Smashing Agassiz’s Boulder

Evolutionary Biologist Puts Agassiz’s Views on Race Under Microscope

Evolutionary biologist Joseph L. Graves examined the controversial history of former Harvard professor Louis Agassiz’s views on race and human evolution.

Science and Cooking

Science and Cooking

Logan A. Kirby ’18 shakes a mixture of cooking ingredients like heavy cream, milk, and vanilla extract during lab for Science of the Physical University 27: “Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science”.

School of Public Health

HSPH Professors Argue for Nuance in Sugar Study Controversy

Recent controversy around a 1960s review of sugar, dietary fat, and cardiovascular health has muddled problematic industry sponsorship with spot-on findings, according to some nutrition professors at Harvard's School of Public Health.

Harvard Law School

To Keep Pace with Tech, Law School Seeks STEM Students

​As HLS admissions officers are finalizing next year’s class, they are doing so with an eye toward a group of fields that deviate from the traditional path to legal studies: STEM.

Sciences Division

New Visa Policy Aids International STEM Students

For Harvard's international students, remaining in the United States after graduation can be complicated.


If a Tree Falls: Fighting Climate Change in the Harvard Forest

More than a century old, the Harvard Forest still bears traces of its past—stone fences, ancient oaks. Yet changes have come, too, subtle but significant.

Sciences Division

At Black Hole Talk, Stephen Hawking Draws Massive Audience

​World-famous theoretical cosmologist Stephen W. Hawking discussed the history of and recent breakthroughs in research on black holes at the inauguration of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative.


New App Tackles Football Players' Health

​The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University recently launched an iPhone app to facilitate the collection of data from former players.

GSAS's Dudley House

Grad Union Effort Pushes for More STEM Money

In an effort to combat stagnant science research funding, members of the Harvard graduate student union effort are publicizing a petition asking the 2016 presidential candidates to prioritize STEM funding a part of their platforms.

Harvard Kennedy School

Panelists Celebrate Women’s Leadership in Environmental Movement

Four female leaders in the environmental movement shared their respective stories in combatting climate change on Tuesday at the Kennedy School.

Harvard in the City

Behind the Exhibits at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

There is a side to the museum that is less visible to the public, and it is this dedicated collection staff working behind-the-scenes that ensures that the museum is constantly improving.


Exhibit on the Influence of the Radio Opens Friday

The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments’ new exhibit examining the history and influence of radio technology on American culture will open to the public on Friday.

Intro Courses STEM

Covering Ground: Barriers and Entries to STEM at Harvard

Introductory courses act as both gateways and barriers into Harvard’s STEM-based concentrations, as low-level courses increasingly are tasked with catching students up to their peers.

Harvard Medical School

Elected Leaders Have Shorter Lifespans, Higher Risk of Death, Study Shows

Political aspirants beware: heads of state live 2.7 years less than runner-up candidates who never serve in office, according to a December study led by a Harvard Medical School professor.

Watson: Life and The Helix

Watson: Life and The Helix

James Watson, who along with Francis Crick is credited with discovering the double helix structure of DNA, shared life advice to a crowd of mostly LS1B and OEB students.