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Welcome to Harvard: Cheap Eats, Part I

From speedy lunch fare to late-night grease binges, Flyby has you covered.

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Sweetgreen is Now Cheaper Than A Day of Harvard Square Parking

To help you budget (and hopefully encourage any visitors to take the T), we at Flyby have compiled seven things that you could buy in the Square with a day’s worth of parking fees.

Welcome to the Arboretum
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This Week at Harvard: Festivals, Baseball Games, and Other Events in the City

This week, Flyby is bringing you a round-up of movie premieres, festivals, sporting games, and other events nearby in the upcoming days. Mid-summer blues, be gone!

Take a pinch of Boston, add snow, and you've got yourself an epic snowball fight.
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This Week at Harvard: Activities on Both Sides of the River

Whether you’re heading back to work or still in vacation mode, Flyby is here with ideas for easy-going activities in Boston and Cambridge this week.

Sox for a Day
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What To Do This Summer: Soul, the Sox, and the Silver Screen

We’re bringing you suggestions for movie nights, music events, and other shows around town, because what would summer be without some good flicks, tunes, and food?

Summer in Harvard Square
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What To Do This Summer: Museums, Markets, and More

We’re bringing you suggestions for destinations inside and out of Cambridge.

Summer on the Charles
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What To Do This Summer: Paddling, Pools, and Picnics

In part one of our series on what to do in Boston and Cambridge this summer, we present to you the best outdoor activities from both sides of—and on—the Charles.

lil tokyo album art

Sound the Fire Alarm: A Harvard Mixtape Just Dropped

Kenny Okagaki '18 teamed up with six talented Harvard rappers for his latest mixtape, Lil Tokyo.

stanford ew

Screw Stanford, Pick Harvard

While Stanford may be the Harvard of West Coast, we are still the Harvard of everything.

Final Clubs

Alternative Punch Events for the 21st Century Final Club

Apparently, the Delphic Club ordered strippers for a punch event back in 2010. In case they're looking for more PG13 punch event activities, we've got three that are bound to keep the party roaring.

Border Cafe
Food and Drink

Harvard Square's Best Gluten-Free Eats

Eating gluten-free can be hard, but with this list, you'll be able to be both gluttonous and gluten free!

Legally Blonde
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Best Pop Culture Mentions of Harvard

While literally every piece of media drop the H bomb sooner or later, we’ve compiled the most noteworthy mentions of the most hip and relevant University on the planet. We apologize in advance for flexin’.

Studying Atop Widener Steps
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Drop Lamont, Study Better

Studying in your room is impossible when you have a bed right there calling your name. And stop lying to yourself—you’re not getting any work done in Lamont Cafe. So, as finals season creeps toward us, scope out some of these alternative study spaces.

Warmer Days Ahead
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Dude That's Rude: Spring in the Yard

The Yard’s big enough for all of us, so please don’t force us to listen to your acoustic rendition of Wonderwall.

The Flag at the Marathon
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Patriots' Day and Other Nice Things Harvard Won't Let Us Have

As the only school that doesn’t give Marathon Monday off as a holiday, Harvard seems very committed to not letting its students have nice things. But we’re not here to make you feel better about that. To add insult to injury, here’s a list of other nice things that Harvard just won’t let us have.