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Weekly UC Meeting

Three ‘Harvard Project’ Submissions Selected as Finalists

The Undergraduate Council’s Student Initiatives Committee named three finalists from the original 15 proposals submitted to its ‘Harvard Project’ grant initiative at its general meeting Sunday.


‘World’s Youngest Venture Capitalist’ Shares Story

Alex Banayan, a 22-year-old who was called the world’s youngest venture capitalist by Business Insider when he was 19, shared his stories and entrepreneurial strategies in a question-and-answer sponsored by Harvard Ventures.

Grad Boards

Grad but Not Gone

Graduate boards are groups made up of Harvard College alumni who voluntarily take on oversight roles for specific clubs located on the undergraduate campus. Grad boards often work closely with undergraduate organizations’ leadership, though the extent of their influence varies from group to group

Inter-fraternity Council

Fraternities Move To Form Interfraternity Council

A group of fraternities at the College are finalizing a set of bylaws to form a interfraternity council that would coordinate event scheduling and further centralize their operations.

Activities Fair

From Entryways to Extracurriculars

Even as Harvard pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into renewing the College’s residential House system, many students find it difficult to balance their extracurricular commitments while also participating in House life.

Dhruv Clarifies

UC Votes Down Act Criticizing Final Clubs

The meeting, which ran thirty minutes longer than it was scheduled—at least in part because of lengthy debates about parliamentary procedure—came after controversy erupted over invitations to the Spee’s “pajama party.”

Spee Club

Spee Club Cancels Party After Controversy

On Thursday, the Spee apologized for circulating a controversial party invitation following pushback from some students who argued that its depiction of women was sexist.


Asian American Students Discuss Intersectionality at Conference

The Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association hosted the East Coast Asian American Student Union annual conference this weekend, the largest Asian American student conference in the U.S.

Cultural Rhythms Talent

Harvard Foundation Honors Eva Longoria at Cultural Rhythms

Longoria, who was recognized as the 2015 Harvard University Artist of the Year, spoke Saturday about her experience identifying as both a Mexican and an American.

Collegiate Club Photoshoot
On Campus

Collegiate Club Seeks to Bring Class Back to Campus

I meet the Collegiate Club in their collegiate meeting spot: Lamont Library’s Larsen Room. Reclining in their chairs, these freshmen greet me with faces bright with excitement. They want to convince Harvard that they are putting out a quality product with their online fashion blog. I want to tell them this is not Stanford— we don’t just make things happen around here; we first try to comp and seek entry to the Acropolis of exclusive organizations.

Snow Piles Taller Than Tourists

After Snow Days, College Asks Student Groups To Prioritize School

In an email last week to leaders of student groups, Associate Dean of Student Life David R. Friedrich asked student leaders to set the expectation that members of their groups should prioritize academics over extracurricular commitments.

Ultimate Frisbee Endowment

Ultimate Frisbee Club Establishes Endowment

Club representatives declined to reveal dollar figures, but they indicated that the endowment is large enough to waive all freshman membership fees for the fall season.

Social Entrepreneurship Summit
Student Life

Summit Brings Together Business Leaders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Business leaders, including the former president of Trader Joe’s and the general manager of Reddit, shared their experiences in social entrepreneurship with more than 400 participants at Saturday’s Igniting Innovation Summit.


The History of Comp

Comp, a uniquely Harvard undertaking, fills a series of different roles for undergraduates seeking to join student groups on campus. It ensures that new members fit into the organization, indoctrinates them in the functions of the club, and teaches them new skills. Whether it’s over in a couple of weeks or fills up the entire semester, whether it’s a straightforward checklist or a highly challenging competition, comping is an investment of time, energy, and effort to demonstrate one’s willingness and ability to actively commit.

Axelrod Opening IOP

Following Op-Ed, Town Hall Focuses on IOP Structure

More than 40 IOP-affiliated students gathered Friday to share their reactions to the piece and their ideas about the future of the institution.

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize

Central Administration

Amidst Title IX Debate, Law Faculty Raise Governance Concerns

John Stilgoe Office

John Stilgoe’s Secret History

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard