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The Modernized Tragedy of ‘The Trojan Women’

Running in the Loeb Drama Center from Oct. 14 to 22 by the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, it was as relevant to modern times as it was centuries ago when it was first written, and Roitman’s version certainly did justice to this timeless classic.

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Strong Acting Makes Polaroid Stories Click

​“It ain’t about nothing else except getting out alive.” When Lethu A. Ntshinga ’18, as Zeus, growls these words late in the production of “Polaroid Stories,” it is easy to believe her.

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“Nuestra Señora de las Nubes” and Translating the Latinx Experience

The play will be a defining piece of theater for Latin American audiences typically underrepresented onstage, according to Danny L. Rodriguez ’18, the stage manager of the show and president of TEATRO!. “I feel like everyone should be able to have that option to see a show that they say, ‘This is me. This is my family,’” he said.

TDM Magazine

Curtain Rises on New Theater Dance Media Magazine

Theater Dance Media, a new student-produced magazine focusing on design and performing arts at Harvard, debuted this week.

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Telling ‘Polaroid Stories’ on the Mainstage

The scene is set for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s annual Visiting Director’s Project: “Polaroid Stories.” Written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Jacqui Parker, the play tells the story of 12 homeless teenagers who navigate their identities while coping with sexual abuse, drug addiction, and prostitution.

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An Eerie and Alive ‘Macbeth’

Along with the freshness of its creative liberties, the Hyperion production’s powerful acting, cast and staging made it a thoroughly enjoyable show and a brilliant interpretation of the Bard’s classic.

Harvard Dance Project Polaroids

TDM in Retrospect: What It Takes to Set a Stage

While schools like Princeton and Yale had already had larger theater and dance programs running for years, Harvard's Theater, Dance, and Media concentration did not make its debut until Oct. 1, 2015. Through the efforts of faculty like TDM chair Martin Puchner and dance director Jill Johnson, Harvard's newest foray into the study of theater is only just starting to take the stage.

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ART’s ‘Plough’ Lands Among the Stars

Although a true sense of sincerity among the actors did not emerge until later in the play, the creative staff revived and reinvented “The Plough and the Stars,” which ran from Sept. 24 to Oct. 9, as a relevant show.

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‘35mm’ Rocks Adams Pool Theater

Throughout the 90-minute run time, songs by turn intimate and energizing explored everything from romance to religion. Although no discernible plot threaded all of this together, the production still cohered as a charismatic and captivating product, just as the best musicals always do.


Faculty Weigh in on History as Depicted in ‘Hamilton’

Professor of history and law Annette Gordon-Reed has criticized the musical’s depiction of America’s founding narrative as historical truth.

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Relating the Plight of ‘The Trojan Women,’ Then and Now

Flashes of refugee camps in Syria; children covered in the ashes of bombs. Over the last few months, images like these revolving around the refugee crisis have been inundating televisions and newsfeeds. At a time like this, the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s adaption of “The Trojan Women” might be more relevant than ever.

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Unsex Me: The Ag’s Gender-Bent “Macbeth”

With Malcolm and Banquo cast as women, the audience now must contemplate seemingly simple plot points. “Why does Banquo get passed up for the promotion?” director Kier W. Zimmerman ’19 says. “Is it a gender thing?”


‘Carmen’ (with Selfies) Brings Opera Back to Opera House

Traditionalists may say that Carmen needs no modernization, but if anything were to revive opera in the Boston Opera House, this would be it.​

Nancy Rappaport

From Professor to Performer

Dr. Nancy A. Rappaport, a professor at Harvard Medical School, tries her hand at theater with a one-woman show, “Regeneration,” about her experience battling breast cancer.

Adams Pool Theater
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Home Is Where the Art Is

At Harvard, participating in the arts often requires previous experience, an involved comp process, or a significant time commitment, but within the residential community, there exists lower-stress creative outlets for students. As administrators look to shift Harvard’s social life away from off-campus social organizations, art spaces in the houses serve as new centers for student engagement.