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Act on a Dream Ramps Up During Trump Presidency

Act on a Dream—a student group that advocates for immigration rights—has lately grown in size and scope amid an outpouring of support.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Harvard Will Accept Fewer Students in Class of 2022

After an unusually large freshman class this year, Harvard College will accept fewer students into the Class of 2022 in hopes of admitting more students off the waitlist.

Spee Club Punch Event
Final Clubs

Changes Mark Last Punch Process Before Sanctions

​Sporting formal wear and spouting small talk, College sophomores this week kicked off a punch season unlike any other in the tradition’s long history.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma May Close in Response to Sanctions

Harvard’s chapter of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority could shut down if the College goes through with its sanctions penalizing members in single-gender social groups.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Performs

Women Audition for Hasty Pudding for Third Year, None Receive Callbacks

“We sign up, and take up a lot of their space, purposefully, because we want to make a point," said one woman who has auditioned for the Pudding cast for three years.

Behind Closed Doors - Final Clubs

2014 Title IX Complaint Against Harvard Cited Final Clubs

A complaint that spurred a federal investigation into the College’s compliance with Title IX cited all-male final clubs as “major site[s] of sexual violence."

The Fly Door
Student Groups

OSL Awaits Final Word on Sanctions

The OSL will not implement the policy on the books until a committee charged with reviewing the policy issues its final report later this month.

AEPI Passover Seder
Student Groups

Alpha Epsilon Pi Now Gender-Neutral Club 'The Aleph'

Harvard’s chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity is now a new, gender-neutral group called the Aleph.

Charles Murray protestors

Charles Murray Event Draws Protest

Murray, whose work alleging race can be linked to IQ disparities has been denounced as “racist pseudoscience” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, spoke to a crowd of nearly 300.

University Hall

Sanctions Faculty Committee Quietly Resumes Meeting

The faculty committee that proposed a ban on social groups at Harvard continued its deliberations last week as it considers revisions to its initial proposal.


Kappa Sigma to Become Gender Neutral

​Harvard’s chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity has disaffiliated from its national organization and formed a new, co-ed social group called the KS.

CS50 Lecture

CS50 Updates Course Policies, Asks Students To Go To Class

Students shopping one of Harvard’s most popular undergraduate courses will arrive in Sanders Theater tomorrow to a changed CS50.

Freshman First Day of Class

UC Leaders Criticize Proposal to Ban Social Groups

“It won’t work and it’s an aggressive policy which kind of seems just like a policy just to do something,” UC Vice President Cameron K. Khansarinia '18 said.

Leverett House Deans

Leverett House Faculty Deans to Depart After 20 Years

Howard M. Georgi ’68 and Ann B. Georgi announced on Wednesday evening that they will resign from their position as Leverett House’s Faculty Deans in June after 20 years in the position.

Murr Center

Athletics Department to Overhaul Complaints Process

The Athletics Department will create “a protocol for receiving and acting on complaints of gender inequities” and provide “conflict resolution training” for coaches and staff following a series of scandals last year.