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PAFs and Proctors Advise Freshmen Before Blocking Deadline

Freshmen blocking group submissions were due at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, ending what was—for some—a time of drama and frenzy, despite efforts by freshmen proctors and Peer Advising Fellows to clear up misconceptions and offer advice throughout the process.

Gates at Lowell

College To Heighten Security on Housing Day Eve

Administrators will increase security presence relative to typical levels across the College next Wednesday night in anticipation of the pre-Housing Day celebration known as "River Run."

House Renewal

House Renewal To Phase Out DeWolfe

As the College’s more than one billion dollar House renewal plan continues, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said that an ultimate goal of the program is phasing out the overflow housing units on DeWolfe Street.


Administrators Respond to Currier Email Incident

The email included explicit language and sexual references addressed to another student in the House whose account had recently sent a short message over the list referencing Currier’s Ten-Man suite.


Despite Snow, Junior Parents Weekend Will Proceed as Planned

Students and the University alike have prepared for the arrival of the parents of the Class of 2016 for the annual Junior Parents Weekend.

flyby housing day feature photo
House Life

Blocking for Dummies: Last Minute Blocking Tips

New HUDS Chicken

HUDS Rolls Out Halal Chicken

Halal chicken will eventually serve as the only halal meat at the grill, once supplies for halal hamburgers and hotdogs run out.

House Life

Ahead of Policy Change, All Houses Offer Mixed-Gender Suites

The policy change, which came after students lobbied for the effort, will officially take effect with the spring’s upcoming rooming lotteries, according to Associate Dean of Student Life William Cooper ’94.


Winthrop and Currier To Provide Off-Site Summer Storage

Winthrop House and Currier House will provide students with free off-site storage for this summer due to construction projects that will limit storage space traditionally offered on-site.

Packages in Leverett

Police Respond to ‘Uptick’ in Package Thefts

The Harvard University Police Department has observed an increase in reports of missing items, particularly at graduate apartment-style housing, according to spokesperson Steven G. Catalano.

On the Road

So, You Want to Transfer?

"Gone Girl" Discussion
On Campus

"Gone Girl" Discussion

Attendees of a screening of "Gone Girl" discuss gender roles in the film at an event hosted by the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) on Wednesday, Feb. 18. The event was the first of a series of screenings hosted by OSAPR.


Burst Pipe in Hampden Floods Rooms

A burst pipe in a room on the top of floor of Hampden Hall—Dunster House swing housing in Harvard Square—caused flooding in rooms below it on Saturday night.

House Life

Mather Hosts Reception for Two Art Installations

This exhibit is part of a project called “Mather Build,” which was celebrated in conjunction with the student photo campaign “In The Making” at a reception in Mather House’s Three Columns Gallery on Wednesday evening.

Best Pest

Don't Mess with the Best (Pest)

Driving through the streets of Cambridge in an unmarked truck filled with gadgets ranging from Hershey’s chocolate spread to copper mesh, Matt J. Kreimeyer could very well be a secret agent. Given the fact that Matt has keys to Harvard’s dorms and an unfathomably vast knowledge of the intricacies of our campus, part of me genuinely believes he might be Harvard’s Dark Knight. And in some ways, he is.

9/11 Memorial

Boots on the Ground: ROTC at Harvard

Kaledora Kiernan-Linn

The Dropouts

Snow on Plympton

More Snow Looming, College Alters Dining Schedule

Divest Harvard Rally
Central Administration

After 24-Hour Sit-In, Divest Harvard Protesters Leave Mass. Hall