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New Urban Mechanics
Harvard in the City

Harvard Finds New Partner in City Hall's 'Urban Mechanics'

From research and teaching partnerships to smartphone apps and projects analyzing how to improve city services, city officials and Harvard faculty say, the New Urban Mechanics are redefining what civic innovation means in the 21st century.



College students from schools throughout the greater Boston area gather in Killian Court at MIT Wednesday evening to peacefully protest against the kidnapping of forty three students, six of which have been killed, from the Ayotzinapa Normal School in Mexico. The group condemns the governments failure to address the situation. In solidarity, they lit forty three candles and walked from MIT to the Mexican consulate.

Harvard Law School

Microsoft Exec Discusses Data Surveillance

Technology companies and the federal government are locked in an escalating legal battle over data surveillance and consumer rights, said Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith.

Ambassador Rob Ford

Former Ambassador to Syria Discusses Hazards, Hopes in Middle East

Robert S. Ford—who was recalled from his post in Damascus three years ago due to an assault by a pro-government mob—emphasized the desire for human respect motivating the tumult in both Syria and Iraq.


In Talk, Greenwald Blames Government, Media for Distorting Snowden's Intentions

Glenn Greenwald blamed both the government and the media for distorting Snowden’s intentions while debuting his book, “No Place to Hide.”

Innovation for Greece

At Conference, Speakers Discuss Future of Greece

Academics, students, and professors from a range of fields came together to discuss the current state and future of Greece’s government and economic sectors on Saturday.

FlyBy Image

#tbt: Let Them Eat Keats

In 1955, English replaced Government as the most popular concentration among Harvard College freshmen. That’s right—back in the days before Sparknotes, hundreds of undergrads willingly signed up for English classes way before “Chick Lit” was even an option.

Some Good Advice
Social Sciences Division

Some Good Advice

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks about the relationship between China and the United States in the Center for Government and International Studies on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Brzezinski served as the U.S. National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his role in the normalization of U.S.-China relations.

Balancing Academics and Athletics
Student Life

Making the Grade: Student Athletes Face Conflicts with Practices and Classes

In order to fulfill their concentration requirements, many students must miss either an entire practice per week or portions of practice throughout the week.

Gubernatorial Candidates

Kayyem Gains Early Student Support

With the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial caucuses coming to a close, Harvard students have thrown their early support behind Juliette N. Kayyem ’91, volunteering for her campaign and backing her in last month’s caucuses in Cambridge’s seventh and eighth wards where she gained the support of most delegates.


Professors, Students Spread Message of Venezuelan Change

The discussion, titled “#SOS Venezuela: Politics, Protests, and a Plea for Change”, was led by Francisco J. Monaldi, visiting professor of public policy, and Roberto Rigobon, professor of applied economics at MIT.


Harvard and BC Professors Support Adoption Legislation

Harvard and Boston College faculty members have written a letter encouraging Congress to pass the Children in Families First Act, which aims to reform the adoption system in the United States.

Lieutenant Governor Campaign
Harvard Kennedy School

Lieutenant Governor Campaign

Leland Cheung canvases Cambridge neighborhoods for his City Councillor re-election bid. Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung, a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, launched a campaign for lieutenant governor Friday morning in Central Square.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Man of the Year

Today in Photos (02/10/2014)

Federal State Relations

Government Professors Praise Repeal of NSF Funding Restrictions

A little more than two weeks after Congress repealed 2013 restrictions imposed on the National Science Foundation’s Political Science Program, Harvard political scientists said that their federal funding is on surer footing.

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014