Sexual Assault

Drew G. Faust

‘Troubling’ Climate of Sexual Assault: One Year Later

This is a sketch of the past year, one in which Harvard students, faculty, and administrators grappled head-on with the realities and prevalence of campus sexual assault.


Students Must Travel To Boston To Obtain a Rape Kit, Per Mass. Standards

The difficulty having an evidence kit performed, according to Harvard officials, is a result of Massachusetts law and the absence of emergency facilities at Harvard University Health Services.

Harvard in the World

Harvard-Inspired Sexual Assault Response Bill Passes in House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a Harvard-inspired bill to preserve rights of sexual assault victims, bringing the legislation one step closer to law.

Central Administration

Faust Again Calls for Social Groups To Accept Women

University President Drew G. Faust redoubled her criticisms of Harvard’s all-male final clubs as exclusive, discriminatory, and inconsistent with the values of a liberal arts education, making the case for penalizing members of the social groups in a video for The Atlantic.

Central Administration

Harvard Files to Throw Out Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

On Monday, Harvard responded to Leader’s suit, arguing that Leader’s claims do not amount to any kind of legal violation or injury.

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Will Move to Dismiss Suit Over Sexual Harassment Case

Harvard filed its initial response, which indicates the University will seek to throw out the complainant’s claims instead of settle, four months after after Alyssa R. Leader ’15 initially opened the lawsuit in federal court.


More Rapes Reported at Harvard in 2014 than Any Other Mass. School

Harvard topped the list for Massachusetts universities with 33 reported rapes that occurred on its campus in Cambridge.

Awareness of Services Provided by Resources Related to Sexual Assault or Sexual Misconduct by Gender

Harvard Undergraduates Reporting Nonconsensual Sexual Contact

Perceptions of University Repsonse to Sexual Assault

Reported Sexual Assault

Alicia Oeser

Alicia Oeser

Alicia Oeser, the director of the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, sits in a May 20, 2016 portrait.

Petition Signing

Standing Up: Student Groups Take on Sexual Assault

Despite efforts to improve trainings, some have suggested the brief sessions on their own may be insufficient.

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting

Student Sexual Assault Investigations Last Months Past 60-Day Federal Guideline

For cases involving students, sexual assault and harassment investigations often last more than 4 months—well beyond the 60-day window that the federal agency recommends for the entire process.

Dean Khurana Holds Town Hall

Sorority, Club Women Denounce New Policy on Facebook

Dozens of undergraduate women involved in sororities and female final clubs are taking to social media to defend their organizations and criticize a new Harvard policy that will penalize involvement in all unrecognized single-gender social groups.