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Amid Opposition, White House 'Recalibrating' Approach for Harvard-Affiliated Surgeon General Nominee

The White House is “recalibrating” its efforts to appoint Vivek H. Murthy ’98, a Harvard Medical School instructor, as Surgeon General in response to strong opposition by the NRA and Congressional conservatives.

Op Eds

In Your Own Backyard

Five minutes later, I hung up, the queasy feeling in my stomach moving upward through my chest. I couldn’t process the conversation.


HSPH Professor: Gun Owners More Likely To Die by Suicide

The study, entitled “Firearms and Suicide in the United States: Is Risk Independent of Underlying Suicidal Behavior?”, examined data on suicide rates and gun owenership from across the United States.

City Politics

Gun Control: Dissecting the Debate

In this series, Flyby Staff Writer Olivia M. Munk identifies, dissects, and discusses ideas, articles, and opinions found in popular media and popular culture. She's here to inform you and to make you think—about what's out there, what it means to us, and what it might mean for you.


Panelists Discuss Gun Violence Solutions

Education and child policy experts said finding a solution to increasing gun violence will require more than just legislative changes during a panel at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Wednesday.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

AIDS Activists Protest at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's Public Address

House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric I. Cantor called for improvements to the American education system in an address at the Institute of Politics Monday evening.

A Right to Bear Arms
On Campus

A Right to Bear Arms

National Rifle Association President David Keene, right, answers a question posed by IOP Fellow and CNN coorespondent John King at the JFK Jr. Forum on NRA's recent stance on guns in schools.

A Right to Bear Arms

NRA President Sticks to His Guns

In the midst of a national debate regarding gun-control policies, National Rifle Association President David A. Keene called on the government to better enforce existing laws regarding firearms before making legislative changes during an event in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics on Wednesday night.

Student Life

Students Convene for Obama’s Fifth SOTU

Students crowded into the Harvard Kennedy School’s John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum on Tuesday night to watch President Obama deliver his first State of the Union Address since his re-election in November.

drinky drink dictionary
Food and Drink

State of Inebriation: A Drinking Game

Stressed over the state of our union or depressed about the terrible weather? Continue putting off your countless pages of reading and psets and get your BAC to the level of the national debt. Here are Flyby's rules to ensure that your Tuesday night gets as sloppy and inappropriate as Biden's smile.

School of Public Health

Professor Focuses on Gun Violence Prevention

As politicians continue to debate the scope of gun control in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, one Harvard faculty member is suggesting that more funds be dedicated to researching the effects of gun violence on public health.


Student Task Force Report Examines University Gun Policy

A focus group of Undergraduate Council representatives released a report early this month examining the University’s policies on guns, discussing the history of gun-related incidents on campus, and recommending policy actions to prevent campus shootings.


Long Before EdX, Televised Harvard Classes Were Cutting-Edge

Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.

Political Groups


Glen A. Caroline hands out National Rifle Association membership certificates and free t-shirts to students yesterday after his talk on the Second Amendment and gun control.

A World Cup Malcontent

A World Cup Malcontent


Then Rain Comes


Rainy Day Impression


Saudade, or Nostalgia