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Dash to Wall Street

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Mr. Money-Smith.


A Republican and a Harvard Man

Where is my refusal to accept empirical data on global warming, the insistence on abstinence-only sexual education, the sanctimonious preaching on homosexuality?


'Do Honors to Revolution by Justice'

The fast food and part time workers of today could certainly have benefited from an infusion of cash at the age of 21, to continue school or at least begin a savings account.


Hodges Looks To Lead Crimson's Charge

You have never seen senior Zach Hodges quite like this, you might have thought if you went to Harvard football practice this week.


This Is My Wall

Praying with Women of the Wall showed me that women can speak up within religious spaces, and that’s okay. It’s more than okay. It’s good. It’s desirable. Praying with WoW helped me claim the Wall, and by extension all spaces of prayer, as my own.


Widening The Gap

The upper class is dominating the college degree game, and all indicators such as early life success and state budget cuts imply that this divergence will only continue to intensify. Though the economy is recovering from the depths of 2008, the lower classes have not recovered. Despite being a beacon of hope to many Americans, higher education is only adding fuel to the fire.


Home Alone

This was not the way that things should have gone, in fact, it was the ideal set-up. My parents were away for the weekend, and I had the house to myself. Despite promising my mother that I wouldn’t touch her white wine or ruin the hardwood floors, I was more than prepared to throw a rager with the three people that I still kept in contact with from high school.


Don't Know Much About History

The chief of the police department in Ferguson, Missouri made an incredible statement after his community became the focus of national attention. In discussing his work with the Justice Department's "community relations team" to improve his rapport with the citizens of Ferguson, he stated, "I told them, 'Tell me what to do, and I'll do it.'"


Why You Shouldn't Trust Malcolm Gladwell

Have I heard of Gladwell? Yes, of course. And he has his place as one of the great writers in recent memory, a master of presentation and engagement. I just wish he were not the first person everyone thinks of when one mentions behavioral economics and social science.


The State and Censorship

Drawing a line between state-sponsored censorship and censorship from other sources may seem like making a distinction without a difference, but consider the intensity of graduation speaker controversies today and the Red Scare, or Galileo's persecution in the 17th century. I


These Pogroms Are Personal

It is imperative to raise awareness of what’s happening in France and Israel, and to vehemently oppose the senseless violence. Shtika k’hoda’ah–silence is like praise–the rabbis of old said. Their wisdom is just as relevant today. We must speak up now, to show that we do not stand with the terrorists of Europe and Gaza, to show that we will not stand for violence against the innocent.


An Open Letter to My Unpaid Internship

In two weeks I will be moving out of the cubicle and I will be taking my name plate, which I made myself, using a folded piece of printer paper and a pen that I found in my desk from D’Amore McKim School of Business.


Hobby Lobby and Me

The statehouse is supposed to be a secular institution that does not interfere with religious issues, and it’s unfortunate that the Supreme Court forgot about this.


Samuel Alito, Defender of the Faith

While much of the anger has focused on the verdict’s immediate implications for women’s health, Ginsburg's dissent shows that just as much ridicule should accompany the Court's interpretation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


The Economics of Depression

Depression has tangible effects on the nation’s economy and our shared prosperity. Is there a simple answer to the country’s malaise? Of course not. But we need to talk about it. And Americans need to talk to someone.

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