Op Eds


A Second Look at Cultural Imperialism

Maybe we should stop feeling ashamed of American culture’s tendency to universalize, and start feeling excited at its power to unify.


DWB: Debating While Black

My racial identity is defined by neither black marginalization nor black triumph.


Radical Ignorance

The only thing of which I am sure on this issue is that so many on the left drastically oversimplify the conflict by lionizing the Palestinians and demonizing Israel.


Trump Is Still Trash on Immigration

I cannot forget the parents, mine among them, who see no hope in attaining these rights in their own near future.


My Fake Bulimia and the Importance of Giving Attention

We need to give our friends attention before they ask for it in self-destructive ways.


Beyond “The Mitochondrion is the Powerhouse of the Cell”

Harvard should take steps to prioritize undergraduate science learning, especially given the current political climate.


The Least Radical Cause in the World

I used to find the word “apartheid” radical, but after visiting the West Bank and seeing the reality with my own eyes, it seems like a more than fair description for a half-century of occupation under these conditions.

In Her Own Words: Drew Faust’s Op-Eds

University President Drew G. Faust announced she will step down after the 2017-2018 academic year. Here she is, in her own words.


I’m a Female Minority at Harvard, and I Don’t Agree with PC Culture

I share the same LGBT demographic with the protesters that stood and held up “Fight Transphobia” signs, but they do not speak for me—especially as they infringe upon free speech and expression.


A Culture of Excellence

I have coached the track team, laughed with them, cheered for them, and been inspired by them. I beg the administration to ensure that they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Tara Rughuveer

The World As It Should Be

When people talk about immigration reform, they tend to focus on people like us: Ivy League graduates, brought to America early in life, unaccented and unencumbered. Upend the institutions and narratives that praise us for our degrees but exclude those who didn’t have our access.

Rosie Rios

The Value of Human Capital and the Harvard Experience

If we start to think about each of us as all the different threads that weave together to become the fabric of our community, we could actually have a constructive conversation about our American culture and the values on which our country was founded.


Chosen to Lead Our Generation Forward

Guided by our principles, we stand steadfast in the belief that we have the power to change the world. Let this day be cemented in your mind as the day that the Class of 2017 went forth into the world and made a decision to make it better.

Stephen Stromberg

Two Weird Tips To Get Your Oddly Specific Dream Job

The truth is I got my dream job mostly because I was lucky. I was also in the right place at the right time. But I would not have been in the building if I had not stubbornly put myself there. So go where you want to be. Ask for what you want. Otherwise, you might have to go to law school.

Alex Myers

Hiding In Plain Sight

I was aware that I was out, that the administration knew I was transgender—the first openly transgender student in Harvard’s history—and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be that.