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David Keith

Harvard Researchers Launch Solar Geoengineering Moonshot

​Harvard scientists have launched a research program into “solar geoengineering,” a controversial technique with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change.

The Scientist as Sentinel
On Campus

The Scientist as Sentinel

Professor Naomi Oreskes speaks to an audience in Science Center Hall B on Wednesday night. Her speech, entitled “The Scientist as Sentinel,” focused on scientists speaking publicly on contested issues, including nuclear weaponry, ozone depletion, and climate change.

Shifts in Trump's Budget

Shifts in Trump's Budget


Twenty-Six Students Awarded Fulbright Scholarships

This year marks the first time in three years that Harvard fell behind some peer institutions in producing Fulbright Scholars.


First Sample of Solid Metallic Hydrogen Lost

A month after two Harvard physicists published results detailing the synthesis of the first-ever sample of solid metallic hydrogen, the researchers have lost the sample after trying to further analyze it.


Harvard-MIT Institute Wins Patent Battle for Gene-Editing Tech

The Broad Institute won the right to keep its patent for CRISPR, a groundbreaking gene-editing technology, in a ruling Wednesday.


SEAS Researchers Develop Innovative Long-Lasting Battery

A team of researchers of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has developed a long-lasting “redox flow” battery that has the potential to revolutionize energy storage.


Metallic Hydrogen Discovery Met With Skepticism

​Two Harvard researchers claim to have synthesized a form of solid metallic hydrogen—but some scholars in the field remain skeptical.

Jonah M. Kallenbach

The Social Science

About a quarter of Intel Science Talent Search finalists from the past five years attended or are currently attending Harvard College.


Leaders Discuss Future of Artificial Intelligence

Leading figures in the field of artificial intelligence discussed its present and potential future impact on individuals and nations at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum Friday.

Student Groups

HLS Panel Explores the Future Frontiers of Space Governance

Representatives from NASA, Space Systems Loral, and SpaceX discussed the future of laws governing outer space during a panel at the Law School Wednesday.

Sustainable Development Talk
On Campus

Sustainable Development Talk

Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, talks about her experiences in sustainable development and how bottom-up infrastructure can best accommodate that.

School of Public Health

HSPH Professors Argue for Nuance in Sugar Study Controversy

Recent controversy around a 1960s review of sugar, dietary fat, and cardiovascular health has muddled problematic industry sponsorship with spot-on findings, according to some nutrition professors at Harvard's School of Public Health.


Holes in Harvard Sugar Study Expose Dangers of Industry Funding

The revelation that industry-funded research at Harvard in the 1960s downplayed the deleterious effects of sugar has put Harvard in a bitter position in the news.

Graduate School of Design

Graduate School of Design, SEAS Welcomes Master’s Cohort

​Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have officially welcomed their first cohort of 15 students pursuing a master’s degree in design engineering.