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The Women Who Leave

A combination of formal processes and informal forces disadvantage women on the FAS tenure track, pushing some to leave before they come up for tenure review.

The Global Exposure Project Pop-Up Exhibition
Visual Arts

Pop-Up Exhibit Features Student Photography

Photographs from around the world are scattered throughout the third floors of the Harvard Peabody and Natural History Museums this week as a part of a pop-up exhibit called “Global Exposure.”

Sciences Division

New Visa Policy Aids International STEM Students

For Harvard's international students, remaining in the United States after graduation can be complicated.

Sciences Division

At Black Hole Talk, Stephen Hawking Draws Massive Audience

​World-famous theoretical cosmologist Stephen W. Hawking discussed the history of and recent breakthroughs in research on black holes at the inauguration of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative.

Intro Courses STEM

Covering Ground: Barriers and Entries to STEM at Harvard

Introductory courses act as both gateways and barriers into Harvard’s STEM-based concentrations, as low-level courses increasingly are tasked with catching students up to their peers.


Harvard Researchers Link Neurotransmitter to Autism

Harvard researchers recently linked a symptom of autism with the malfunction of GABA signaling pathways, discovering the first proven connection between autism and a specific neurotransmitter in humans.

Cherry A. Murray

Former SEAS Dean Confirmed for Energy Department Post

Cherry A. Murray, who served as dean of SEAS from 2009 until her resignation in 2014, was nominated by President Obama in August and has been awaiting Senate confirmation since then.


Professor Discusses Energy Infrastructure of the Future

​Harvard Chemistry and Chemical Biology professor Daniel G. Nocera discussed his vision for the energy infrastructure of the future on Wednesday night in the Science Center.

Science, Technology, and Society
Sciences Division

Science, Technology, and Society

Professor Sheila Jasanoff ’64 leads a weekly meeting about Science, Technology, and Society on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015.

Science, Technology, and Society
Sciences Division

Science, Technology, and Society

Students and faculty attend a talk about disease in Marseille, France at a weekly meeting about Science, Technology, and Society on Monday, Nov. 16.

Science, Technology, and Society

A Forgotten Field?

Active and globally recognized, Harvard’s Science, Technology, and Society network is seeking to ingrain itself into the University’s academic structure, striving for a Ph.D. program to produce scholars and teachers for Harvard and beyond.

“Why Disciplines Persist”
Humanities Division

Garber Talks Importance of Academic Disciplines

Titled “Why Disciplines Persist,” the lecture followed an eight-year hiatus after the first Provostial Lecture, given by former University Provost Steven E. Hyman.

The Chan School

Researchers Find Increase in Prescription Drug Use

The prevalence of the use of prescription drugs rose from 51 percent of adults in 2000 to 59 percent in 2012. The increase persists even after accounting for the changing age distribution of society.

University Hall Closed for Veterans Day

Faculty Discuss Proposals To Overhaul Gen Ed

Faculty members and administrators have vetted proposals to drastically overhaul the College’s General Education program, such as lowering the number of required courses.

Allston Campus Rendering

Details Still Uncertain, SEAS Delays Move to Allston

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has delayed its relocation to Allston to 2020, and details of which offices will move remain in flux.