Food and Drink

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Dinner at Kaju Tofu & Shabu
Food and Drink

Dinner at Kaju Tofu & Shabu

A picture of my dinner at Kaju.

Dinner at Kaju Tofu & Shabu
On Campus

How I Spent Harvard-Yale On Campus

What is it like?


Around Town: Cambridge Bars

With campus social culture having reached the all-time low of referenda colonizing Pusey Library, it seems time to venture out of the Harvard bubble, to get out with a few friends, and rearrange the sensible.


Harvard Makes Effort to Reduce Food Waste

Organizations across the campus and area, from Food For Free to Harvard University Dining Services, have been working to reduce the prevalence of food waste, yet it still remains a pressing issue, they say.

Nacho iced coffee
Food and Drink

Love it or Hate it: Iced Coffee in the Winter

What's the verdict on iced coffee in the winter?

Ball Square Cafe
Food and Drink

Sunday Brunch at Ball Square Café

Ball Square Café fits the bill. A small, local café in Somerville, it boasts huge portions, great service, and homestyle cooking.

hekla lise cafe
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part Four: The LISE Center’s Heklas– You’re Welcome

There are few things in life closer to my heart than warm, fresh, cinnamon rolls that are paid for by Harvard’s mysterious BoardPlus, but alas, for the love of Flyby I am revealing the greatest secret on this campus, the shining star in all of my darkest moments, a reason to smile even when wind chill is quite literally forcing me to tears.

boardplus kyle soda
Food and Drink

Best Uses of Boardplus, Part Two: Greenhouse Cafe, Or, How I Ran Out of BoardPlus In September

​I may not take any classes in the Science Center, but that doesn’t keep me from stopping by every day.

eva boardplus greenhouse pizza
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part 2.5: Greenhouse Cafe, On Finding Pizza in a Hopeless Place

I am met with a variety of food options: chicken tenders, burritos, Indian food, sushi...and pizza. Glorious, greasy, satisfying pizza.

Food and Drink

Harvard Square Welcomes El Jefe’s Taqueria

El Jefe’s owner John Schall said he wants to create a higher quality dining experience by using fresh ingredients in his taqueria, which replaced The Taco Truck at the 83 Mt. Auburn St. storefront.

Barker Cafe on a sunny afternoon.
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part Three: Barker Cafe, A Non-Pretentious Review (I Promise)

​Barker Cafe, the mecca for English professors, gawky TFs, and hipsters that think occupying an entire table and not purchasing something is okay.

AAA Feast
Student Groups

AAA Feast

Students gather for the Asian American Association’s Feast festival. The event featured food and performances from East, Southeast, and South Asian cultures.

Pictured: not honey butter.
Food and Drink

Flyby Investigates: The Disappearance of Honey Butter

Following a tip from a student on the disappearance of honey butter in upperclassmen dining halls, Flyby felt like it had a moral obligation to investigate further; but first, I had to figure out what “honey butter” is.

Fischer Touchdown

With Later Harvard-Yale Kickoff, Tailgates To Begin at 11 a.m.

​With the annual Harvard-Yale football game starting two hours later than in previous years, House Committees are preparing for a later-than-usual tailgate but expect restrictions and activities to remain the same.

Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part One: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe

​I love to eat my breakfast quick and undisturbed. That’s why I hate early morning meetings, like other people. But also why I like breakfast sandwiches.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes