in Mather House outlaws residents from consuming hard alcohol in the Junior Common Room, a space students often use to host parties.

Knock Before Entering

Before Going Co-Ed, Fox Club Weighed ‘Logistical Concerns’

Fox Club undergraduates contemplated how a move to go co-ed would change the dynamics of its membership, an undated report addressing concerns about the proposal shows.

Stillman After Hours

Health Services Sees Decrease in Alcohol Treatment After Hours

Harvard University Health Services treated 14 students for alcohol-related reasons during after-hours in the first three weeks of school.

Students Respond to Sexual Climate Survey

A University-Wide Survey, With a College Focus

Harvard's sexual conduct climate survey results released Monday prompts further concern toward the College's handling of sexual assault cases.

Freshman Formal Location Change

Freshman Formal Costs, Security Altered for On-Campus Venue

This year’s freshman formal, which will take place Wednesday on the Science Center Plaza, will feature an “incidents tent” near the main event for students seeking medical treatment, according to formal co-chair Gretty Garcia ’18.

A Complicated Relationship

Unrecognized but Engaged

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana says he wants to encourage undergraduates to rethink the ways in which their social organizations may be exclusive, but some worry that the College's stance on final clubs and similar groups is at best futile and at worst counterproductive.

Drinks at Felipe's
Student Life

Felipe's Says Liquor License Is on Its Way

While the restaurant’s liquor license application was approved, the owners have yet to receive the physical license itself, preventing them from specifying when exactly they can begin to serve alcohol.


College To Host Freshman Formal On Campus

The move will mark the first time that Harvard has hosted freshman formal on campus since at least 2007. In the past, the College has hosted the event at hotels throughout Boston.

Gates at Lowell

College To Heighten Security on Housing Day Eve

Administrators will increase security presence relative to typical levels across the College next Wednesday night in anticipation of the pre-Housing Day celebration known as "River Run."