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Snow on Plympton
Harvard Square

Amid Snow, Square Tour Companies Weather the Winter

Although this past winter buried many tour group businesses in weeks of slow or no sales—especially those that depend on last-minute bookings—the damage was lessened by the industry’s anticipation of such seasonal cycle.

Drinks at Felipe's
Student Life

Felipe's Says Liquor License Is on Its Way

While the restaurant’s liquor license application was approved, the owners have yet to receive the physical license itself, preventing them from specifying when exactly they can begin to serve alcohol.

Hurdy-Gurdy in the Square

Hurdy-Gurdy in the Square

Watertown resident Donald N. Heller plays the hurdy-gurdy in front of the Harvard Book Store on Wednesday afternoon. Heller said he prefers playing on the periphery of the Square because the more crowded areas with lots of musicians can become a “circus.” “I like this spot,” he said, “this spot here.”

Unveiling West Station
Harvard in the City

Allston Residents Frustrated Over West Station Revelations

Allston residents express frustration over the lack of transparency in the state's discussion with Boston University over its potential funding of a new commuter rail station in the neighborhood.

City Politics

Cambridge Residents Vote on $500,000 Participatory Budget

For the city's first participatory budget, Cambridge residents 12 and up will be able to vote on projects proposed by residents for city improvements.

Sandrine's Bistro Closing
Harvard Square

After 18 Years in the Square, Sandrine’s Will Close Monday

Sandrine's Bistro will close March 30, and will be replaced by a new high-end restaurant that will open in May.

Harvard in the City

Allston Committee Discusses Harvard Construction Demolitions

Harvard University Construction Mitigation Director Edward G. LeFlore estimated compliance with the University’s new construction worker parking program at around 97 to 99 percent out of 220 workers.

Higher Education

Nearby Lesley University Faculty File To Unionize

Lesley professor Jason Pramas said a key issue among core faculty was the lack of control over curriculum and academic programs, an issue he does not see at Harvard.

Unveiling West Station

BU Was Prepared To Fund Allston 'West Station'

Boston University had pledged to fund the final $8.33 million needed to build a new commuter rail station called "West Station" on Harvard-owned property in Allston, according to The Boston Globe, but the deal was never finalized.

City Politics

Officials Determine No Health Threat from Sewage Leak into Drinking Water Source

Due to the size of the Hobbs Brook Reservoir and the fact that the water goes through several stages of treatment, officials said, the raw sewage leak is of little concern for public safety.

Pleasant Street Condominiums

Pleasant Street Condominiums

Condominiums on Pleasant Street in Cambridge are Harvard-owned, and occupants must be University faculty or senior level administrators. Individual units are priced below market value.

Harvard in the City

MBTA To Offer Free Fare Day Next Month

In response to multiple shutdowns of services this winter, the MBTA will offer a free fare day on April 24 and a 15 percent discount on monthly passes in May.

MBTA Extension
City Politics

Boston City Councilors File Resolution in Support of Late-Night T

A one-year pilot phase of late-night T service, which keeps the T open Friday and Saturday nights up until 3 a.m., is set to expire in June unless the Massachusetts Department of Transportation decides to continue the service.

Courthouse of the Tsarnaev Trial

Remembering Marathon Attacks, Students Grapple with Death Penalty

Students from Boston or who were at Harvard said they felt the Marathon attack to be more personal.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

City Council Votes To Cut Ties with TransCanada, Explore Sustainability

A unanimous Cambridge City Council vote requesting not to renew the city’s energy contract with the TransCanada Corporation might make Cambridge one of just a handful of American cities to pursue total independence from non-renewable energy sources.

Central Administration

In Op-Ed, Law Profs Call for University Governance Changes

Jeffrey K. McDonough Artwork

Not a 9-to-5 Job

Advising Programs Office Under Construction

Freshman Advising: Under Construction

Van Gogh's "Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul Gauguin"
Visual Arts

Portrait of the Artist: Behind Van Gogh's 'Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul Gauguin'