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CDC Director To Speak at Public Health School Commencement

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, who has served as the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since May 2009, will headline the School of Public Health’s centennial Commencement exercises.

M2 Shuttle
Harvard Medical School

Graduate Students Aim To Expand M2 Shuttle Service

At a meeting of the Harvard Graduate Student Government last Tuesday, students passed a resolution to expand M2 shuttle service to include Sunday operations.


School of Public Health Study Finds Coffee Lowers Risk of Diabetes

A study released by the Harvard School of Public Health has confirmed a direct relationship between the amount of coffee a person drinks and a lowered risk for type 2 diabetes.

Harvard Medical School

Study Links Television Viewing with Lesser Amounts of Sleep

Harvard researchers recently published the results of a long-term study showing that watching greater amounts of television is associated with lesser amounts of sleep for children in their infancy and middle childhood.


School of Public Health Launches Two New MOOCs

To address public confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act and new applications of big data, the Harvard School of Public Health has developed two new courses slated to launch April 7 on HarvardX.

Gerald Chan's Harvard Square
School of Public Health

Hong Kong Billionaire Buys Up Harvard Square Real Estate

Billionaire Hong Kong investor and Harvard School of Public Health alumnus, Gerald L. Chan, has made news in recent months with his purchases of Harvard Square real estate totalling over $100 million.


In Latest Report, Professors Propose Health Investment Framework

A global public health report co-authored by University professor Lawrence H. Summers, School of Public Health Dean Julio Frenk, and Public Health professor Sue J. Goldie, among others, proposes an unprecedented investment framework to significantly reduce health disparities between the poorest and the wealthiest nations.


Harvard Researchers Find Potential Clue to Solving Type 1 Diabetes

In a recent study conducted by the Hotamisligil Laboratory at the Harvard School of Public Health, a group of scientists discovered that a naturally occurring molecule called TUDCA, or Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, could prevent Type 1 Diabetes.


Study Suggests Eating Disorders More Common Than Thought Among Teen Males

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health published a “striking” study in JAMA Pediatrics that suggests that young males may be more susceptible to eating disorders than is commonly perceived.


Finding by HSPH Researchers Could Aid in Malaria Control

In a finding that could advance malaria control, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Perugia, in Italy, have identified a way to block a reproductive interaction in malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.

School of Public Health

Harvard School of Public Health Celebrates Centennial

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the Harvard School of Public Health hosted the Centennial Leadership Summit on Friday, bringing together public health academics and advocates for a day of discussion.

Harvard in the City


President Bill Clinton speaks about the importance of recognizing our similarities in fostering human and environmental well-being. Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, were honored by the Harvard School of Public Health on Thursday for their efforts to further public health, including among other things the distribution of AIDS medication.

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School of Public Health

HSPH Announces Capital Campaign Goal of $450 Million

Harvard School of Public Health has set a goal of $450 million for its subset of the University’s capital campaign, HSPH campaign co-chair Jonathan S. Lavine announced at a gala at Revere Hotel Boston Common on Thursday evening.

School of Public Health

Clintons Recognized at HSPH Centennial

Former United States President Bill Clinton took the stage at the Harvard School of Public Health’s centennial anniversary ceremony on Thursday, celebrating the success of public health policy reforms that have saved the lives of millions and expressing high hopes for the work of future generations.




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