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Patches being uprooted from their hometown.
FlyBy Blog

Harvard’s Reign of Terror

​Life is full of change. Semesters end in the blink of an eye, friends come and go, and my future career options change with every week. Change is good, I’m told, and I’ve come to accept this.

City Politics

City Council Talks Rental Properties and Snow Removal

Residents raised concerns about snow removal and the forced evacuation of rental properties on 295 Harvard Street at the Cambridge City Council’s weekly meeting on Monday.


Hey Professor: The Other White Menace

Although the season is officially over, we can still see the white vestiges of winter—and it’s not just the snow. This year, the city of Boston used hundreds of thousands of pounds of salt to keep its roads, sidewalks, and walk- ways clear of ice, and that salt is still around. After it's done its job of preventing icy sidewalks, where does it go?

Tall Snow Piles

Local Pantries Faced Distribution Challenges During Winter

Due to historically snowy weather conditions, local food pantries have dealt with transportation and distribution challenges this winter as they faced fewer deliveries and a smaller volunteer workforce.

Snow on Plympton
Harvard Square

Amid Snow, Square Tour Companies Weather the Winter

Although this past winter buried many tour group businesses in weeks of slow or no sales—especially those that depend on last-minute bookings—the damage was lessened by the industry’s anticipation of such seasonal cycle.

SLAM and Divest Activists Gather Signatures During University Event

SLAM and Divest Activists Gather Signatures During University Event

Members of student activist groups Divest Harvard and the Student Labor Action Movement distributed flyers for their causes at a University-organized event outside the Science Center on Thursday. The activist groups requested that students sign a thank-you card for Harvard staff and Harvard University Dining Services workers, who they argued were disproportionately affected by recent snowstorms.

SLAM and Divest Activists Gather Signatures During University Event
Central Administration

Divest Harvard, SLAM Distribute Flyers at S’mores Event

University President Drew G. Faust said the event was meant to mark the end of a snowy winter and give thanks to “everyone who kept Harvard running smoothly” during the snowstorms that forced many Harvard schools to cancel classes.

Crimson Key Tour

Photos of the Day (03/26/2015)

Ice on the Charles

Ice on the Charles

Coaches William Boyce and Hugo Gulliver clear residual ice from the Charles river Wednesday afternoon. The ice has limited dock access and rowing area in recent weeks, according to Lightweight Head Coach Michiel Bartman.

Ice on the Charles

Winter Weather Forces Athletes To Train Longer Indoors

Due to severe weather conditions that University President Drew G. Faust described as “the snowiest winter on record,” athletic teams have been forced to remain inside longer than usual for practice and conditioning this season.

Snow Repair

Snow Repair

Workers cleared large icicles hanging off the side of Memorial Church on Feb. 19, 2015. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Yard Operations are assessing the amount of damage that needs to be repaired.

Snow Repair

After Snow, Harvard Begins To Tally Damage

Following a series of heavy winter storms, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has spent about $700,000 in snow and ice removal from rooftops, building entryways, and walkways to date.

Harvard in the City

MBTA To Offer Free Fare Day Next Month

In response to multiple shutdowns of services this winter, the MBTA will offer a free fare day on April 24 and a 15 percent discount on monthly passes in May.

Snow covered Harvard

Harvard Runners Battle Winter Weather

Due to winter weather and icy paths, Harvard long distance runners have had to adjust training regimens and routes.


After Winter Storms, University Removes Threat of Falling Icicles

As icicles attached to the side of buildings on campus and in the Square have begun to fall onto sidewalks, Harvard is continuing to remove them and clear ice dams.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes