Political Groups

Senator Elizabeth Warren Speaks at Forum

After Long Wait, Elizabeth Warren Endorses Clinton

Massachusetts Senator and former Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Hillary R. Clinton—the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee

Student Life

Students Critique 'Guardian' Article On Harvard Politics

​National media outlets have spent months puzzling over the strong support on college campuses for Democratic presidential nominee and 74-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders, but at Harvard that dynamic has gone misunderstood.

Native Peoples, Native Politics

Native Peoples, Native Politics

A student asks the four panelists, Adrienne Keene, Irene Bedard, Migizi Pensoneau, and Loris Taylor, a question after the last panel of the Native Peoples, Native Politics conference. The title of the panel was Native Politics in Broadcast Media and Film.

Occupation and LGBT Rights
Harvard Law School

Occupation and LGBT Rights

Aeyal M. Gross, a Harvard Law School alumnus and current Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, discusses LGBT rights in Israel. The event, “When LGBT Rights Are used to Justify Occupation: How We Can Advocate Without Pinkwashing Oppression,” was organized by Harvard Law School Lambda, a community of students who identity as LGBTQ+.

Ralph Nader

In Crowded Overseers Race, Ralph Nader Stands Out

A five-time U.S. presidential candidate and longtime public figure, Nader—a Harvard Law School graduate who built his career on consumer protection activism and environmentalism—seemed an odd fit for a University governing board, much less as a member of Unz’s “Free Harvard, Fair Harvard” ticket.

Larry Lessig

Lessig Arrested at Campaign Finance Protest in Washington

Police arrested Harvard Law professor and former presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig last week during protests focused on campaign finance reform in Washington, D.C.


Harvard Democrats Continue Rally for Candidates

Ahead of next week’s New York primaries, Harvard’s Democratic student groups hope to gain momentum as they continue to their phone bank efforts for upcoming primary states.


Author Reflects on Occupy Movement’s Influence on Harvard

​Author Michael A. Gould-Wartofsky ’07 discussed on Tuesday evening the Occupy movements of 2011, and the lessons on social movements that can be drawn from it.

Gone But Not Done
City Politics

Cambridge City Councillor Runs for State Senate

​Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung announced plans last week to seek higher office in the Massachusetts Senate, the upper body of the Commonwealth’s legislature.

Super Tuesday

Cambridge Votes for Kasich Over Trump

Businessman Donald J. Trump may have won the Republican primary in Massachusetts last Tuesday, but in Cambridge, Ohio governor John R. Kasich was the winner.

Berning Questions
Student Groups

Super Tuesday Solidifies Clinton, Trump Leads, Harvard Affiliates Say

Several Harvard professors said they believe the Democratic and Republican nominees are likely finalized following Super Tuesday: former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton and businessman Donald J. Trump.


Harvard Republicans ‘Mourning’ Bush As Trump Surges

Harvard Republicans report “mourning” Jeb Bush’s candidacy as businessman Donald J. Trump continues to dominate the Republican field after successive wins.

Scalia in 1992

HKS Profs Predict Difficult Supreme Court Nomination Process

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin G. Scalia on Saturday, Kennedy School of Government faculty predicted an extremely difficult confirmation process for President Barack Obama's replacement nominee.

New Hampshire Primary

Students and Faculty Gather at IOP to Watch N.H. Primary

Both elections were called at 8 o’clock, as soon as all of the polls had officially closed. The only tension that remained at the IOP was who would come in second and third place in the Republican race and the final margins of victory in both the Democratic and Republican races.

Harvard Students for Bernie
Student Groups

Harvard Democrats Canvass in New Hampshire Ahead of Primary

More than 50 Harvard College Democrats braved the snow to join the fray—and occasional ornery residents—to canvass for their chosen candidate across the mom-and-pop shop lined streets of New Hampshire’s second-largest city.