EMS Softball Game

The 'What If': Crimson EMS

During the average week, the EMTs monitor between one and five intramural sports games per night and one or two parties per night on weekends.

Harvard Divinity School

HDS Event Explores Overlap of Meditation, Technology, and Medicine

At the event, speakers presented medical and scientific research related to the mind.

A skull. Human, in origin.
Harvard Medical School

The Murder of Dr. George Parkman

A friend of his later remarked that Webster, as a younger man living in London, had formed the unsavory habit of attending public executions. These outings were fueled by his morbid fascination with the body. Even the horror of death could not quell his interest in human anatomy.

Shkreli Protesters
On Campus

Shkreli Protesters

Students protest Martin Shkreli outside the Science Center. Shkreli’s appearance on campus sparked controversy, with protester Darshali Vyas citing Shkreli’s 5000 percent price hike of Daraprim, a drug used to treat patients with compromised immune systems, as a reason for her outrage.

Martin Shkreli
On Campus

Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli speaks in the Science Center on Wednesday night at an event organized by the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. Protesters disrupted the event, standing up, walking out, and encouraging others to move to a “teach-in” panel on AIDS treatment and unethical pharmaceutical practices.

Electrical Engineering

Facing Space Constraints, SEAS Hiring Slows

“It’s very hard to hire faculty if there are no offices or labs for them," said the former dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Growing Pains
Harvard Kennedy School

Surgeon General Calls On Doctors To Engage Policy Decisions

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy ’98 called for medical professionals to be more engaged with healthcare policy-making decisions at a forum Monday night.

Harvard Law School

Law School Dean Emphasizes Mediation for Bioethical Issues

At a lecture Thursday, Harvard Law School Dean Martha L. Minow emphasized the benefits of resolving bioethical issues through mediation, rather than litigation.

Men's Crew

Mumps: A Play By Play

Our boys are tired but determined, ready to take on the Big Red Bears when, alas!... Down goes a Harvard rower.

Barbara J. McNeil
Harvard Medical School

Barbara J. McNeil

Barbara J. McNeil, a professor of radiology and health care policy at Harvard Medical School, will lead the school as acting dean starting on August 1.

Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Passes 70 Percent of Capital Campaign Goal

As of March 1, Harvard Medical School had raised $531 million, achieving just over 70 percent of its goal of $750M. This marks an additional $64M in contributions since October, and includes donations from 8,900 people, according to a release from HMS.

Harvard Business School

Prominent Biotech Company Donates Archives to HBS

Sanofi Genzyme, a Cambridge-based biotechnology company known for its research and development of drugs to treat rare genetic diseases, donated its corporate archives to the Harvard Business School’s Baker Library.

HMS New Curriculum Graphic
Harvard Medical School

At Medical School, New Curriculum Met With Praise

Last year, the Medical School uprooted its old method, debuting the new “Pathways” program. Students and professors alike said the demands outside the classroom have increased, and the education at the Medical School better prepares students for future medical careers.


Classics Department Encourages Pre-Meds to Consider Concentrating

​When picturing a pre-med undergraduate, one tends to think of students pouring over p-sets, staring into microscopes, and stirring beakers. And while those activities certainly apply to the experiences of pre-med students at Harvard, some additionally choose to explore another area: Classics.

Harvard Medical School

Medical Students Petition to End ‘Pointless’ Exam

​A petition initiated earlier this month at Harvard Medical School has now been signed by more than 12,000 medical students, residents, and physicians from around the country asking for an end to the Step 2 CS exam, a portion of a test all fourth year medical students must take.