College Finance


Amid More Funding Errors, UC Considers Reading Period Rule Change

Members of the Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee will push to change the rule prohibiting the body from funding events during reading period, after the regulation generated controversy and caused multiple financial errors in recent weeks.

Winthrop HoCo Meeting

Holding Down the House: HoCos at Harvard

Addressing issues ranging from hot breakfast to security guidelines, the House committees have historically been active participants in the residential experience at the College.

Picketing The Prices
Student Life

Over 200 Rally Outside Mass. Hall to Support HUDS Workers

​On a day when workers and students took to the streets across the country to rally for minimum wage reform, over 200 Harvard affiliates gathered in front of Massachusetts Hall to push for higher wages and increased health benefits for Harvard’s dining services employees.


UC Calls on HUIT to Extend HarvardKey Deadline

After a contentious debate, the Undergraduate Council sent a letter Sunday calling on Harvard University Information Technology to extend the deadline for undergraduates to sign up for HarvardKey.


Freshmen Jam Annenberg for Berry Study Break

Hundreds of freshmen crowded Annenberg Hall to enjoy an assortment of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries during Tuesday’s Brain Break, but some were left with just sour grapes.

Berry Brain Break

UC Berry Proposal Bears Fruit with Outside Funding

​After a fruitful debate during the Undergraduate Council’s Sunday meeting over the funding of Tuesday’s “Berry Brain Break,” a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health has agreed to have his department sponsor the event.

UC Grants Cuts Graph

UC Cuts Funding, Introduces ‘Collaboration Bonus’

Wednesday was a busy night for Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee. During their meeting, the committee cut grants and created new funding rules for student organizations that collaborate with each other.

Greenlaw on Theater Performance Grant Cap at UC Meeting

Amid Confusion, UC Finance Committee Aims to Improve Communication

This year, the Undergraduate Council has made an effort to increase communication to students regarding funding requests.

Lamont Reserves

Committee Scrutinizes Access to Course Books

Members of the Committee on Undergraduate Education scrutinized students’ access to course books—with some criticizing what they consider to be inconsistent policies among course heads.

Grants From Greenlaw

Grants From Greenlaw

Finance Committee Chair William A. Greenlaw ’17 adjudicates grants to club sports teams at the committee’s Wednesday meeting. The Finance Committee unanimously voted to cap theater performance grants at $16,500 per semester.

Grants From Greenlaw

Undergraduate Council Caps Theater Funding

The Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee recently passed legislation to cap theater performance grants to $16,500 per semester, after funding towards theater groups spiked to over $35,000 last academic year.

Shaiba and Danny

UC Votes on Year’s 'Compelling Interests’

The Undergraduate Council voted unanimously to establish mental health, race relations, sexual assault and harassment, and social spaces as compelling interests for the year.


Hutchins Challenge Raises $50 million for House Renewal

A fundraising challenge established by prominent Harvard donor Glenn H. Hutchins ’77 has earned more than $50 million for House renewal at the College.

UC Representatives Meet in the SOCH
Undergraduate Council

UC Votes to Reform 'Bridging and Belonging' Fund

​The Undergraduate Council voted Sunday to rebrand and repurpose its Bridging and Belonging Fund in the hopes of encouraging its use by allowing students and student groups to apply for funding.


Latino Students Discuss Unity at Town Hall

​More than two months after Latino students voiced a series of demands to Harvard’s central administration, student groups hosted a town hall with a focus on bridging gaps between what students say to be somewhat fragmented student groups.