College News

Shkreli Protesters

Protest, False Fire Alarm Disrupt Martin Shkreli’s Harvard Speech

A false fire alarm and student protest continuously disrupted the controversial investor's appearance on campus.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Record 39,494 Apply to Harvard College Class of 2021

Harvard College received 39,494 applications to its Class of 2021, setting a new record for the third year in a row and surpassing last year’s total by 450 applications.

Harvard v. Yale Housing

College Subcommittee Considers Mimicking Housing at Yale

A College subcommittee is soliciting feedback on a proposal to replace Harvard’s current housing model with one more similar to Yale’s.


Datamatch Draws Criticism Over Gender Options

Datamatch 2017 drew criticism from students last week over what some called its “disconcerting” presentation of the non-binary gender response field.

UC General Meeting

UC Votes to Form 'Identity Coalition'

UC representatives also discussed criticisms of the Datamatch survey, which only includes "male" and "female" gender options.


As Blizzard Strikes Northeast, Undergrads Still Expected for Class

Harvard undergrads trudged through the snow on Thursday as classes continued despite blizzard conditions.


Q Guide Will Contain Two Questions on Textbook Costs

The Committee on Undergraduate Education also discussed a potential new schedule to be introduced ahead of the opening of Harvard’s new SEAS complex in Allston.

SEAS Convocation

SEAS Welcomes Newest Concentrators With Sophomore Convocation

The School of Engineering and Applied Science welcomed sophomore concentrators in a convocation ceremony Tuesday.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Title IX Activists Prepare Statement on DeVos’s Confirmation

Hours after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education, some Harvard student activists concerned about anti-sex discrimination law Title IX started plotting a response.

Parties in Freshmen Common Rooms

New Policy Allows Freshmen to Reserve Common Rooms for Private Events

​A new policy will allow first-year students to reserve freshman dorm common rooms for private events, continuing a College-wide push to re-center social life in residential spaces.

Fly Club

The Sanctions: Where They Stand

A guide to the past, present, and uncertain future of the College's unprecedented penalties on members of single-gender social organizations.

Paul J. Barreira

One Year After Initial Outbreak, Confirmed Mumps Cases Gone From Harvard

​About a year after mumps first arrived on campus, there are no confirmed cases of the virus currently at the University.

HUPD at Divest 'Heat Week'

Laptops, Wallets Stolen from Lowell Saturday

​The Harvard University Police Department is investigating the theft of six laptops, a cell phone, and wallets from unlocked dorm rooms in Lowell House.

Dunster House

Winthrop, Dunster, Dudley Begin Searches for New Resident Deans

Two upperclassmen residential Houses—Dunster and Winthrop—as well as the non-residential Dudley House are searching for new resident deans this spring.


Twelve Elected to UC After Low-Turnout Election

​Twelve students were elected to the Undergraduate Council Friday after a two-day voting period for the Council’s midterm election.