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Harvard Affiliates Discuss Integration of Service, Courses

Public service ought to be further integrated into the academic offerings at Harvard, Harvard affiliates said Friday at a symposium hosted by the FAS Standing Committee on Public Service.

Public Symposium on public service

FAS Committee Convenes Peers To Weigh Service Programs

Panelists from a number of Harvard’s peer institutions detailed their schools’ efforts to integrate public service and academics at a symposium sponsored by the FAS Standing Committee on Public Service Friday.


Princeton Grade Deflation Reversal Disappoints Some Here

Princeton’s faculty voted Monday to immediately terminate the policy, which mandated that no more than 35 percent of grades awarded by each department could fall in the A range.

Central Administration

Univ. Working with Peer Institutions on Sexual Assault Survey

The task force is actively collaborating with peer institutions to create a “climate survey” to gauge the circumstances in which unwanted sexual advances occur.

Around the Ivies
Food and Drink

Dueling Tampons, Elevator Sex, Easy A’s, and Yalies Who Don’t Know How to Feed Themselves

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

Henry VIII

#tbt: Ivy League Pranks

Aside from the classic prank: “I’m not rooming with you next year”—our roommates were totally kidding about that one—there have been more pranksters throughout H-Y-P history. We warn you: these Ivy Leaguers set a low bar.

Kwasi Enin
Ivy League

Dear Kwasi Enin, Pick Harvard

Harvard is the only place where Enin’s success could simultaneously be hugely admired and not too out of the ordinary. So congratulations, Kwasi Enin. Thank you for making us all feel inferior. We better see you in the fall.

Losing Grip

Is Harvard Losing Its Grip?

Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania all saw a rise in their early application pools; Harvard was the only Ivy League school to face a decrease in the number of its early decision applications, by 3 percent.

Unnamed photo
Ivy League

Princeton Mom Is Back with More Romantic Advice

I was sitting at one of those coveted nook-desks in Lamont Library, merrily typing away at summer internship applications and finishing up some reading before lecture, when suddenly I felt a large, gaping hole emerging in my heart. And then I read Susan Patton’s Valentine’s Day editorial in The Wall Street Journal, and everything became clear to me.

Harvard's Endowment Over the Years
College Finance

Endowment Growth Trails National Average, Report Shows

Harvard’s endowment grew at a slower rate than the national average for American colleges and universities, as well as many of its peer institutions, in fiscal year 2013, according to data released Tuesday by the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund Institute.

Men's Basketball

Crimson Notches Second Ivy League Win

A game after the worst shooting performance of Crimson coach Tommy Amaker’s tenure, the squad issued an authoritative response with an 80-50 victory over Dartmouth on the road.

Men's Heavyweight Crew
Harvard in the World

Despite Fears of Grade Inflation, Harvard Students Only Average a B in Attractiveness

While Harvard students can count on a median grade of A- to pad their egos, it seems that in the arena of physical appearance, many can only scrape a B. Skeptical of these so-called rankings, Flyby investigated further.

Undergraduate Council

Chinese Students Visit Undergraduate Council To Draw Lessons About Student Government

Undergraduate Council members welcomed foreign visitors at Sunday’s general meeting as representatives from Chinese student governments came to draw lessons from the student governments of Harvard and other Ivy League universities.

Step 4

Q&A: Sending Scores, Organizing Essays, and More

When should I start working on my essays? If I have a low AP score, do I still have to report it? Do you have any organizational tips for college applicants?


Yalies Mistake Laundry Machines for Toilets

In what Yalies have termed the “Poopgate” scandal, unknown persons have allegedly been defecating and urinating in the laundry machines of Yale’s dormitories. While one might guess that the University would have the capacity to handle the matter swiftly, several weeks after the original incident there is at least one rumored suspect still on the loose. The disgusting trend started in Saybrook, one of Yale’s residential colleges.

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization

School at School

What We Forget About School: School

Head of the Charles
Men's Crew

Head of the Charles 2014

CS50 in Mather

CS50 and the Humanities