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Walk Out for Gun Control

Harvard Students Sit In for Gun Control

Roughly 100 College affiliates, visiting high schoolers, and Cambridge residents sat on the steps of Widener Library for three hours Friday as part of a nationwide demonstration against gun violence.

Imprisoned in a Box
Student Groups

Students Hold 24-Hour Protest Against Solitary Confinement

During each hour of the “7x9” protest, a volunteer sat inside a 7-foot by 9-foot box made of tape, providing a visual representation of the small area allotted to prisoners placed in solitary confinement.

PBK Junior 24 Announcement

‘Junior 24’ Tapped to Join Phi Beta Kappa

Twenty-four College juniors woke up to an email Tuesday morning informing them of their selection as inductees into Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

College News

Civil Rights Group Calls for 'Systemic Change,' Alleges 'Police Brutality' After Arrest

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice sent a letter to Cambridge officials criticizing the arrest of a black Harvard undergraduate Friday.

Dean Dingman

Freshmen, Proctors Say They Feel Uncertain for Future After Arrest

Freshmen and proctors said they feel uncertain for the future at a meeting with administrators to address Friday's arrest of a black College student.

Memorial Hall (2013)
Student Life

First Generation Student Union Moves Away From ‘First-Gen’ Label

​The First Generation Student Union plans to change its name by early fall, following recent board elections that resulted in an almost full turnover of power.

Spring Weather for Yardfest

Wale and Lil Yachty Draw Hundreds to Yardfest

“I nearly died a while ago,” Daniel Um ’19 said of the packed crowd.

Davis at the UC

Harvard General Counsel ‘Involved’ in Examining Student’s Arrest, Davis Says

Davis said Sunday that Harvard’s Office of General Counsel and Massachusetts Hall are “involved” in examining the Friday arrest of a black Harvard undergraduate.

BGLTQ Office

Advocate for BGLTQ Christians Presents 'Affirming' Reading of Scripture

Biblical scholar and queer rights activist Matthew R. Vines argued for a BGLTQ-accepting reading of the Bible to a crowd of around fifty College and graduate students Saturday.

Student Groups

After Forcible Arrest of Black Student, Harvard Affiliates Meet, Reflect, and Organize

In the wake of the forcible arrest of a black Harvard undergraduate Friday, hundreds of University affiliates came together across campus to discuss the incident, share frustrations, and plan a response.

College News

Public Service Dean Gene Corbin to Step Down in May

Assistant Dean of Harvard College for Public Service Gene Corbin will step down from his role on May 4 after 15 years in the position.

Alexander H. Patel '17-'18

College Establishes Fund in Memory of Harvard Senior Alex Patel

The Fund will form a team of students who will serve as supplementary teaching fellows for various department courses and will provide individual tutoring to students.


SOCH Reorganization Leads to Expulsion for Some Student Groups

​At least five student groups will lose their current office spaces in the Student Organization Center at Hilles as part of a College effort to reduce the number of SOCH office occupants.

William James Hall

As Social Studies Juniors Begin Thesis Process, Some Have Second Thoughts

Faculty and staff say that the Social Studies’ mandatory thesis is an intense project that likely requires summer research, though some upperclassmen worry about lost opportunities during their junior summer.

Barker Center

At Advising Fortnight, Humanities Admins Seek Students Amid Falling Interest

Thirty-one of the 67 events included in this year’s iteration of Advising Fortnight—an annual program—focused on concentrations that fall under the arts and humanities umbrella.