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Khurana, Mankiw Endorse Tap Water Campaign

Green '20, the College's freshman sustainability think tank, seeks to correct misinformation about tap water.

Sachee and Khansarinia

Undergraduate Council Will Play Expanded Role in Club Recognition Process

The committee sought to revise the process for approval to limit the number of “superfluous” groups due to the limited nature of financial and physical campus resources.

Barker Center 114

English Department Diversity Course Requirement Approved

English concentrators will soon be required to enroll in a course featuring authors who may have been excluded in the past for their race, gender, or sexuality.

UC General Meeting

New UC Identity Coalition Discusses Q Guide for Comps

UC representatives and Harvard Foundation interns discussed a potential Q guide for comps at the first meeting of an "identity coalition" between the groups.

University Hall

New Faculty Motion Opposes Enforcement Plan for Sanctions

A professor tasked with reevaluating the College's social group policy filed a motion opposing a proposed requirement that students sign a document affirming they do not belong to a single-gender final club or Greek organization.

Quincy Storm

Freshmen Inducted into Upperclassmen Houses in Annual Housing Day Tradition

​On Thursday at 8:30 a.m., doors of University Hall burst open with elated House Committee chairs waving envelopes containing this year’s House assignments, inducting freshmen into the 12 upperclassmen residences.

Professor Harry Lewis

Former College Dean Blasts Social Group Policy Report

Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 called some of the new single-gender social group recommendations “quite repellent” in a post on his personal blog.

SHARC Office Hours

After Sexual Health Survey, SHARC Shifts Focus from Counseling to Education

After a survey found high rates of unprotected sex among undergraduates, SHARC is shifting its focus from peer counseling to peer education.

Adams All Gender Restroom

Khurana Says Protecting Transgender Rights is ‘Right Thing To Do’

“It’s a moral and ethical issue about treating people with dignity and I think Harvard College is committed to that,” Khurana said. “Period.”

Dining Halls
House Life

Hundreds Sign Petition to End 'Community Night' Dining Restrictions

A student-led petition to eliminate Thursday "community night" dining hall restrictions in upperclassmen Houses has garnered hundreds of signatures, with some students saying the rule presents an inconvenience.


Social Group Recommendations Met With Skepticism, Praise

Harvard affiliates greeted the new recommendations for the College's penalties on members of single-gender social groups with both skepticism and praise.


Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Recruits Students for Similar Case at UT

​Students for Fair Admissions launched a new website Thursday to recruit students for a similar lawsuit at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dunster House

Dunster Faculty Deans to Step Down in June

Roger B. Porter and Ann R. Porter announced on Monday that they will leave Dunster House in June after 16 years as its Faculty Deans.

Student Art Show at UC

UC Debates Retroactive Funding for Freshman Class Committee Event

After spending more money than anticipated, the UC voted to retroactively fund “Common Room Crawl,” an event meant to promote inclusive social spaces on campus.


Students Talk Social Spaces, Tutor Training at Town Hall

Harvard undergraduates gathered in Holden Chapel Sunday to share concerns over the state of campus diversity initiatives.