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Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting

Representatives from the Boston Redevelopment Authority, left, including Gerald Autler address members of the Harvard-Allston Task Force during its first meeting in over 100 days to discuss the North Allston/North Brighton Housing Stabilization Program, ongoing construction and demolitions at the SEAS complex and Charlesview apartments, and the renewal of Everett Street.

Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting
City Politics

Harvard-Allston Task Force Discusses Housing, Construction

The Harvard-Allston Task Force met on Wednesday to discuss the North Allston/North Brighton Housing Stabilization Program and the renewal of Everett Street.

Electrical Engineering

SEAS and Design School Plan Joint Master’s Program

A master's degree in engineering design will “hopefully” be launched next year, according to Materials Science professor Joanna Aizenberg, who sits on the committee spearheading the project.

Engineering Thesis Project
Student Life

Engineering Thesis Project

Ansel B. Duff '15, a mechanical engineering concentrator, works on a go kart powered by compressed air for his senior thesis project at a workshop at MIT.

Engineering Thesis Project

For Many Engineering Seniors, Break Is Crunch Time for Theses

With oral presentations scheduled for March 26 and 27 and written reports due on April 2, many engineering seniors will spend the upcoming week-long holiday finishing their projects.

Central Administration

Project on China’s Energy Policy Receives Climate Change Solutions Grant

The Harvard China Project, a research program on China's environment and energy system based at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, plans to use grant money it received to conduct research on the future of renewable energy sources in China.


SEAS Racing Team

The SEAS team is currently building the Crimson Cruiser, a battery-powered vehicle that it hopes will push the boundaries of efficiency. This April, the team will compete in the battery-electric division of the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit, Mich.

Kaledora Kiernan-Linn

The Dropouts

With supportive faculty, programs like the Thiel Fellowship, and an accommodating return policy, students at Harvard considering dropping out have few reasons not to do so. While entrepreneurial and artistic opportunities are often time-sensitive, Harvard, these students believe, can wait.

Thinking Big

Harvard Thinks Big VI

My eyes are tearing up as I make my way up to the balcony seats in Sanders Theater. Not because I’m overly excited by the prospect of Harvard Thinks Big VI, but because it is cold as hell, and my eyes haven’t stopped watering since I stepped outside.


Physics Professor Philip Kim Studies Technologies on an Atomic Scale

Kim, who joined the faculty this school year after 14 years of teaching and researching at Columbia University, studies physical phenomena in nanoscale materials.

Harvard Medical School

Odyssey Program Poised to Revolutionize Research

Scientists at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital are using Odyssey, a computing environment, to process big data in their research.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

Faculty Discuss Potential Arts Spaces in Allston

Three major affiliates of the Arts and Humanities Division—the American Repertory Theater and the departments of Music and Visual and Environmental Studies—are considering finding spaces in Allston.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

SEAS Refines Plans for Move to Allston

Administrators and planning committees at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are continuing to outline broad goals for the eventual relocation of their school to Allston.

Harvard Thinks Big
On Campus

Professors Discuss the Future of Engineering at 'Harvard Thinks Big'

RoboBees, mathematical theories of fire, and predictions that 2015 will see the discovery of extraterrestrial life abounded in Sanders Theatre on Thursday at "Harvard Thinks Big."

Office of Career Services

Aspiring Engineers Face Recruiting Challenges

Students and administrators say there are limited structured recruiting resources for aspiring engineers and that companies are less interested in recruiting at Harvard for engineering positions.

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize

Central Administration

Amidst Title IX Debate, Law Faculty Raise Governance Concerns

John Stilgoe Office

John Stilgoe’s Secret History

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard