Financial Aid

Affording Commencement

Graduation, for a Price

Though aid exists, some students still struggle to foot the bill for Commencement.

Construction Skyline

6,700 and Not Counting

As Harvard approaches the opening of a new campus in Allston, some administrators are weighing in on whether Harvard should expand its undergraduate population.

Harvard vs. Stanford Yield Rates

80 Percent of Class of 2020 Admits Plan to Matriculate

About 80 percent of the students admitted to the Class of 2020 plan to matriculate in the fall—a yield rate comparable to that for the Class of 2019—after Harvard saw a record high number of applicants and a historic low percent acceptance.


Brazilian Billionaire Funds Financial Aid

The Lemann Foundation, a philanthropic organization created by Brazilian billionaire Jorge P. Lemann ’61, will give additional financial aid money to Harvard students from Brazil.

Admissions Numbers Graph

Harvard Accepts Record-Low 5.2 Percent of Applicants for Class of 2020

Harvard admitted a record-low 5.2 percent of applicants to the College’s Class of 2020, accepting 2,037 total students from a pool of more than 39,000 applicants and continuing a general decline in its admissions rate.


EdX Inaugurates Financial Aid Program

The virtual education platform co-founded by Harvard and MIT now allows financially disadvantaged students to receive a 90-percent discount on course certificates.


Starting Up College

We are excited by this change and see it as an innovative way to make students from low-income families feel more comfortable as they adjust to campus.

Harvard College Total Cost of Enrollment
Student Life

College Forms ‘Start-Up’ Freshman Grants, Increases Tuition

​Starting next fall, incoming freshmen from some low-income families will be eligible for a $2,000 “start-up” grant in addition to their existing financial aid. This announcement from college administrators Tuesday came with another one: tuition will increase 3.9 percent for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Spring Break Dining
Food and Drink

Spring Break Dining

J.P. Licks, a popular eatery in Harvard Square, was one of the many options available to students on “high financial aid” who received a stipend for Spring Break dining if they stayed on campus due to the closure of dining halls.


Two Years Later, Griffin Gift Impacts Potential Donors

More than two years after Kenneth C. Griffin ’89’s record-breaking gift to Harvard in support of the College’s financial aid program, administrators said the gift has been impactful both for hundreds of undergraduates and potential donors.

Lamont Reserves

Committee Scrutinizes Access to Course Books

Members of the Committee on Undergraduate Education scrutinized students’ access to course books—with some criticizing what they consider to be inconsistent policies among course heads.

1vyG Conference Dinner

First-Generation Students Flock to Harvard for 1vyG Conference

More than 350 college students, administrators, and alumni from across the country gathered this weekend on Harvard’s campus to celebrate their identities as first-generation college students, representing the culmination of many years of first-generation advocacy at Harvard and other colleges.

College Administration

Record-Breaking 39,044 Apply for Class of 2020

Harvard College received 39,044 applications for admission to its Class of 2020—setting a new record for admissions the second year in a row and surpassing last year’s 37,305 total applications

"Free Harvard, Fair Harvard"
Central Administration

Outside Overseers Candidate Arrives in Square, Petitions in Hand

Per Unz’s estimate, he had collected almost 300 signatures over a series of weeks—shipping petitions to alumni across the country—to earn a spot on the ballot for Harvard’s second highest governing body. He arrived in the Square to collect a few more signatures.

Unusual Arguments

Outsider Slate for Board of Overseers Calls for Free Tuition, Questions Affirmative Action

​A group of five Harvard alumni are running for the Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body, on an unconventional ticket: eliminate undergraduate tuition and make public how Harvard considers race in its admissions practices.