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Khurana Names New Dean for Administration, Finance

In one of his first moves as dean of the College, Rakesh Khurana has named Rutgers University administrator Sheila Thimba the College’s new dean of administration and finance, filling a post that has been without a permanent appointee for nearly a year.


Despite Support, Smith Says University Will Not Fund UC Budget Increase this Year

Following a meeting Monday with Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith, top Undergraduate Council leaders said that their request for a 50 percent increase in funding for student activities this year from the University was denied, even as Smith voiced support for their efforts and discussed funding possibilities for the future.

College Finance

More Money, $ame Problem$

If you haven't been busy binge-watching House of Cards or cramming for your next midterm, you might have noticed that someone has donated a cool $150 million to Harvard. But before you start celebrating like you just won the lottery, keep in mind that just because the school got the money it doesn’t mean you will be getting your own butler any time soon. Here are a few other things we won’t see on campus, even with this generous donation.

Harvard's Endowment Over the Years
College Finance

Harvard's Endowment Over the Years

Harvard's endowment returns have been generally in line with the national average in the past few years, but historically exceeded it, according to data from the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund Institute.

College Finance

Former Harvard Timber Contractor Accused of Bribery, Money Laundering

While a contractor for Scolopax, a Harvard-owned timber company in Romania, Dragos Lipan Secu allegedly conspired with timber sellers to purchase timberland at artificially high prices.

Harvard's Endowment Over the Years
College Finance

Endowment Growth Trails National Average, Report Shows

Harvard’s endowment grew at a slower rate than the national average for American colleges and universities, as well as many of its peer institutions, in fiscal year 2013, according to data released Tuesday by the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund Institute.


Students React to Proposed Campus Center

Though University President Drew G. Faust emphasized that the new Richard A. & Susan F. Smith Campus Center would foster “one University” for all Harvard students, many students across the University remain skeptical about whether Faust’s goal can be accomplished.


A High-Stakes Dean Search: Transition in University Hall During the Capital Campaign

Administrators and student leaders say that the next permanent College Dean has the potential to maximize the College’s gains from the campaign, particularly if he or she is called upon to serve a more active role in soliciting donations.

Three Days In

Dean Pfister Would Like You To Know He Is Reading a Mystery Novel

The College’s top administrator treated undergraduates to another quirky email on Monday, this time updating us on the campus beekeeping scene, the fall foliage, and his latest reading pursuits.

Student Groups

Yardfest, A Shrinking Stage?

Tyga’s controversial lyrics might go largely unheard if there isn’t a strong showing at this year’s Yardfest. But is it just "Rack City" that could make Yardfest less successful than spring festivals at other universities?



Harvard College's financial aid budget has increased from $103 million in the 2007-2008 academic year to a record $182 million in 2013-2014.


Students' Discovery Points to Tyga For Yardfest Artist

Two undergraduates wrote a computer program Tuesday night to access a hidden promotional image of rapper Tyga on just hours before the website said it would reveal the artist set to perform at the annual spring concert in Harvard Yard.



College Finance

University's Annual Report Shows Rise in Deficit, Decrease in Total Debt

Harvard sustained a small deficit of $4.5 million in the last fiscal year resulting from a 3 percent increase in University operating costs, according to the annual University Financial Report released Friday morning.


Graduating with Debt

“It’s like a paycheck-to-paycheck sort of process,” says Sasanka N. Jinadasa ’15 as she sits in Lowell dining hall.

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