Faculty News


Pluralism Project Celebrates 25 Years of Researching Religious Diversity

Founded by professor Diana L. Eck, the organization marked its milestone with three days of panels and discussions last week.

Louis Menand

English Prof. Louis Menand Receives National Humanities Medal

Harvard English professor and Pulitzer-winning writer Louis Menand will receive the National Humanities Medal for his writings on cultural history.

University Hall

Faculty Council Discusses Final Club, Greek Org. Sanctions

Members of the Faculty Council discussed single-gender social organizations at their first two meetings of the semester in preparation for a likely Faculty of Arts and Sciences vote on whether to support a new College policy penalizing the groups.​

Farkas Hall

Theater, Dance, and Media Bolsters Program with More Courses

Theater, Dance & Media continues to grow in its second year as a concentration, offering the first dance technique course for credit, a collaboration with an internationally renowned director, and a new Asian American performance class.


Administrators Anticipate Meeting With Grad Student Union Effort

Members of Harvard's graduate student unionization effort will meet with University officials within the next 10 days, following the National Labor Relations Board's recent ruling.

Shopping Ec10

Crowded Classrooms Signal Start of Shopping Period

A number of courses were packed with students Wednesday as the College's fall shopping period kicked off.

Out of Town Going Out of Town
City Politics

'Out of Town News' Planned Renovations Provoke Local Outcry

Out of Town News’ potential removal and plans for the iconic kiosk’s renovation have sparked outcry among some Cambridge residents.

GSAS's Dudley House

Harvard, Other Universities Must Recognize Grad Student Unions, Labor Board Rules

The 3-1 decision handed down Tuesday marks a significant milestone for the unionization effort at Harvard, which began in April 2015 and has since grown in size and sophistication despite opposition from the University administration.

Female Tenure-Track Professors at Harvard

Final Stage of the Tenure Process

Up In Hutchins

Building a Field of Dreams: Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the Afro-American Studies Department

​When Department Chair Nathan I. Huggins died in December of 1989, it looked like the end of Afro-American Studies at Harvard.

Union Block Party

Student or Worker?

Over the past year, both the graduate student unionization movement and the opposition to it have become stronger and more sophisticated, with no clear signs of letting up.

Persuading Professors graphic

Persuading Professors

Harvard will go to great lengths to recruit and retain faculty members. But sometimes, it doesn’t have everything a professor wants.

women who leave illustration 2

The Women Who Leave

A combination of formal processes and informal forces disadvantage women on the FAS tenure track, pushing some to leave before they come up for tenure review.

Native Peoples, Native Politics
Harvard Law School

Forging A Path for Native American Studies

Though offerings in Native American studies at Harvard are few and far between, a small number of committed students and faculty are dedicated to maximizing the resources available to them, and hope to see more opportunities in the future.