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Medical School Takes Steps to Clarify Mental Health Policies

A survey of Medical School students found that one in five students screened positive for depression, and only one in five of those students reported that they had been treated.

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Student Liaisons Host First-Ever Mental Health Week

In the midst of a hectic reading period, students took a break from cramming for finals by attending mental health-themed events as part of Mental Health Week.

Indigo Peer Counseling

Indigo Peer Counseling To Return in Fall 2017

After not offering counseling services for a year, Indigo Peer Counseling announced that it will once again provide counseling in the fall 2017 semester.

Dr. Chen
Mental Health

Films That Heal: “Looking for Luke” Explores Mental Health

Directed by Eric I. Lu ’09 and edited by Elaine Coin, the film explores Tang’s death and its impact on his family, his friends, and the College community.

UC 2016 Winners

UC To Provide Funds for Peer Counseling Groups’ Meals During Opening Days

The Undergraduate Council voted Sunday to provide funds to subsidize peer counseling groups’ meals during Opening Days this year.

On Campus


Dr. Hon Ho shares his experience as one of the few Mandarin-speaking child psychiatrists in New England at “Journeys: Career Pathways To and Through Mental Health.” This panel discussion at OCS on Wednesday evening featured faculty and members of Harvard Alumni for Mental Health.


Feel Good Society Looks to Increase Mental Health Awareness

A student run-health group dubbed the “Feel Good Society” has begun hosting weekly meetings in an effort to improve mental health for students at the College.

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle
Harvard Medical School

​‘Not Just a Number’: Mental Health at Harvard Medical School

At the Medical School, problems with mental health are not unusual. In a March 2016 survey conducted by Medical School students, 20 percent of third-year respondents said they had experienced either suicidal or self-harming desires within the last two weeks. Third-year students face extra stressors: They begin clinical rotations, facing long shifts in a difficult environment.

Undergraduate Council Meeting
Undergraduate Council

An Update on the Harvard Undergraduate Council’s Mental Health Initiatives

FM follows up with the campaign promises and aspirations of the Undergraduate Council as it hits its stride.

Overhead View of a Track
Mental Health

Running from Myself

My times slowed slightly and my coach accused me of not running my hardest. I pushed my body harder and my body revolted: I began to get sick before and after races.

Students Who Leave graphic

Putting Harvard on Hold

Roughly one in 20 students take a leave of absence from Harvard every year. But no two stories are the same.


Students Hope for 'Sustainable Change' at Ivy Mental Health Conference

​Delegates from Harvard discussed the College’s mental health resources at the second-ever Ivy League Mental Health Conference.

Student Groups

Our Harvard Can Do Better Discusses Sexual Assault On Campus

“We’re gonna be pushing for a lot of demands that we’ve been quite vocal about in the past,” Amelia Y. Goldberg ’19, a member of the group, said.

Mental Health

The Word: Dawn

I felt a connection to Dawn–if nothing else, we were the two quietest people in the room.

Student Sexual Health

60 Percent Of Students Sexually Active, Survey Finds Lower Rates of Protection

Sixty percent of Harvard College students reported having sex in a 12-month period, and many of them did so without protection.