College News

Faculty Meeting

Social Group Ban Revives Faculty Concerns Over Governance

The faculty committee was meant to ameliorate professors' worries that they weren't being heard—but a new ban on social groups has left some feeling more frustrated than ever.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

After Proposed Ban, Final Clubs Consider Suing Harvard

A faculty committee’s recommendation that social groups at Harvard be “phased out” by May 2022 has some final club graduate leaders considering legal action.

Undergraduate Council Meeting

Undergrads Seek Role in Presidential Search

The leaders of the Undergraduate Council requested an expanded student role in the search for University President Drew G. Faust’s successor.


Court Rejects Harvard's Dismissal of Admissions Lawsuit

A federal court rejected Harvard’s motion to dismiss an ongoing lawsuit accusing the College of race-based discrimination against Asian Americans in its admissions practices.

Dunster House

College Hires Resident Deans for Winthrop, Eliot, and Dunster Houses

The College appointed three new resident deans Tuesday—one in Winthrop House, one in Eliot House, and one in Dunster House—ending a months-long search.

Honor Code
Student Life

Honor Council 2.0?

Two years in, some are questioning the Honor Council's role—and whether it can fulfill it.

Mark E. Zuckerberg

College Confers 1,541 Degrees at 366th Commencement

​Harvard awarded 7,054 degrees and 12 certificates during the University’s 366th Commencement in a rainy Tercentenary Theatre Thursday morning.

Co-Ed Graphic
Student Groups

Coping with Co-Ed

With a push for gender-netural social clubs on campus, some students and administrators are finding the shift less than simple.

Biden and Khurana

At College Class Day, Biden Encourages Public Service

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking that disengaging from the system that you think is broken will hold you harmless from the system’s failures," Biden said.

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana
College Administration

Khurana Favorability Hits All-Time Low

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana's favorability rating has halved since he assumed the deanship two years ago, according to a survey conducted by The Crimson.

Harry Lewis
College Administration

Harry's Harvard

Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68 calls himself a “Harvard lifer”—a breed he fears is dying out.

Administrative Savior
College Administration

Khurana: A Case Study

Rakesh Khurana's scholarship on organizational behavior provides, for him, a guiding philosophy to approach his deanship.

The Class of 2017, By the Numbers

The Graduating Class of 2017, By the Numbers

This week, the Harvard College Class of 2017 will enter a world still divided over November’s presidential election and, overwhelmingly, begin their post-graduate lives deeply pessimistic about the direction the country is headed.

College Administration

College Mourns the Loss of Dunster Faculty Dean Ann Porter

Ann R. Porter, the Faculty Dean of Dunster House for the past 16 years, died peacefully Wednesday morning after her battle with breast cancer had accelerated unexpectedly.

The Fox Club

Fox Undergraduates Reverse Support for Co-Ed Membership in Non-Binding Vote

In a reversal of longstanding support for co-ed membership, undergraduate members of the Fox Club voted against allowing women to be elected into the final club this fall.