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On Campus

Cambodian Filmmaker Finds Truth Beneath the Killing Fields

On April 17 at the Carpenter Center, the Mahindra Humanities Center hosted a film screening of “Enemies of the People,” followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker. The 2009 film follows Sambath’s 10-year search for confessions and explanations for the 1975-1979 Cambodian genocide that led to the massacre of nearly two million people during the reign of the Khmer Rouge.

On Campus

The Intrinsics Bring The Soul

Composed of ten band members, The Intrinsics combine vocalists, horns, percussion, and strings to produce an energetic, buoyant sound.

On Campus

'Versatorium Playbook' Explores Translation

Charles Bernstein, an American poet, and Peter Waterhouse, an Austrian poet and novelist, combined to share their unique perspectives on translation, illustrating the positive impact translation can have on the art form of poetry, as well as on those who collaborate to translate together.

On Campus

Keeping The Music Alive

While jazz at Harvard still searches to find its rhythm, the April 12 concert filled the lower level of Sanders and drew exuberant applause. For all the program’s logistical issues, it continues to draw hard-working musicians from the student body.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Bagby

Composer, harpist, and performer of medieval music, Benjamin Bagby is currently touring the country performing “Beowulf” in its original Old English.

On Campus

Collegium Collaborates on "Boundless Realms of Joy"

The Collegium hopes to showcase the ability of choirs to bring people together with their upcoming concert, Boundless Realms of Joy, which will take place on April 11 in Sanders Theatre.

On Campus

MASS Design Group Goes 'Beyond the Building'

On Friday, April 4, in the Piper Auditorium of the Graduate School of Design, Michael Murphy (MArch ’11) and Alan Ricks (MArch ’10) presented “Beyond the Building,” a series of short films documenting MASS Design Group’s work over the five years since its founding.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Megan Murdock and Jun Shepard

Megan G. Murdock ’14 and Jun Shepard ’14 both began dancing at the tender age of three. Now Emerging Choreographers for the Harvard Dance Program, the two will be dancing this week in the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company’s spring production.

Monae Queen
On Campus

Yardfest Tips & Tricks!

Homework can wait and the latest episode of Game of Thrones will always be on HBO GO, but YOYO—You Only Yardfest Once (or four times, but you get the idea). For those who are unsure how to get the best out of that Sunday, here are some tips!

On Campus

Visiting Musician Offers Taste of Tajikistan

Though he was limited to a mere two strings, Sirojiddin Juraev’s involved strumming and picking technique allowed for a sustained and edgy chordal hum as he delicately toured up and down the thin fretboard.

On Campus

"Quilts and Color" at the MFA

The exhibit focuses on color theory and abstraction, pairing intricate quilts in riotous colors with the works of 20th-century modernist painters. The result is a beautifully vibrant presentation that makes the art of quilting accessible, compelling, and even—dare we say it—cool.

On Campus

“Dog” Approaches Divinity

"Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead,” which went up this weekend in the Adams Pool Theater from March 27 to 29, was not merely great student theater, nor even great theater; it was great Art.

On Campus

Shimabukuro Wows at Ukulele Workshop

Shimabukuro is renowned for his work, having been declared a musical “hero” by Rolling Stone and having topped the Billboard World Charts for his 2011 album, “Peace, Love, Ukulele.”

Comedy Cover Anthony

Comedy Cover Anthony

Anthony H. Zonfrelli ’14 only started performing stand-up during his senior fall.

Comedy Cover Dan

Comedy Cover Dan

Dan J. Fitzpatrick ’15 was one of the performers at the recent stand-up event organized by Harvard Speaks.

House Art Cover Wallpaper
Visual Arts

Art House

Youth Homelessness in the Square
Harvard Square

For Homeless Youth, Age Can Compound Challenges of Life on the Streets

On Year Later: Boston Marathon Bombings
Boston Marathon

VIDEO: Looking Back One Year Later, Harvard Affiliates Prepare to Return to Finish Line

Johnston Gate Arts Cover

Rebuilding the Past: Harvard's Beautification Renaissance