Presidential Search

Loeb House
Harvard Corporation

Search Committee Has Talked to Hundreds, Lee Says

Harvard’s presidential search committee has met with hundreds of people and received about 1,500 emailed submissions in their outreach efforts thus far, according to William F. Lee ’72.

It's Harvard's World
Harvard in the World

Harvard Without Borders

As the presidential search committee combs the world for Faust's successor, some say that Harvard’s potential as a global university should weigh heavily on their minds.

FAS Dean Michael Smith

Smith Claims ‘No Insider Knowledge’ of Presidential Search Progress

“I have no insider knowledge of what the search committee is doing,” Smith said. “I’m sure they’re looking at lots and lots of people.”

Faust at 2021 Convocation
Drew Faust

Faust's Successor Could Begin Duties Months Before Official Transition

Faust's successor could begin calling the shots months before she officially resigns the presidency in June.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana

Khurana Weighs In on Presidential Search

“I think the next president is someone who is not only a leader for Harvard, but is a leader for higher education,” he said.

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Front Feature

Presidential Search Committee Begins to Narrow Candidate Pool

Several donors and professors said there are four likely contenders from within the University: Business School Dean Nitin Nohria, professor Danielle S. Allen, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith, and Provost Alan M. Garber ’76.

UC Meeting 10/23
Undergraduate Council

UC Leaders Meet with Presidential Search Committee Member

The president and vice-president of the Undergraduate Council discussed the search for Harvard’s next president with search committee member Shirley M. Tilghman.

President Finance Credit Card
University Finances

President Finance Credit Card

President Finance Credit Card

Too Harvard To Fail

As Faust’s tenure draws to a close, some donors, alumni, and industry experts say Harvard should choose a leader with a healthy Rolodex and financial acumen.

Presidential Search and SEAS Mass Hall Code

Bridge Over the River Charles

Whether or not Harvard’s next president holds an engineering degree, SEAS and its role in Harvard’s future will constitute a central part of their tenure.

Harvard to the Hill

John Harvard Goes to Washington

Come June, Faust's successor will need to continue to advocate for American higher education on a national stage.

Student Forum for the Presidential Search
Student Life

Students Debate Qualities, Priorities of Next President at Forum

Students from schools across Harvard spent two hours debating the ideal qualities and priorities of the University’s next president.

Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

Students Promote Computer Science Professor for Harvard Presidency

Some students are launching an online campaign in an unconventional effort to promote Computer Science professor Margo I. Seltzer ’83 as a possible candidate for Harvard's presidency.

Social Life President Search

'Not Going Anywhere'

It will fall to Harvard’s 29th president to implement and oversee the University’s historic effort to reshape undergraduate social life.

Loeb House
Drew Faust

Bacow Tells Alumni Search Remains in Preliminary Stage

Presidential search committee member Lawrence H. Bacow told a group of Latino alumni and student leaders that the committee is still gathering input for the search.