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Harvard Will Hold First University-Wide TEDx Event Next Fall

The event will be held next October, according to Christian G. B. Haigh ’16, the co-president of TEDxHarvardCollege, which is the student group in charge of putting on the event.

General UC Meeting

UC Reps Discuss Visitas Event Fair Application

"Check In" will allow admitted students to use the camera on their smartphones to scan barcodes assigned to individual clubs, which will automatically register them for emails.


Student Group Created in Response to Pfoho Poster Incident

A group of students responded to the controversial posters parodying Renegade magazine by forming a "collective" to discuss free speech.

Weekly UC Meeting

Three ‘Harvard Project’ Submissions Selected as Finalists

The Undergraduate Council’s Student Initiatives Committee named three finalists from the original 15 proposals submitted to its ‘Harvard Project’ grant initiative at its general meeting Sunday.


Students Prepare To Launch Advocacy Magazine

A group of Harvard students have joined to launch an arts and advocacy magazine to focus on issues of diversity and identity among students of color at Harvard, called Renegade, which will debut online on Friday.


Science Journal Publishes Inaugural Issue

The ICSJ, a collaborative science publication featuring material from multiple colleges including Harvard, released its first issue in March.

Founders of Crimson Crave Make FM a Meal
Food and Drink

Founders of Crimson Crave Make FM a Meal

Dana Ferrante '17 and Caroline F. Gentile '17, the co-founders of food blog The Crimson Crave, look fondly at their Instagram page.

Founders of Crimson Crave Make FM a Meal
Food and Drink

Crimson Crave

Quorum Analyzes Congressional Data

Quorum Analyzes Congressional Data

Jonathan A. Marks '15 is one of the cofounders of Quorum, which uses quantitative data to evaluate members of the United States Congress.

Collegiate Club Photoshoot
On Campus

Collegiate Club Seeks to Bring Class Back to Campus

I meet the Collegiate Club in their collegiate meeting spot: Lamont Library’s Larsen Room. Reclining in their chairs, these freshmen greet me with faces bright with excitement. They want to convince Harvard that they are putting out a quality product with their online fashion blog. I want to tell them this is not Stanford— we don’t just make things happen around here; we first try to comp and seek entry to the Acropolis of exclusive organizations.

Student Groups

Gould Elected 129th President of Harvard Law Review

Jonathan S. Gould '10 will replace third-year law student Rachel G. Miller-Ziegler as president of the student-run legal journal.


Harvard Political Review Report Dissects Federal Budget Issues

The Harvard Political Review published its annual report for fiscal year 2013 on Thursday, offering a detailed review and analysis of U.S. fiscal policy and its predicted impact on the nation.

Student Life

On Harvard Time Prepares to Leave Pfoho

Members of one of Harvard's on-campus comedy groups claim they were basically "kicked out" of their Pforzheimer basement studio and will relocate to the SOCH.

Student Publications

A Look at Mark Zuckerberg Through the Years

To take get a sense of Mark E. Zuckerberg's life here at Harvard, we compiled a list of Crimson articles that chronicled his ventures.

New Law Review President
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law Review Selects 128th President

Second-year Harvard Law School student Rachel G. Miller-Ziegler was elected the 128th president of the Harvard Law Review on Saturday, succeeding outgoing president Gillian S. Grossman ’10.

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize