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Justin Timberlake in "Supplies"

Music Video Breakdown: 'Supplies' by Justin Timberlake

As J.T.’s attempts at political activism play out on screen, it becomes clear that he has taken on too much too fast too soon. This attempt to tackle Trump, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, gun violence, and anti-Muslim discrimination in one four-minute music video is not tasteful.

The White House

What (the Hell) Happened: Post-Trump Political Satire

Comedy has struggled hugely (or “yugely,” as the case may be) to speak to both aspects of the Trump phenomenon. Usually, modern Trump comedy errs on the side of easy humor with a touch of desperation.

Dua Lipa in "IDGAF"

Music Video Breakdown: 'IDGAF' and Consumerism

Hidden behind Dua’s icy demeanor is a level of incisive commentary producible only by a young firebrand—an Albanian Karl Marx adorned with a single diamond earring.

Migos in "Stir Fry"

Music Video Breakdown: 'Stir Fry' by Migos

Although Migos may have fallen short of an artistic statement, a coherent plot, and even an inoffensive video, they have succeeded in producing a visual spectacle that is, if nothing else, entertaining.

Everything Sucks Photo

Everything Sucks!’: Any Fans of the ‘90s?

The nerdy high school freshman kids in audiovisual (A/V) club, the theme of unrequited love, and introverts stepping out of their comfort zones could be in any ‘90s, coming-of-age movie or TV show, and “Everything Sucks!” is no exception. But the Netflix original takes all of these familiar tropes and exaggerates them to comedic effect, altering them to sidestep expectations.

Queer Eye Netflix Photo

‘Queer Eye’ Reminds Us That Love Is Universal

While the producers of “Queer Eye” stated that the show’s purpose is “to turn Red States pink”, the show accomplishes far more than that. The show emphasizes our commonality and reaffirms that, despite the divisions of today, we are all human.

Joel McHale Show Netflix

‘The Joel McHale Show’’s Topical Potential Is Undermined by Shoddy Writing and Annoying Marketing

The video compiler for “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale” needs to be given a large bonus for being the sole saving grace in the otherwise lousy production of this new Netflix comedy show.


Top Five Reads for a Vicarious Valentine's Day

Here are five reads inspired by this exhausting holiday through which you can experience love vicariously, ranked in order of how likely they’ll be assigned to you by a Harvard professor.

"Modern Vampires in the City" by Vampire Weekend

Top Five Songs on My Valentine's Day Playlist

In order to help us all find some love (or at least some sincere emotion) this holiday, I hereby present the five most appropriate—though not necessarily best—songs on my killer Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist

Glenn Howerton A.P. Bio NBC

‘A.P. Bio’ Whiffs with the Bases Loaded

Despite the odds stacked in its favor, “A.P. Bio” whiffs spectacularly in its series premiere, an episode that left me wondering whether O’Brien and his team were even trying to get on base.

Christopher Nolan

Career Overview: Christopher Nolan

The 47-year-old London filmmaker is a consistent source of both critical acclaim and box office glory.

James McAvoy in "Atonement"

2007: This Year In Film

From childhood favorites to critical masterpieces, 2007 had something for everyone.


“The Alienist” is Dark and Intriguing

The show's combination of intriguing premise, seamless production, and haunting aesthetic bring to life the gritty underground world of crime and corruption in the Gilded Age.

Altered Carbon Netflix

“Altered Carbon” Presents a Grimy World, but Plodding Plot

The premiere suffers somewhat from inconsistent anachronism—the people of the future don’t use the word “body” anymore, but still have those red, white, and blue barber-shop poles—but the overarching concept is exciting.

HBO Henrietta Lacks Still

‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ Turns Eight, Story Still Touching and Timely

On the eighth anniversary of the novel, it’s worth taking a look at the touching film that documents the pain the Lacks family still feels after being lied to by Johns Hopkins University about their own mother.