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First Generation Harvard
Student Groups

First Generation Harvard

LEFT TO RIGHT: Daniel M. Lobo '14, Nelida Garcia '14, and Viet D. Tran '16

Race and Justice in Sports
Student Life

Harvard Today: April 24, 2014

It’s Thursday! In honor of Throwback Thursday, here are some songs from way back when (you know, when we thought Heelys were the “it” item and we all predicted who would grow up to be a good parent based on their Tamagotchi’s) to help get you to the weekend:


Venn Diagram

Both Huge chunk of your life gone before you know it Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning required The closer you are to being done, the more you play with your phone in class Causes mass hysteria Won’t be relevant in two months

First Generation Harvard

After Acceptance

But for many, the true challenges begin only with entrance through Widener Gate on the first day of freshman year. The past year has seen efforts by students and alumni alike to bridge a possible disconnect between administrative enthusiasm to attract first-generation students, and weaker support and outreach once they arrive on campus. For the students, part of this process has included the development of a “first-gen” identity as something to be embraced.

Earth Day Bonanza
Student Life

Harvard Today: April 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday! To brighten your Wednesday today, here are a couple of unusual holidays that you can celebrate today:

Student Groups

Harvard Islamic Society Launches Muslim Life Fund Campaign

The Harvard Islamic Society launched its Muslim Life Fund campaign last Friday and hopes to raise $30,000 in 2014.

Student Groups

Harvard 'Pride' Expands From Week to Month

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life, in partnership with other campus organizations, has expanded Harvard’s Pride Week into Pride Month in order to increase its thematic scope and impact on students.

Messages from the Board
Harvard in the City

Finishing What they Started, Harvard Runners Lace Up for Marathon Monday

Of the 36,000 runners racing this year’s Boston Marathon on Monday, more than two dozen will come from Harvard, either as qualifying runners or through the Harvard College Marathon Challenge.

Student Groups

Mock Trial Wraps Up Successful but Heart-Wrenching Season

Just months after losing one of its members in a fatal car crash, the Harvard Mock Trial team finished third at American Mock Trial Association Nationals last week, bringing one of the team’s most successful seasons to a close.

UC Meeting HBX
Undergraduate Council

UC Announces Paid Partnership with HBX, Launches New Site

Members of the Undergraduate Council approved a paid partnership with the Harvard Business School’s new online platform HBX and announced the launch of the Council’s new website at their general meeting Sunday.

Student Life

Junior Takes Home Truman Scholarship

Tianhao He ’15 was awarded a Truman Scholarship last week in recognition of his commitment to public service.

Johnston Gate Arts Cover
Student Life

Harvard Today: April 17, 2014

Happy Thursday! For those of you either whose weekends start today or are looking for music to put on your pre-game/party playlists for this weekend, here are a few cool new releases to check out:

Student Life

With Pressures from Administration, InstaNomz Closes Doors

After a conflict with the Office of Student Life, the student founders of the food delivery start-up will seek to expand their business to other schools.

A Conversation With Felipe Calderon
On Campus

Today in Photos (04/15/2014)

Listen up!
Student Life

Listen Up!: Library Shenanigans, Dean Pfister, and Tutor Troubles

Welcome back to Listen Up! Your trusted Flyby advisers—two uniquely unqualified, naïve, decidedly uninteresting sophomores—are back with the latest advice and invaluable counsel.

House Art Cover Wallpaper
Visual Arts

Art House

Youth Homelessness in the Square
Harvard Square

For Homeless Youth, Age Can Compound Challenges of Life on the Streets

On Year Later: Boston Marathon Bombings
Boston Marathon

VIDEO: Looking Back One Year Later, Harvard Affiliates Prepare to Return to Finish Line

Johnston Gate Arts Cover

Rebuilding the Past: Harvard's Beautification Renaissance