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Central Administration

Francis Doyle, Professor at UCSB, Named Next SEAS Dean

Doyle will assume leadership of the school on August 1 as it seeks to raise $450 million in advance of its 2019 move to a new campus in Allston.

Visual Arts

Harvard Ceramics Program Opens Spring Show

Patrons lined up outside the program’s space at 224 Western Ave. to browse handmade dishes, sculptures, and jewelry and to talk with the artists staffing the opening reception.

Harvard in the City

Allston Construction Committee Talks Science Building, Parking

The Allston Construction Mitigation Subcommittee met Monday to discuss a timeline for further construction on Harvard’s Allston Science Complex and potential plans for implementing a community-wide resident parking program.


Boston College Opens Applications for Neighborhood Improvement Fund

The program is intended to finance public projects that may include benefits to public parks, open space, neighborhood beautification, transportation improvements, and public art.

Harvard in the City

Harvard Business Publishing To Relocate to Brighton

Harvard Business Publishing will relocate its headquarters from its current location in Watertown to Boston Landing, a new complex in Brighton, to achieve more space for its expansion.


DoubleTree Hotel Workers Approve Unionization

Workers at the Soldiers Field Road DoubleTree Hotel, a Hilton Hotels enterprise housed in a building owned by Harvard, have organized with the UNITE HERE! Local 26 union, according to workers and union representatives.

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting

Harvard Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications Kevin Casey speaks during the first meeting of the Harvard-Allston Task Force in over 100 days.

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting

Representatives from the Boston Redevelopment Authority, left, including Gerald Autler address members of the Harvard-Allston Task Force during its first meeting in over 100 days to discuss the North Allston/North Brighton Housing Stabilization Program, ongoing construction and demolitions at the SEAS complex and Charlesview apartments, and the renewal of Everett Street.

Graduate Student Council Election

Photos of the Day (04/08/2015)

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Harvard-Allston Task Force Discusses Housing, Construction

The Harvard-Allston Task Force met on Wednesday to discuss the North Allston/North Brighton Housing Stabilization Program and the renewal of Everett Street.

Allston Home Damage
Harvard in the City

Allston Residents Hope To Restart Conversation at Task Force Meeting

The Harvard-Allston Task Force meeting next Wednesday will mark the first time that the advisory body convenes in more than 100 days.

Plans for Allston Develop

Five Questions You’ve Got About Allston, Answered

While the influx of cash from Harvard could help Allston develop, many citizens are frustrated with the way the University has handled many topics.

Harvard in the Olympics
Harvard in the City

Residents Voice Concerns Over Boston Olympic Bid

Many residents expressed concerns about Boston's 2024 Olympics bid, such as financial transparency and the impact on affordable housing, at a public meeting Tuesday.

Unveiling West Station
Harvard in the City

Allston Residents Frustrated Over West Station Revelations

Allston residents express frustration over the lack of transparency in the state's discussion with Boston University over its potential funding of a new commuter rail station in the neighborhood.

Harvard in the City

Allston Committee Discusses Harvard Construction Demolitions

Harvard University Construction Mitigation Director Edward G. LeFlore estimated compliance with the University’s new construction worker parking program at around 97 to 99 percent out of 220 workers.

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize