Chickwich Challenge

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Food and Drink

Eulogy for a Sandwich Recalled

It is with a heavy heart and a reluctantly eupeptic gullet that this gourmand must report the untimely, unjust, and wholly understandable demise of a HUDS staple: the Chickwich.

Graceful Youth
On Campus

Graceful Youth

Nathan Chen, the 14 year old 2012 U.S. National Junior Champion, lands his double axel. An Evening with Champions has raised over $2.6 million for the Jimmy Fund.

On Campus


On Campus

Chickwiches for a Cause

This Wednesday, two men partook in a true test of heart and stomach when they set out to consume thirteen Chickwiches in all thirteen dining halls over the course of one lunch period. William H. Marks '12-'13, an inactive Crimson business editor, and C. M. Trey Grayson '94, director of the Institute of Politics, attempted what has been deemed the "Chickwich Challenge" to raise money for the Phillip Brooks House Association.

Chickwich Challenge
Student Life

UHS Shouts Out to FM

For their 21st birthdays, Harvard students receive a card from UHS, listing fun and alcohol-free activities, including "15. 'Check out' the Widener stacks" and "13. Dive into hands-on fun at the New England Aquarium." But here at the magazine, we think number three takes the cake—"3. Eat in all 12 Dining Halls, with or without the 'Chickwich Challenge.'" Thanks for reading, UHS.

The Crimson FM Chickwich Challenge

FM Presents: The Chickwich Challenge

This week, Fifteen Minutes Magazine presents you with the 2012 Chickwich Challenge: 12 dining halls, 108 chicken patties, five teams, one race for eternal fame and glory.


‘Adam’ a Shallow Retelling of Genesis Under Communism

'Adam and Evelyn' is a love story based on the fall of man, set during the fall of communism.


Incandescent ‘Dukla’ Rebuilds the Novel from the Ground Up

Through a series of prose-poetic portraits and landscapes of Dukla, a small town in Poland, Stasiuk demonstrates how the everyday can be interwoven with the eternal.


Unflinching Didion Courageously Tells All in 'Blue Nights'

To her credit, Didion is as honest with her readers about Joan Didion as she has been about all her previous subjects.


'Tyrant Memory' An Incandescent Exploration of Death

Old Man Pericles, the wisest character in Horacio Castellanos Moya’s latest novel “Tyrant Memory,” has a cigar in one hand, a glass of whiskey in the other

Chickwich Challenge

Chickwich Challenge Profile: Matt C. Jones '12

House: Adams

Chickwich Challenge

Chickwich Challenge Profiles: Helen E. Bradshaw ’11

House: Quincy!

Chickwich Challenge

Chickwich Challenge Profile: Neil T. Curran ’12

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Chickwich Challenge

BEER: Narragansett

For this one, FM is buying fresh, buying local. The box declares, “If you’re not drinking Narragansett beer, you’re not ...

Chickwich Challenge

VODKA: Silver Wolf

Cheap vodka generally smells more like paint stripper than something you would willfully allow into your body. Not the case ...

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes