Panelists Share Perspectives on Social Media’s Impact

As social media becomes increasingly integral to everyday life, four Harvard professors discussed its impact on individuals’ identities and relationships at a panel on Monday.


NBC Editor Talks Trump Tweets, Political Journalism

“I don’t like to hear there’s a war between the Trump administration and journalists or journalism," Dafna Linzer, an NBC political news editor, said.


Kennedy School's Shorenstein Fellows Will Study Press, Politics

Six new fellows—including several prominent journalists, an MIT professor, and a former adviser to Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign—will join the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy this semester to study the influence of the press on governments.

Always Be Authentic
On Campus

Always Be Authentic

Comedian Larry Wilmore reflects on the presidential election, media and the future of the country. Wilmore delivered this year’s annual Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics at the Institute of Politics on Tuesday.

Men's Soccer

National Media Jumps On Men’s Soccer Story For Harvard Ties, ‘Locker Room Talk’

During a fall in which so-called “locker room talk” dominated national discourse, Harvard had its own story on the thread: the men's soccer team's annual lewd “scouting reports,” which ultimately led to the cancellation of their season.

HLS Dean Minow
Harvard Law School

Exchange Between Law Record, Minow Raises Questions About Dean’s Accessibility

​A tense, and now public, exchange this month between Harvard Law School spokespeople and the editors of The Harvard Law Record over the publication’s right to print an interview with Law School Dean Martha L. Minow prompted questions about Minow’s accessibility to students and journalists.

CNN's Jeff Zucker

CNN President Says Network Not Responsible for Trump's Nomination

The story of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s political rise dominated a conversation with CNN President Jeffrey A. Zucker ’86 Friday afternoon.

Central Administration

With The Atlantic's Coates, Faust Discusses Slavery at Harvard

​University President Drew G. Faust argued at a conference last week that universities have a responsibility to begin a public dialogue about the legacy of slavery on their campuses and in the United States.

Media and the Election
On Campus

Media and the Election

Former White House Correspondent and current IOP fellow Ann Compton speaks with former CBS reporter Bob L. Schieffer and moderator Nicco Mele on media’s changing role in the 2016 election.

Harvard Kennedy School

Former LA Times Deputy Publisher to Head Shorenstein Center

​Nicco Mele, former deputy publisher for the Los Angeles Times, will take over as director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy in July, Harvard Kennedy School Dean Douglas W. Elmendorf announced on Monday.

Dean Khurana Holds Town Hall

Khurana Criticizes Final Club Media Spotlight

Last week, Khurana, who has for the most part remained silent about the national media attention, broadly criticized popular media outlets’​ coverage of final clubs.


Global Media Jumps on Porcellian Club Controversy

​When a leader from Harvard’s most reclusive final club spoke out publicly for the first time in decades, reporters across the globe jumped on the story.


Theater, Dance, and Media Debuts First Sponsored Show

​Projections, live cameras, and moving walls were just some of the more experimental features of the first ever production sponsored by the new Theater, Dance, and Media concentration at Farkas Hall on Friday.


Athletic Dept. Expects Increased Attention for Pro Day

Thursday is a big day for Harvard’s Athletic Department. ESPN will likely be on campus, as will A horde of scouts will start their day across the river at the athletic facilities at 9 a.m.—all for the football team’s “Pro Day.”

Harvard Kennedy School

CNN Washington Bureau Chief Discusses Election Coverage

Sam Feist, CNN’s Washington bureau chief and senior vice president, defended the state of mainstream media and its coverage of the current presidential election at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday.