Ivy League

Harvard Stadium

A Changing Game: A Look at the Ivy League's Ban on Tackling

Most players believe that football should make a space for both safety and zeal.


Ivy League Coaches Approve Banning Full-Contact Football Practices

Amid increasing concern over player safety and concussion prevention, Ivy League football coaches voted last week to eliminate all full-contact practices during the season.

Massachusetts Hall

Latino Students Issue Demands to Administrators

Latino students met with University President Drew G. Faust on Thursday to discuss demands for greater inclusivity for students of color.

Year in Photos: Housing Day
House Life

Dear Dartmouth, Here’s Some Advice

Dear Dartmouth, we here at Flyby recently heard that you have announced plans to change your current housing system to resemble more closely the residential housing system that schools like Harvard and Yale employ. After that crushing defeat a few weeks ago by our seemingly unstoppable football team, who could blame you for trying to make yourself more like us?

Ivy League Conference

Ivy League Conference

Students from the eight Ivy League universities listen as former U.S. Ambassador Edward J. Perkins talks about his experiences with foreign policy. The keynote address was a part of the Ivy Leadership Summit, a two-day conference hosted by the Ivy Council.

Ivy League Conference

At Summit, Ivy League Students Discuss International Leadership

Harvard’s campus welcomed about 250 delegates from the Ivy League and all over the world this past weekend at the 16th annual Ivy Leadership Summit hosted by the intercollegiate, student-run Ivy Council.

Office of Career Services

Harvard Lands Fourth in Economist’s First College Rankings

Peter F. Lake ’81, a professor at Stetson University College of Law who specializes in higher education law, said he was unsure how this new system would hold “in a crowded field of metrics.”

Harvard-Princeton Football Concert

Harvard-Princeton Football Concert

The Harvard and Princeton Glee Clubs perform together at the Harvard-Princeton Football Concert on Friday evening.

Faust on University Education
Central Administration

Faust Kicks off Conference on Research in Higher Education

Harvard President Drew Faust was joined by Richard C. Levin, a former Yale president, and David J. Skorton, a former Cornell president.

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Despite Changes at Penn, Harvard Stands by ‘No-Loan’ Label

The University of Pennsylvania now calls its financial aid program “all-grant,” but Harvard still considers the “no-loan” branding integral to its own program.

Central Administration

EdX Overtakes Coursera in Number of Ivy League Partners

Princeton’s decision to join edX comes just three months after the University of Pennsylvania joined with the intention of publishing three courses on the platform.

Interview with President Faust
Central Administration

Faust Opposes Graduate Student Unionization Efforts

University President Drew G. Faust has made it clear that she opposes some graduate students' movement to unionize.

CS50 Lecture

Building on Hype in Cambridge, CS50 Kicks Off at Yale

The expansino marks the first time that Yalies can count themselves among the hundreds of students who this semester will take Computer Science 50.


Ivy League Native American Students Convene at Conference

From Friday to Sunday, the conference consisted of socials, panel events, and keynote addresses all focusing around the conference’s theme of “Economic Vibrancy in 21st Century Native Communities.”

Harvard UC General Meeting (3/29/2015)

Harvard UC General Meeting (3/29/2015)