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 In the Kitchen

A Day in Life: Working in the Kitchens of Harvard

Though chefs vary in age, prior experience, and time at the College, they collectively work to meet the unique challenge of feeding a large undergraduate population and their varied tastes.

Taco Truck
Student Life

PSA: Satisfy Your Drunchies in the Quad Tonight

From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. tonight (and we guess tomorrow morning), there will be the Chicken and Rice Guys food truck in the Quad, thanks to a new Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors pilot initiative.

Food and Drink

The Future of HUDS: Dine with Wine

Harvard dining halls are on the verge of a revolution.*

Student Life

With Pressures from Administration, InstaNomz Closes Doors

After a conflict with the Office of Student Life, the student founders of the food delivery start-up will seek to expand their business to other schools.

Six Foods
On Campus

Six Foods

Laura E. D'Asaro '13 and Rose Wang '13-'14 are college roommates and co-founders of the food startup Six Foods, a company that creates edible insect recipes to promote health and sustainability.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jerry
Food and Drink

The Enigma of Pinocchio’s Photos

A mishmash of photographs cover all of the walls save one, which instead features a seemingly arbitrary mural of a whale and a mermaid consuming pizza. Some photos are black and white, and some are in color. Some have one person and some have many; some have none at all. I am sure of one thing, though: they all must mean something.

Food and Drink

The Taco Truck Will Move into Old Felipe's Site

Students may be familiar with The Taco Truck from its current mobile location outside the Science Center.

Food and Drink

Drinky-Drink: Concentrations

Advising Fortnight, now winding its way to a close, is that brief and wondrous period when concentrations vie for the attention of College students, before reverting to a holding pattern of vague disinterest.

Around the Ivies
Food and Drink

Dueling Tampons, Elevator Sex, Easy A’s, and Yalies Who Don’t Know How to Feed Themselves

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

Food and Drink

Recent Graduates Want Bugs on America’s Dinner Tables

The former roommates discovered the prevalence and benefits of eating insects during separate trips abroad in Africa and Asia during their undergraduate careers.

Food and Drink

How To Feed Yourself Until Break Ends

Break is only three days longer. If you haven’t figured out how to eat without the luxury of walking downstairs yet, we’re here to help.

Food and Drink

Where You Should Eat for Boston's Restaurant Week

Got a big date this week and lack sufficient funds to go to a good restaurant? Go to a school that closes dining halls during Spring Break despite the large number of students who stay on campus (who would do that?!?!)? Flyby’s got you covered. It’s Restaurant Week...or weeks… from March 12-21 and March 23-28—we wonder what March 22 did to get kicked out. Here are some places in the Boston and Cambridge areas where you can get quality food for a (relatively) low cost.

Celebrate Pi Day with Petsi Pies
Food and Drink

Celebrate Pi Day with Petsi Pies

Petsi Pies all over Cambridge will be offering customers the opportunity to recite digits of Pi to receive free pies on March 14th.


Tasty Burger With or Without Live Music

This is not Tasty Burger. Or, at least, this is not the Saturday night, 3 a.m., loud and bustling, ketchup-spills-on-the-floor haven for drunk 19-year-olds that I know well. This is Tasty Burger on a Thursday at ten p.m.


How To: River Run (from the Police)

River Run. It’s a tradition as old as Harvard itself (give or take 360 years) where freshmen take shots at every upperclassmen house the Housing Day eve. Other than ritual slaughter, it is the only way to appease the Housing Gods and guarantee good housing and a plentiful harvest in the Lowell Community Garden.


I Met a British Spy




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina