Four Graduate Schools Join my.harvard Student Portal

Four graduate schools joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Harvard Divinity School on my.harvard, the University’s online student information system, this fall.

Vampire Vibes: The Dark Side of Modern Culture

Vampires Come Alive at Humanities Conference

Students and scholars across several departments gathered around a “vampirian round table” on Friday to discuss the importance of supernatural elements in media and literature in understanding society’s age-old thirst for tales of the undead.

The First UC Meeting of 2015

UC Website Down After Summer Cyber Attack

According to the Undergraduate Council's technology chair, the UC's official website was one of the servers affected by a cyber attack this summer.

Central Administration

Harvard Can't Fully Prevent Future Cyber Attacks, Experts Say

According to experts in cyber security, there may be nothing that Harvard and institutions like it can do to fully protect themselves from future attacks from hackers.

Central Administration

Harvard Investigates IT Security Breach

The security breach to Faculty of Arts and Sciences and central administration information technology networks may have compromised email login information.

House Life

Widespread Campus Internet Outages Resolved

HUIT issued an alert on its website about the outages, which it said began at 10:30 a.m., at around 11 a.m. Friday.


Student Billing System To Roll Out in November

The creation of this student system is one of the first steps of a larger effort to centralize existing web systems and make it easier to pay bills, submit study cards, and register online.

Central Administration

Administrators Approve Creation of Centralized Student Information System

The system will allow students from across 12 Harvard schools to complete tasks ranging from submitting study cards to handling billing payments, all on one online platform.


Students Uncertain of Privacy Policy, Some Fear Searches

In the wake of Saturday’s report that administrators secretly searched resident deans’ email accounts, it remains unclear whether University policy permits Harvard officials to conduct covert searches of student email accounts.


Senior Resident Dean Critiques Administrators' Actions

Senior Resident Dean Sharon L. Howell became the first of Harvard’s resident deans to publicly challenge the way that administrators handled their covert search of resident deans’ email accounts last fall and the fallout since the search came to light on Saturday.


Administrators Secretly Searched Resident Deans' Email for Cheating Scandal Leak

Harvard administrators secretly accessed the email accounts of 16 resident deans in an attempt to determine who leaked communication regarding the Government 1310 cheating scandal that made its way to the media, the Boston Globe reported on Saturday evening.


Harvard Refused Heymann's Monitoring Proposal

Days after internet activist Aaron Swartz's Jan. 11 suicide, The Huffington Post reports that during the 1990s, Swartz's prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann—who was, even then, a pioneer in policing the internet—tried to get Harvard's cooperation in monitoring the University's network usage without a court order. Heymann proposed that the University put an "electronic banner on its intranet telling users they were being monitored" and implying their consent. Harvard refused, HuffPo reports, citing "the privacy of its users."


Free Starbucks Gift Cards in the Science Center NOW!

HUIT is conducting a focus group in the Science Center and giving away Starbucks Gift Cards worth five dollars to all participants. Get there before they run out!

On Campus

HUIT Considers Student Input for Web Makeover

Starting Wednesday, students will be able to submit designs for the new face of my.harvard.edu to the Harvard Student Information Technology Advisory Committee.

Undergraduate Council

HUIT To Improve WiFi Coverage on Campus

In an effort to improve wireless internet access in some of the campus’ weakest hot spots, Harvard University Information Technology will install a new wireless core and 4,000 wireless access points by September.