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Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes

I used to feel all shivery-shuddery, all filled with wild, ragged hope when I walked through Harvard Yard. After a Lamont all-nighter, the pink mist just starting to clear. In the years since, that feeling was replaced by frustration, criticism, rage.


Thinking Productively About History

History gives us reason for cautious optimism. Long-standing prejudice and ancient dogma remain central to understanding current problems; but the role of individual and collective decision-making cannot be ignored.


Old Saints

Old saints, I must emphasize, are not the same thing as heroes. Saints are not perfect. But that's not what being a saint is about.


Bad Kopp: In Vogue Activism

So, view this column as an apology and a call for all Harvard students to start proactively coming up with ways to create concrete, legislative change and sustain a prolonged dialogue. When the media leaves Baltimore, we need to be there in spirit, fighting for change, even as we make sure never to forget that we’re miles away and worlds apart from their struggle.


How ’Bout Them Apples

The integrity of the American economy does not boil down to apple trade. But at its core, the apple is important.


A Death on Facebook

Everything about the Internet conspires to sweep you away into an arcade world of images and sounds, but you must resist in order to maintain your identity and willpower.


On Spending

The joy of living in a first world country is that we have the means to offer frequent physical signifiers of our love. Let’s enjoy this privilege while we have it. I would apply this attitude to time as much as to money. Spend liberally. This is the price we pay for the privilege of encountering the ones we love.


Collaboration as Modern Narrative: A Conversation with Members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum

Cherie Z. Hu reflects on the goals of "artistic matchmaking" by investigating an upcoming example of artistic collaboration.


The Good Thing

Maria and Lai begin to discuss what Lai's revelation means for their relationship.


Sit-Ins, Then and Now

Ultimately, in every situation, protestors and the administration are engaged in a debate to see whose ideas have the moral force to carry the day. When administrators choose dismissive and violent tactics, they will lose that debate as they did 1969.


Sex and the Social Network

But we can do better. Not only for those of us at Harvard struggling to be socially mobile in a space whose norms and institutions seem calculated to keep us down, but for the broader society that our social networks, through their connection to professional power, disproportionately affect.


For Grandma

When black people get killed, my white Facebook friends from home get to be upset about riots. They get to post videos of black people weeping, and shouting, and setting shit on fire and call it foolishness, quietly tsk-ing their tongues and shaking their heads from the safety of their dorm rooms. They get to believe the newscasters and feel bad for all those poor, poor windowpanes and police cars and doorknobs that are clearly the main victims of police brutality. Meanwhile, I’m starting to look a lot like my grandma, rocking silently in front of my laptop as she did in front of the radio, or the stove, waiting for all her babies to come home.


An Ode to Harvard

Let us also strive to be grateful for this opportunity we have be given, while keeping in mind that Harvard does not define us as human beings. It may be an important part of who we are, but Harvard does not dictate or determine who we will become


Dear Pre-Frosh: Why You Should Go to Harvard

It’s about the fun meet-ups, the joking put-downs, the scandalous hook-ups, and the raging throw-downs. And, most importantly, it’s about spontaneous water gun fights with your roommates to kick off the weekend on a spring day.


Thinking as “We”

Thinking as “we” means that we aspire to be less like a committee of separate persons and more like a living, breathing, organic unity. The life of the community as a whole becomes our aim. We break out of isolating self-consciousness.

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