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Spring in the Yard
Harvard Yard

Spring in the Yard

Shadows of trees spread across Tercentenary Theater as students and visitors walk through the yard on a warm Wednesday.

Near the River

Near the River

People enjoy a warm day near the Charles.

Spring Showers

Spring Showers

Students brave spring showers as they trudge towards the Dunster dining hall in the former Inn at Harvard.

Recipe: April Fools' Sushi

Recipe: April Fools' Sushi

Children Play with Bubbles in the Yard
On Campus

Children Play with Bubbles in the Yard

Children play with giant bubbles, courtesy of students in Harvard Yard.

Celebrating Nowruz

Celebrating Nowruz

Faculty members and students come together to celebrate the Persian New Year and beginning of spring at the annual Nowruz celebration, which was sponsored by the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, the Islamic Studies Program, and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in the Barker Center Monday evening.

Crimson Key Tour

Photos of the Day (03/26/2015)

Sock Monkey Slippers

Snapshots of Spring Break


Currier, Dunster Dining Halls to Provide Spring Break Lunch, Dinner Service

After other dining halls close following dinner service on Friday, Currier and Dunster will remain open through spring break for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast.



In January, my skin turns to snow. I leave my dorm in the morning, hair shower-wet, mousse-sprayed to my neck, snowflakes crystallized in my curls. I wear black tights and salt stains bloom on my thighs; I wear black boots and white lines cross my ankles in waves. The spaces between my fingers grow cold.

sickness illness

How to Avoid Getting Sick

Spring has finally arrived. The sun is out (except that it rained almost all of last week), the snow is gone, and green is returning to the campus. But despite the warmer weather, everyone seems to be getting sick. Here are some foolproof ways to stay healthy, brought to you by a proud germaphobe.

The Yard in Spring
Student Life

What to Do Now Spring is Here!

Harvard Students from the Yard to the Quad, it is finally safe to go outside! It’s a crazy thought, but bear with us.

College Life

Crash a Formal

It's not hard sneaking into a formal—all you have to do is draw some X's on your hands and say you're with the band. It's once you're inside that things get difficult. Do your salmon shorts count as formal? And when they play Journey, do you pretend like you're over it or preform the dance you memorized from the first season of "Glee?" There is no easy answer to these questions; they're rhetorical. What's more, formals are not easy; they are an awkward mix of 90's hits and oversized camping tents. But they can be fun, and luckily I have some tips for correctly crashing a formal.

Student Groups

Seersucker Under Legal Fire—Prepare for the Worst

In a recent threat to garden parties everywhere, Missouri State Senator Ryan McKenna, a Democrat, proposed an amendment to his state's constitution that threatened destroy spring party season as we know it.

Lamont Cafe
Student Life

It's a Beautiful Day... To Study?

Visitors making their way through Harvard's campus over the last few days have witnessed the full extent of Harvard's beauty. Some might think it's commonplace for students to cheerfully bask in the warmth. Little do they know of the dreary grey pall that seems to envelop Cambridge from November to March.

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize

Central Administration

Amidst Title IX Debate, Law Faculty Raise Governance Concerns

John Stilgoe Office

John Stilgoe’s Secret History

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard