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City Politics

Campaign Roundup: Baker Has Slight Lead in Gov. Race

With Election Day just ten days away, polls show Republican Charles D. Baker ’79 with a narrow lead over the veteran Massachusetts Democrat and Attorney General Martha M. Coakley in a heated race for governor.

Rape Culture
Undergraduate Council

Rape Culture

The Undergraduate Harvard Political Union hosts a discussion "Sexual Assault & Rape Culture" in the Lowell House Junior Common Room Thursday evening in which students voiced concerns and recommendations to improve communications and university response moving forward.

Pussy Riot + IOP

Pussy Riot Members Speak of Protest, Imprisonment at IOP

Two founding members of the Russian punk rock protest group Pussy Riot spoke out strongly against Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday night at a forum at the Institute of Politics, raising awareness of what they consider to be oppression propagated by Putin in their country.

IOP Fall 2014 Fellows

Former Governor, Biden’s Sister Among Fall IOP Fellows

Former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, Valerie Biden Owens, columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson, former Turner Broadcasting Systems CEO Phil Kent, former RNC chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, and health care consultant Anton J. Gunn will lead study groups and campus events.


IOP Panelists Discuss Ukraine’s Uncertain Future

A forum at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum discussed Russia’s alleged occupation of Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine, on Tuesday night.

Student Groups

IOP Poll on Young Adults Indicates Waning Approval for Obama

The majority of young adults disapprove of current healthcare reform efforts and their approval rating of President Barack Obama is at its lowest point since 2009, according to Institute of Politics poll results that were released Wednesday.


Journalists Discuss Quinn's Mayoral Loss

The New York Times journalists behind the documentary “Hers to Lose: Inside Christine Quinn’s Bid for Mayor” joined the campaign strategists featured in the film to discuss the making of the documentary at the Institute of Politics Tuesday night.


Which Club Should You Comp?

After the maze of hundreds of clubs, free candy, and aggressive upperclassmen recruiters that marked the activities fair, some freshmen (and upperclassmen!) may still find themselves in a daze, unable to decide what student organizations to comp or join this fall. Flyby is pleased to present a carefully-prepared flowchart designed to help you find the student organization that is right for you.


Despite Panelists' Insight, IOP Forum Audience Votes Against US Action in Syria

Fifty-five percent of an audience disagreed with President Barack Obama’s proposal to intervene militarily following the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government after hearing a panel of experts discuss the proposal at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Wednesday evening.

Activities Fair

Activities Fair

Students talk to representatives and sign up for various clubs on campus on display at the Activities Fair. It was held at the Student Organization Center at Hilles last Friday afternoon.

Activities Fair
Undergraduate Council

Activities Fair

Students talk to representatives from various clubs on campus on display at the Activities Fair. It was held at the Student Organization Center at Hilles last Friday afternoon.

The Fall IOP Fellows
Student Groups

IOP Announces Fall Roster of Residential and Visiting Fellows

A former interim Senator, a former U.S. Labor Secretary, and a former Los Angeles mayor will highlight the Institute of Politics’ fall roster of residential and visiting fellows.

The Fall IOP Fellows
Student Groups

The Fall IOP Fellows

From left to right, the IOP’s roster of fall fellows includes, in the first row, former interim U.S. Senator William “Mo” Cowan, political commentator Ana Navarro, and Romney campaign adviser Beth Myers, and, in the second row, Google strategy principal Ginny Hunt, political journalist Sasha Issenberg, and Karen Gordon Mills, who recently resigned as administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Ed Markey Victory
City Politics

Ed Markey Victory

Ed Markey raises his hand in victory with his wife Susan Blumenthal after winning the US Senate Primary in Massachusetts on April 30. Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced Markey at his rally in the Omni Parker Hotel.


With Senate Primary, Activism at Harvard Low

Sending text messages and making phone calls, a handful Harvard students sought to get out the vote for a U.S. Senate primary election that generated relatively little enthusiasm among political activists on campus.

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Photo Man
Ivy League

Beyond The Silver Screen

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization