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Grubbing While Listening
Student Life

Grubbing While Listening

Students listen to a panel on "Social Justice for Women of Color" in Harvard Hall on Thursday evening while also enjoying food provided at the event. The panel, which spoke about African American women’s divergent experiences with violence and socioeconomic hardship, was organized by the Action Committee of the Association of Black Harvard Women.

Shake Shack
FlyBy Blog

PSA: Free Concretes at Shake Shack!

IHOP Free Pancakes
FlyBy Blog

PSA: Free Pancakes this Tuesday!

Tired from all your psets, midterms, and papers and in desperate need of a carb binge? Well, you're in luck because March 3rd is IHOP National Pancake Day!


What Should Freshmen Parents Do Around Town?

9:30 a.m.: Wake up for your 10 a.m. Give up on your 10 a.m. Last night’s Thirsty Thursday debauchery certainly doesn’t come for free. Your parents, eyes bright, peek into your miniscule Holworthy double. Lie to your parents, saying you received an email that your [insert class that would never be cancelled] lecture was postponed. Roll back into bed, sinking into the deepest parts of slumber you can only enjoy during truancy.

HOTC 2014 - Boston Burger
Food and Drink

HOTC 2014 - Boston Burger

Food vendors at the Head of the Charles sold everything from clam chowder in a bread bowl to burgers.


Want Bigger Attendance at Your Event? Make Sure You Advertise the Free Food

Only three students attended a discussion last week with Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith about what they want to see in the next Dean of the College. It was on a Thursday night, and it was in the Quad, but that’s still pretty embarrassing. Flyby put together some suggestions for administrators to keep in mind for future events if they want to attract some student attendance.

Food and Drink

Yogurtland: The Deals Keep Coming

As Yogurtland customers entered the Harvard Square location on Monday, they were encouraged to build mountains—mountains of froyo, that is. For those who may be worrying that all good things must come to an end, fear not: even if free froyo day is over, Harvard students will continue to enjoy their free three ounces of yogurt for a good while.

Harvard Today

Harvard Today: Sept. 23, 2013

Another weekend come and gone. Eat away your Monday sorrows with some free Yogurtland, and see below to check out what else is going on at Harvard today.

Harvard Today
On Campus

Harvard Today: Sept. 17, 2013

Oh, Tuesday. It’s hardly the most inspiring day of the week, but with some cool events going on around campus today (including Flyby’s first comp meeting) you can definitely find a way to make it just a little bit more fun and fabulous!

Harvard Today

Harvard Today: Sept. 3, 2013

It may be Day 1 of the Fall 2013 semester, but it’s not Monday. All classes that normally meet on Tuesdays will meet today. If you need a break, treat yourself to an early afternoon trip to the Farmer’s Market for a demonstration by Joanne B. Chang '91 of Flour Bakery.

Clover To Reopen
Food and Drink

Clover To Reopen

Clover's Harvard Square restaurant is scheduled to reopen on Thursday. The chain had closed all operations following possible connection with a salmonella outbreak in the area.

Clover To Reopen
Food and Drink

Clover Set To Reopen Thursday

The health-conscious fast-food chain closed all of its operations over a week ago after learning that some people in Massachusetts who had contracted salmonella had eaten at Clover.

Food and Drink

A Good Bagel is Hard to Find

One culinary question you'll never hear debated is where in the United States to go for a bagel. The supremacy of the New York bagel is a closed case—an accepted tenant of foodie-ism that is about as up for discussion as Avogadro's number. After I decided to come to Harvard, my mom bought me an enormous winter coat. But I was less concerned about Cambridge winters than I was about the prospect of being out of reach of a decent bagel. I went my entire first semester at college without attempting to fill the void. But positive experiences with Cambridge sushi and Cambridge pizza gave me a ray of hope. This week, Connie and I attempted to do the impossible: find a bagel worth eating within walking distance of Harvard Yard.

The Sights and Sounds of Necco
Harvard in the City

The Sights and Sounds of Necco

Food and Drink

Free Coffee and Tea at Gutman Library

Every day, through Dec. 21. Enjoy!

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize

Central Administration

Amidst Title IX Debate, Law Faculty Raise Governance Concerns

John Stilgoe Office

John Stilgoe’s Secret History

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard