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HUDS Expands Yardfest Sustainability Efforts

This year’s Yardfest, the College’s outdoor concert headlined by Jessie J, will boast an increased focus on sustainability with a buffet featuring completely compostable dishware in an effort to reduce waste at the event.

Sustainability Fair

Sustainability Fair

Claire T. Lo ’16, left, a Winthrop Food Literacy fellow, has FAS SEAS postdoctoral fellow Xianming Zhang, right, name grains at the Harvard Sustainability Fair on Wednesday afternoon. Zhang studies environmental contaminants relating to food and said he found the fair interesting.

Sustainability Fair
Harvard in the City

Harvard Celebrates Sustainability with Earth Day Fair

Vendors from in and around Cambridge, including the Little Free Library and Book Exchange, Hubway, and Next Step Living, set up shop on the Science Center Plaza on Wednesday afternoon to promote sustainable living.

Candle-Light Vigil for African Lives Lost

Photos of the Day (04/22/2015)

Orange Waves
On Campus

Orange Waves

While other protesters lined up along the perimeter of University Hall, a student hangs up messages supporting the Divest movement written on orange sheets of paper. In the background, pictures of oil company logos are taped on the statue of John Harvard.

Orange Waves
Central Administration

Harvard Leaders Stay Quiet on Divest, Even During 'Heat Week'

Protesters from the environmental activist group Divest Harvard have done their very best to get administrators’ attention this week.


New Report Details University-Wide Sustainability Progress

The Office for Sustainability released a new report finding that Harvard has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water use.

Speaking on Climate

Speaking on Climate

Christopher B. Field ’75, member of the Harvard Board of Overseers and co-chair of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, speaks to the economic and social conditions for finding climate change solutions. Field was one of seven panelists at an event moderated by talk show host Charlie Rose on Monday afternoon.

Charlie Rose Discusses Climate

Charlie Rose Discusses Climate

Charlie Rose, talk show host, leads a discussion with Harvard affiliates at the “Presidential Panel on Climate Change.” The panel included seven panelists with expertise in climate change and took place on Monday afternoon in Sanders Theater.

Weekly UC Meeting

Three ‘Harvard Project’ Submissions Selected as Finalists

The Undergraduate Council’s Student Initiatives Committee named three finalists from the original 15 proposals submitted to its ‘Harvard Project’ grant initiative at its general meeting Sunday.

Troubled Frogs
Harvard Law School

Troubled Frogs

Tyrone Hayes ’89 speaks about his research on atrazine, a drug denied regulatory approval in the EU due to its demonstrated endocrine disruption in frogs, which subsequently ensued in controversy. Hayes gave the lecture entitled "From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A Tale of Toads and Men" at Harvard Law School on Thursday evening.


Scientist Discusses Health, Campus Sustainability

Arlene D. Blum discussed her work to reduce use of what she called harmful flame retardant chemicals in consumer products, which she praised Harvard for moving away from in recent years.

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Bans Plastic Bags, Imposes Fee on Paper Bags

The law makes Cambridge the largest city on the East Coast to impose a ban on single-use plastic bags, Cambridge City Councillor Dennis Carlone said, and follows similar legislation in Brookline and Newton.

Earth Day Bonanza
FlyBy Blog

How Many Harvard Students Does It Take to Spell "Sustainability?"

Here at Harvard, our most-searched word was “sustainability.”

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

City Council Votes To Cut Ties with TransCanada, Explore Sustainability

A unanimous Cambridge City Council vote requesting not to renew the city’s energy contract with the TransCanada Corporation might make Cambridge one of just a handful of American cities to pursue total independence from non-renewable energy sources.

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize