Former Irish President Mary Robinson
Harvard Law School

Former Irish President Connects Climate Change and Human Rights

During the conversation at the Law School,​ Mary T.W. Robinson emphasized the need for international policies promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Development Talk
On Campus

Sustainable Development Talk

Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, talks about her experiences in sustainable development and how bottom-up infrastructure can best accommodate that.

Harvard Kennedy School

Sustainability Experts Talk International Climate Policy

Sustainability experts spoke about challenges in crafting climate policies at an event Tuesday evening.

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab

The Office of Sustainability will be housing the renewed "Living Laboratory" initiative, whose core mission is to use the Harvard campus as a test bed for new ideas related to combating climate change and improving public health.

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab
School of Public Health

New 'Living Laboratory' Initiatives to Increase Sustainability Funding

The core idea of the Living Laboratory initiative, which will be housed in the Office for Sustainability, is to use the Harvard campus as a test bed for new ideas related to combating climate change and improving public health.

Quincy Dhall in Strike

In Plastic-Filled Dining Halls, Students Promote Sustainability

Some students are working to maintain environmental sustainability after dining hall workers began their strike and porcelain plates were replaced with disposables.


Eliot Resident Proposes New Solution for Energy Conservation

Aldis Elfarsdottir '19 noticed that Eliot's heating system gives students little control over the temperatures in their rooms and has begun devising a solution.


Boston to Host Third Climate Leaders Summit in 2017

Boston will be the site of the third U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit, set to take place in 2017.


Foodbetter Summit Stirs Discussion on Sustainability

The Foodbetter Harvard Initiative held a cornucopia of events last week, ranging from panels with celebrity chefs to a sustainability and innovation fair, intended to promote conversations about healthy and sustainable food choices on campus.


Annual Earth Day Festival Puts Food in Spotlight

Enjoying live music, free food, and plenty of sunshine, students and Cantabrigians gathered in the Science Center Plaza Saturday afternoon for the Environmental Action Committee’s annual Earth Day Festival.


Environmentalist Emphasizes Role of Media

Environmental conservationist Philippe Cousteau, Jr. reflected on his family history as well as the changing role that media has played in spreading the environmental movement this Tuesday for the 2016 Lowell Lecture.

Gore Speaks

Al Gore Optimistic About Improving Global Sustainability

In almost fitting fashion, former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore ’69 drove from Manhattan after inclement weather cancelled his flight, and arrived only twenty minutes late to deliver his talk, “Confronting The Climate Crisis: Critical Roles for the US and China.”

Cambridge City Council

As Cambridge Bans Plastic Bags, Some Shopkeepers Skeptical

An ordinance banning the distribution of single-use plastic bags at store checkouts in Cambridge will take effect Thursday, and some local shopkeepers are skeptical of its projected impact.

Harvard Office of Sustainability

Harvard Office of Sustainability

The Harvard Office of Sustainability’s new space is located at 14 Story Street.

Harvard Office of Sustainability

Sustainability Office Relocates to Harvard Square

Harvard’s Office for Sustainability, previously located east of the College’s campus, has moved to 14 Story St. in Harvard Square, increasing its accessibility to students.