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On Campus

New Wallace Stevens Recordings Reveal a Daring but Human Poet

Ultimately, the tapes are part of an ongoing journey towards understanding Stevens; nearly half a century after his death, the poetry community is still in the process of unearthing new truths about his life and work.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Biss

World-renowned pianist Jonathan Biss, a teacher at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, will deliver a master class at Harvard on Oct. 30.

On Campus

Outside the 'Box' With Chesney Snow

Snow speaks like a guru. He has a gentle, slightly lisping voice, so it’s surprising when he puts mic to mouth and emits powerful, pounding drumbeats: loud, commanding kicks; high, bracing snares; delicate cymbals.

Panel Before Gallery Opening
Visual Arts

Panel Before Gallery Opening

The Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African & African American Art opened Tuesday night at the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research after a discussion with curators David Adjaya and Mariane Ibrahim-Lenhart, moderated by Henry Louis Gates.

Cooper Gallery
Af Am Department

Cooper Gallery

The Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African & African American Art opened Tuesday night at the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research after a discussion with curators David Adjaya and Mariane Ibrahim-Lenhart. The Pigozzi Contemporary Art Collection will be on view October 21, 2014 through January 8, 2014.


Proposed Concentration Sparks Anticipation, Questions for Art Lovers

Students involved in the arts on campus expressed excitement at the newly proposed ‘Theater, Dance, and Media’ concentration.

Visual Arts

A Gala For Goya

Employed as a court painter by four successive Spanish monarchs and beloved for his flattering paintings of aristocrats and intellectuals, Goya was also gifted with a perceptive eye for human nature and the sociopolitical changes of his country, as suggested by his sometimes mordant lithographs, prints, and etchings.

On Campus

Vizenor Combines Dream Songs and Haikus

The role and power of the haiku as a form of poetry has been the subject of significant debate since its introduction to the West. On Oct. 16, Native American poet and academic Gerald Vizenor added another voice to the discussion.

Art Museum Forum
Visual Arts

Faust Panel Argues for Art Museums' Importance on Campuses

University President Drew G. Faust and several art specialists agreed on the importance of art museums on university campuses at a panel discussion Thursday afternoon.

On Campus

Sluggish Sections, Solo Standouts at BachSoc Concert

BachSoc’s Oct. 10 concert, while containing some shining moments of musicianship, was a somewhat ragged affair and fell somewhat short of the ensemble’s usual brilliance.

On Campus

“Tempo” To Resound with Live Music, Reflective Movement

“Tempo,” which will run from Oct. 16 to 17 at the Harvard Dance Center, showcases a variety of musical genres and modern dance styles, including classical, jazz, and contemporary.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Chris Thile

Chris Thile is a 2012 MacArthur Fellow and mandolin player for the bluegrass quintet Punch Brothers, as well as the acoustic trio Nickel Creek.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Regina Carter

In her last three studio albums, Carter has displayed unique vision and curiosity by exploring the stories of her ancestors and reinterpreting them through her own musical lens.

On Campus

Talking Shock

What is the role of violence and shock in poetry today? Or, as English professor and critic Stephen Burt asked at the “In Extremis” poetry panel Oct. 1, “What does a poet gain or lose by having blood all over the page?”

On Campus

Not Your Grandmother's Porcelain

Ranging from coffee mugs to Thanksgiving turkey plates, Brandl's work boasts compelling scenes set in the artist’s Midwest childhood home that poke, prod, and unsettle the viewer with their piquant historical allusions, terse humor, and sharp social commentaries.

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time