Campus Arts

Beantown Jazz Festival 2016

John Scofield Brings Fresh Sounds to Local Jazz Festival

Jazz guitarist and composer John Scofield blended genres at the annual Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival.

BSO Opening Night 2016

BSO and Lang Lang Deliver Rousing Opening Night

The BSO and star pianist Lang Lang delivered a brilliant opening night program on Saturday.

Portrait of an Artist: Lance Oppenheim

Artist Spotlight: Lance I. Oppenheim

Filmmaker Lance I. Oppenheim '19 talked with The Crimson about his documentary "Long Term Parking."

Scott Rothkopf
On Campus

Arts Asks: Scott Rothkopf

Scott Rothkopf '99, chief curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, spoke with The Crimson about his student days, his passion for art and museums, and his current work.

Overnight at the MFA

MFA Kicks Off Season of Contemporary Art With Packed Overnight

On Saturday, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts hosted its first #mfaNOW event, an all-night celebration of contemporary art intended to draw in the city’s younger crowd.

The Lilypad
Off Campus

The Lilypad Offers Up Original Performances in Inman Square

The Lilypad, a tiny performance space and art gallery at the heart of Inman, is a far cry from the frenzy of university life. The venue hosts writers, musicians, and artists and, according to its website, brings audiences “The Most Original Live Music in the World. Every night.”

Lighthouse Keepers
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: The Lighthouse Keepers

The first few weeks of school are always buzzing on campus, and Harvard’s indie folk-inspired quintet the Lighthouse Keepers has contributed to the excitement this fall. Consisting of Abby L. Westover ’17, Ella M. Duncan ’17, Colby S. Knight ’17, Aidan R. Chavez ’18, and Matt Matsudaira ’17, the band published a single, “In a Moment,” on Sept. 3

On Campus


Tyler Parker, '17, is a government concentrator with a secondary in VES.

Dru Donovan Photo
On Campus

Dru Donovan Photo

A photograph by Dru Donovan on display at the VES Visiting Faculty Exhibition

Dru Donovan Photo
On Campus

VES Visiting Faculty Exhibition Prompts Conversation

The gallery, which hosts a variety of student and faculty showings throughout the year, currently houses selected works by six visiting faculty members in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies: Lucas Blalock, Jennifer Bornstein, Paul Bush, Dru Donovan, Alexander Galloway, and Kianja Strobert.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Tyler S. Parker

“The Flag,” a documentary by Tyler S. Parker ’17, explores the debate over the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shootings. The short film focuses on the protests, both pro- and anti-flag, that took place in the South Carolina state capitol in the summer of 2015 and that eventually resulted in the flag’s removal.

Morula III by Terry Winters
Visual Arts

MFA Opens Strong Slate of Fall Exhibitions

Boston's MFA opened two smaller fall exhibitions this weekend, focusing on contemporary artist Terry Winters and modernist photographer Imogen Cunningham.

On Campus

Anna Deavere Smith’s “Notes from the Field” an Extraordinary Achievement

A stunningly nuanced, inventive, and emotionally resonant investigation of how the country values the lives of young people of color, the play is not only a great work of theater but, in its empathy, curiosity, and comfort in complexity, a significant addition to the national discourse.

"The Insides"

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy P. Bushnell

A professor at Northeastern University, Jeremy P. Bushnell spoke with The Crimson about his new book, "The Insides," and his creative experiences.

Crimson Dance Team at Arts First

Crimson Dance Team at Arts First

The Harvard Crimson Dance Team performs at the weekend-long Harvard Arts First Festival in the Science Center Plaza. This year marked the 24th year of the annual festival.