Harvard-MIT Institute Wins Patent Battle for Gene-Editing Tech

The Broad Institute won the right to keep its patent for CRISPR, a groundbreaking gene-editing technology, in a ruling Wednesday.


SEAS Researchers Develop Innovative Long-Lasting Battery

A team of researchers of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has developed a long-lasting “redox flow” battery that has the potential to revolutionize energy storage.


Metallic Hydrogen Discovery Met With Skepticism

​Two Harvard researchers claim to have synthesized a form of solid metallic hydrogen—but some scholars in the field remain skeptical.


Researcher Challenges Court-Ordered Separation from Grad Student

Accusations of falsified data, a forced mental evaluation, and a suspected "campaign of retaliation": court documents detail a bitter schism between a Harvard graduate student and his principal investigator.

Federal Funding in Fiscal Year 2016

Despite Record Year, Research Funding Remains 'Huge Challenge'

Researchers across Harvard received a record-high $842.5 million in grants in fiscal year 2016—but some say they are bracing for federal funding cuts under the Trump administration.

Mark Zuckerberg 2004

Harvard Partners With Facebook For Tech Research

​More than a decade after its founding in a Harvard dorm, Facebook is partnering with Harvard and 16 other universities in a research agreement allow Harvard faculty members and graduate students to work with the social media giant.


Explosions Could Provide Clues About First Stars, Fellow Says

A set of explosions that happened thousands of years ago could provide clues about the formation of the earliest stars, according to Robert A. Simcoe, a research fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Freshmen Research Research
On Campus

Freshmen Research Research

A representative from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships speaks to a crowd of primarily freshmen about how to get started doing research in college and what the benefits are.


HMS Researchers Find First Link Between Bone Growth Gene and Cognitive Functioning

​Neurobiologists at Harvard Medical School have discovered the first link between a bone growth gene and cognitive functioning in humans and nonhuman primates.


Kennedy School Lecturer Studies Trump and Rise of Populism

Donald Trump won the presidential election in an upset victory fueled by populist rhetoric, but it may have been less of a surprise for Kennedy School lecturer Pippa Norris​.

The Science Center

Some Science Profs Fear Federal Funding Cuts Under Trump

Some Harvard professors and researchers say they are worried about how Donald Trump’s presidency could affect federal funding for scientific research.

Student Life

Researcher Discusses Work on Art Stolen By Nazis

Students and scholars gathered Monday to hear Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, a senior research associate at Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute, discuss her research on art stolen by the Nazis.


Assembling the Octobot

This is the world’s first completely untethered, 100 percent soft robot.


Hey Professor: Mindfulness

​With midterm season in full swing and more than a month of class under our belts, many of us are stressed. How can we stay calm and focused?


Hutchins Funds $10 Million to Study Inequality Among Boston's Black Residents

The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research received $10 million for a new study of inequality experienced by African and African American residents in Boston’s poorer neighborhoods.