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Ten Stories That Shaped 2017

2017 saw tectonic changes—ranging from Harvard's decision to keep the College's controversial social life policy to its launch of a presidential search destined to chart the course for decades to come. The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined a tempestuous year.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Complaints Increased By 65 Percent Last Year

According to the report, 43 individuals across Harvard filed formal complaints of sexual or gender-based harassment during 2016-2017, an increase from 26 the year before.

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Facing Three Federal Title IX Investigations

Harvard is facing two previously unreported federal investigations into its compliance with anti-sex discrimination Title IX.

Title IX Panel
On Campus

Title IX Panel

Student panelists discuss the role of Title IX in campus sexual assault policy during a discussion Tuesday afternoon.

Yasmin Sachee
Undergraduate Council

UC Expresses ‘Disappointment’ with Harvard Response To Title IX Changes

The Undergraduate Council expressed “disappointment” with Harvard’s decision not to officially take a stance on the Deptartment of Education’s changing federal Title IX guidelines.

Student Life

Harvard College Proceeds with Online Title IX Training for Second Year

​The College used input from undergraduate focus groups to update its sexual assault prevention training modules for 2017, according to Title IX Coordinator Emily J. Miller.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Harvard ‘Reviewing’ New Title IX Guidance on Standard of Proof

Harvard is “reviewing” new guidelines cancelling a requirement that colleges use the lowest standard of proof when judging whether an accused student is guilty of sexual assault.

Massachusetts Hall

In Title IX Inquiry, Feds Likely Reviewing Harvard’s 2014 Policies

The government could still find Harvard in violation of Title IX more than three years after the Office for Civil Rights first launched the probe in April 2014.

Behind Closed Doors - Final Clubs

2014 Title IX Complaint Against Harvard Cited Final Clubs

A complaint that spurred a federal investigation into the College’s compliance with Title IX cited all-male final clubs as “major site[s] of sexual violence."

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

DeVos Title IX Review Sparks Concern From Activists

Some of Harvard's anti-sexual assault activists are concerned that the review will work to "silence survivors of sexual violence."

Law School Library
Harvard Law School

Law School Faculty Call for Title IX Sexual Assault Policy Changes

In a memo to the Department of Education, the faculty members push for revisions of Obama-era Title IX standards that govern how universities respond to campus sexual harassment and assault..

Alicia Oeser

OSAPR Director to Leave Harvard for UCLA

Alicia Oeser leaves after roughly three years at the head of OSAPR. No replacement has so far been announced.

College Administration

Harvard Transgender Rights Pamphlet Prompts Conservative Backlash Online

A pamphlet providing information about transgender rights distributed by the College’s Office for BGLTQ Student Life drew attention and criticism from various conservative and Christian websites over the past week.

Inaugural Year of New Title IX Policy

Between Harvard and Office for Civil Rights, A Symbiotic Relationship

As Harvard has searched for administrators to lead its Title IX office and bolster efforts to comply with federal guidelines, it continues to turn to staffers with firsthand experience in enforcing them.

Halley on Steps
Harvard Law School

Students, Profs Skeptical of Title IX Office Restructuring

Student activists and professors question whether the restructuring of Harvard's Title IX Office's will lead to substantive improvements.