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Rape Culture

Students Criticize Sexual Assault Policy, Final Club Culture

Students advocated for a more victim-centric handling process of sexual assault cases and debated safe social spaces on campus in an intimate discussion about sexual assault and rape Thursday evening.

Seneca Club
Final Clubs

What Is The Seneca, Anyway?

Is it a final club? Is it a sorority? Or what?

Don't Punch Unicorn
Final Clubs

Don't Punch Unicorn

The Unicorn's got a message for you.

Don't Punch Unicorn
Final Clubs

You’ve Been Punched to Not Punch

Let’s talk about what really needs to be made more transparent... is it final club or finals club?


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out

Part III of The Crimson’s survey of the Class of 2018 examines the academic and extracurricular pursuits of the incoming freshmen.

The Gates Within

The Gates Within

As Harvard College tears down financial barriers to entry, its low-income students say they still wonder if they have a place inside the Ivory Tower.

Final Clubs

Greek Life Timeline

Though Final Clubs, fraternities, and sororities are long-standing staples of the Harvard social scene, their presence is anything but static. Last year, sorority Alpha Phi set down its roots in Cambridge, while fraternity Kappa Sigma reinstated its Harvard chapter last week after an eighty-year hiatus. FM digs into the archives to create a chronology of Harvard’s dynamic Greek life.

Student Groups

FM Imagines: Student Group Secret Santa

With the holidays just around the corner, winter cheer has begun to parade across campus, and yet anxiety as to what to get your Secret Santa abounds. This year, to help you brainstorm what to get your gift exchanging boo, FM imagines what members of certain student groups on campus give each other.

City Politics

Delphic Trust Files Lawsuit Against Harvard Administration

The Delphic Trust, which operates the Delphic Club, has filed a civil action suit against the President and Fellows of Harvard College and a construction company—Shawmut Woodworking & Supply, Inc.—for negligence and nuisance, according to court proceedings released by the Middlesex Superior Court.

Porcellian Club

Porcellian Club

The door to the Porcellian Club on a Monday afternoon.

Final Clubs

Who Needs a Student Center When We Have the Porcellian?

A few weeks ago, the Harvard administration announced some unsettling news. After a lengthy search, a donor for the long-proposed student center had finally been secured. Though construction won’t start on the building for quite some time, the center will likely feature large spaces that can be used for parties, events, and lectures, as well as smaller areas for less formal gatherings.

Ellison Clarifies Role in Final Club Case

Ellison Clarifies Role in Final Club Case

On Sept. 28, disorderly conduct prompted police to ask Administrative Board Secretary John “Jay” L. Ellison to intervene at the Owl Club, pictured above.

Ellison Clarifies Role in Final Club Case

Ellison Clarifies Administrative Role in Police Response to Final Clubs

Nearly two weeks after Cambridge police asked Secretary of the Administrative Board John “Jay” L. Ellison to help them respond to disturbances at several final clubs, Ellison said in an interview on Thursday that his role in such incidents is not to discipline students, but rather to prevent further harm.

On Campus

Female Final Clubs: A Retrospection

Final clubs for Harvard men date back to 1791, but final clubs for women at Harvard didn’t emerge until a full 200 years later, in 1991. Though less institutionalized and established than their male counterparts, female final clubs have significantly impacted Harvard’s social scene in their two decades of existence

Dean Search Committee
College Administration

Dean Search Committee

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith (far left) held a discussion with students regarding the next Dean of the College in Lowell House.

Men's Ice Hockey

Hockey Preview 2014

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?