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The Clap 'n Snap

Innovation on Display at SEAS Design and Project Fair

Members of the Harvard community gathered Tuesday to display the products of their scientific ingenuity at the third annual School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Design and Project Fair.


Harvard Holds First Sustainability Hackathon

Participants from across the University, other Boston schools, and the Boston and Cambridge community tackled several environmental issues at the first Sustainability Hackathon at the Harvard Innovation Lab on Saturday.

Social Sciences Division

Scientists Modify Cotton and Polyester to Display Repellent Properties

By modifying cotton and polyester fabrics with a coating that repels almost any type of substance, a research team from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering could be close to changing the nature of several consumer and industrial products—as well as the need for laundry.

Computer Science

Harvard Research Computing Resources Misused for ‘Dogecoin’ Mining Operation

A Harvard community member had his access to University research facilities stripped last week after using the school's "Odyssey cluster" to mine "dogecoin."

Student Life

How to: Datamatch!

Those of us flying solo this Valentine's Day may be irked by the constant reminders of the lack of romance in our lives (thank you, Starbucks, for repeatedly sending buy one get one free latte offers to share with our nonexistent “significant others”). Luckily, there could be a quick fix to this problem– Datamatch! With Valentine’s Day and the deadline to complete the survey less than 12 hours away, you've got to get started if you want to find your soulmate ready for the big day tomorrow!

Student Groups

Women in Computer Science Group Launches Inaugural Conference

A colorful host of pink shirts, white balloons, and blue-clad Google recruiters greeted students as they entered Maxwell Dworkin Saturday morning to register for “WECode,” a conference launched this year by Harvard’s Women in Computer Science.

Computer Science

Ten Years of Facebook

cs50 quincy candy

Overheard: CS50 Office Hours

lyby decided to do some eavesdropping to document the mayhem that went on before p-sets were due the next day at noon.


Harvard Affiliates Host 'Hackathon' for Technology and Public Safety

This weekend, Harvard affiliates presented inventive solutions meant to make the world safer and confront public safety issues during the first annual Public Safety Innovation Hackathon at the Harvard Innovation Lab this past weekend.

Computer Science

In And Around Language: "Hack"

Although “hack” was not intended to have a negative connotation, it has often referred to those who used technology for malicious purposes; specifically, by gaining unauthorized access to certain computers and online information. However this wasn’t always the case, or the original intention of the word.

Concentration Advising Fair

How To Pick the Right Concentration

If you’re a sophomore, you’re probably freaking out about having to declare your concentration by mid-November (and by even earlier for some programs). To help you avoid picking the wrong one, Flyby compiled a cheat sheet detailing some possible areas of study.

Visual Arts

Hacking Future: MIT Conference Explores the Interaction of Arts and Technology

The next day was a full day of "hacking" during which teams publicly pitched their solutions to some of the challenges discussed at the panels.

The FAS Dean

Engineering Mike Smith

The FAS Dean’s proponents describe him as a consensus-building visionary, and his detractors see him as a functionary in an increasingly corporate administration. But seven years into his tenure, many members of the community he leads still don’t have a clear grasp on what drives Mike Smith.

Fall Course Enrollments, Fall 2010-2013
Gen Ed

Fall Course Enrollments, Fall 2010-2013

Ec 10a was Harvard's highest-enrolled course this semester, narrowly beating out the rising CS50.

Fall Course Enrollments, Fall 2010-2013
Computer Science

CS50, Stat 110 See Continued Increases in Enrollment

In fall 2009, computer science lecturer David J. Malan welcomed 337 aspiring coders to his introductory computer science course CS50. Four years later, the course’s enrollment has more than doubled, closing in on—but just failing to surpass—the introductory economics course Ec 10a as Harvard’s most popular class.




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina

Land of Fog

Land of Fog