SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

Harvard Pays $147.3 Million to Finalize Allston Land Deal

Harvard has paid railroad company CSX Transportation $147.3 million as one of the final steps of a land acquisition deal begun more than a decade ago.


Phi Beta Kappa Selects ‘Senior 48’ for Class of 2017

In total, 48 seniors will be inducted into the oldest undergraduate honor society in the United States, joining the 24 students selected last spring.

VES 56s
On Campus

The Frontier between the Arts and Sciences: Harvard's Pioneers

Harvard College promises its undergraduates a liberal arts education, but under its online course catalog, departmental classes are categorized under four distinct headings. The widespread ingrained sense of division between the arts and sciences traces back to popular ideas about brain lateralization: The left hemisphere processes logical information, and the right hemisphere, creative. But what of the students interested in studies that fall within the intersection of disciplines?

Harvard Medical School

With New Licensing Agreement, Harvard Hopes to Improve Cancer Treatment

Harvard has granted the Cambridge-based technological startup Magenta Therapeutics access to a suite of technologies partly patented by the University.

The Science Center

Some Science Profs Fear Federal Funding Cuts Under Trump

Some Harvard professors and researchers say they are worried about how Donald Trump’s presidency could affect federal funding for scientific research.


SEAS Expects Increase in Concentrators, Strives for Greater Diversity in School Makeup

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is projected to see increased numbers of undergraduate concentrators when sophomores declare their fields of study on Nov. 17, continuing a trend of fast growth since 2007.

Updates on the Honor Council

Sophomores, Sciences Saw Most Honor Council Cases Last Year

The vast majority of 115 academic dishonesty cases the College’s Honor Council heard last academic year occurred in courses offered in the Sciences Division or the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, according to the adjudicating body’s first-ever annual report.


SEAS Finalizes List of Academic Areas Moving to Allston

Four teaching areas as well as the soft materials and robotics units make up the final list of groups that will move to Allston.

City Politics

Brookline Machine Site Planning Moves Forward, Slowly

Some Allstonians say the planning process for the proposed apartment building is moving too slowly.


Eliot Resident Proposes New Solution for Energy Conservation

Aldis Elfarsdottir '19 noticed that Eliot's heating system gives students little control over the temperatures in their rooms and has begun devising a solution.


FAS Holds Meetings for Faculty to Discuss Graduate Student Unionization

​Responding to suggestions from the Faculty Council, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is hosting town hall sessions for professors, administrators, and the University’s labor representatives to discuss graduate student unionization.

City Politics

Boston Urban Planning Agency Gets Revamp

The Boston Redevelopment Authority announced a wide-ranging image revamp on Sept. 23 that includes a new website and a new name.

“Engineering and Entrepreneurship: The Internet of Things”

'Internet of Things' Symposium Highlights Use of Urban Data

​Chicago Chief Innovation Officer Brenna Berman highlighted examples of data-driven analytics leading to policy reform at a Friday symposium.


Allston Task Force Returns from Summer Break with Two Resignations

Two longtime task force members offered their resignations and Allston residents heard the first details about the new Trader Joe’s slated to open on Western Ave. next year in an action-packed meeting of the Harvard-Allston Task Force on Monday night.

Student Groups

CS50 at Yale Hits Sophomore Slump

​Harvard’s Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I” saw a significant drop in enrollment at Yale University as it kicks off its second year. In the meantime, the course staff have been busy making changes to the course’s curriculum, staff, and lecture structure.