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HUDS Grill Makeover
House Life

HUDS Updates Saturday Breakfast Service

All dining halls will now serve what HUDS terms “House-Style” breakfast on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. followed by brunch.

Student Life

On-Campus Interview Participation Drops

The program, which brings employers on campus for full-time job and summer internship interviews, saw a 13 percent drop in sign-ups compared to last year.

Title IX Investigator Salary Offer in Context
Central Administration

Weeks In, Sexual Harassment Investigation Office Remains Understaffed

Harvard unveiled a new policy to dramatically rework its handling of sexual assault and harassment claims this July, but, several weeks into the semester, the office in charge of investigating those cases is still not fully staffed.

Scottish Watch
Student Groups

Scotland Referendum Divides Harvard's Britons

Harvard undergraduates and faculty members were as divided as the Scottish electorate going into Thursday’s referendum on Scotland’s independence.

Remembering Haley A. Rue
College Life

Friends, Family Remember Rue '17 Through Her Own Words

Friends and family of Haley A. Rue ’17, who died this summer while traveling in Germany, packed Memorial Church and Annenberg Hall on Thursday night for an evening in memoriam.


Alumna To Pilot Beauty Startup at Harvard

Ownly, a peer-to-peer beauty network founded by Danni Xie '13, will launch a pilot program at Harvard in October.


44 Reps. Elected to Undergraduate Council

Of the winners, about 30 percent are women, a sharp decline from last year, when the entire council was nearly evenly split.


For Many UC Hopefuls, Humor Is a Touchstone

For a growing group of UC candidates—fueled by the surprise victory of UC President Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 last year—humor has become the go-to strategy to separate themselves from this year’s field.

Meet Michael P. Burke, The Registrar

With New Catalog, Admins Hope To Re-Invent Browsing Experience

Administrators hope a new course catalog tool will spur students to reflect on their educational goals when searching for courses, even as some professors worry that more targeted search tools will limit exploration.

Iranian Policy Forum

Forum Looks at Approaches to ISIS, Iran

Two former national security advisors discussed approaches to Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria at the Institute of Politics on Tuesday night.

UC Elections
Undergraduate Council

Number of UC Hopefuls Increases by 20 Percent

One hundred and five undergraduates have declared candidacies for 44 open spots on the Undergraduate Council, marking a nearly 20 percent increase from the number of candidates in last year’s elections .

Indian College Excavations

Undergraduates Begin Excavations in Yard

Undergraduates taking Anthropology 1130: “The Archaeology of Harvard Yard” will be excavating in Harvard Yard for a fifth year as a part of the Harvard Yard Archeology Project.


Class of 2015 Selects Class Marshals

While the eight class marshals elected to represent the Class of 2015 hail from seven different Houses, more than half study Economics, and only two are female.


Gen Ed Review Committee To Hold Town Hall Meetings

The meetings will contribute to a report assessing the state of the Gen Ed Program.

Dunster Construction

Dunster Renovations Incorporate Student Feedback

Student responses have informed changes such as enlarging shower spaces and adding study niches in residential halls.

Facebook at Puzzle Day

This Is CS50.

GSD picture
Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

django unchained scene
Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven