Title IX

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting

Student Sexual Assault Investigations Last Months Past 60-Day Federal Guideline

For cases involving students, sexual assault and harassment investigations often last more than 4 months—well beyond the 60-day window that the federal agency recommends for the entire process.

Title IX Officer Mia Karvonides
Central Administration

New Title IX FAQs Expand On Previous Guidance

Half a year after some undergraduates criticized a University-issued frequently asked questions document about sexual assault as legalistic and inaccessible, Harvard’s Title IX Office has added a new series of answers to questions about campus sexual harassment policy and procedures.


Student-Only Group Will Provide ‘Unfettered’ Input on College Sexual Assault Prevention

Fulfilling a longtime wish, a committee composed solely of undergraduates has begun meeting to provide “unfettered” input for administrators as the College seeks to implement sexual assault prevention measures.

Harvard Law School

Title IX Interpretations Could Threaten Academic Freedom, Report Says

Recent interpretations of Title IX by the Office of Civil Rights that broadly define sexual harassment have created a “chilling” effect at America’s colleges and universities, threatening academic freedom, due process, and free speech, argues a recent report released by the American Association of University Professors.

Massachusetts Hall
Central Administration

‘Dear Harvard, You Win’ Author to Publish New Essay

More than two years after she wrote an anonymous op-ed in The Crimson criticizing Harvard’s response to sexual assault on campus, a recent Harvard graduate will publish an essay again calling on the University to better combat sexual assault on campus.

Harvard Law School

Activists Weigh In on Sexual Assault Response at Law School

As discussions of sexual assault and Title IX pervade campus rhetoric, Harvard Law School alumna and activist Kamilah Willingham offered her views on the topics and reflected on her experiences at a conference Tuesday.

Central Administration

Individual Schools Take Up Sexual Assault Recommendations

After finishing its work earlier this month, the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault has disbanded, leaving Harvard's 12 schools to act on its recommendations.

Alison Frank Johnson
Harvard Business School

In Campus Sexual Assault Conversation, Faculty Grapple with Role

Across Harvard's schools, faculty members are learning about sexual assault prevention and seeking to create courses to foster discussion on sex and sexuality, after the release of a sexual assault prevention report last month.


UC Concerned Over Some Sexual Assault Prevention Proposals

Undergraduate Council representatives criticized recent recommendations on alcohol policies in Harvard's report on sexual assault prevention, though they praised the report’s call for annual sexual assault training for students.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Recommendations Put Social Life Under Microscope

Although the report urges wide-scale change, many of the recommendations are already in progress, and now the College has formed two working groups to review the report and recommend a College-specific plan of action.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Eight Key Takeaways from the Sexual Assault Prevention Report

Senior Crimson News writers parsed through the sexual assault prevention task force's final report to highlight eight key takeaways.

Massachusetts Hall
Front Feature

News Analysis: With New Position, Harvard Continues to Centralize Sexual Assault Resources

As Harvard grapples with the pernicious issue of sexual assault on campus, its efforts have echoed a greater institutional shift in recent decades. Instead of the so-called “Every Tub on Its Own Bottom” model, where every individual school operates mostly autonomously, Harvard has increasingly embraced a “One University” structure, locating resources in and crafting policies from its central administration.

Title IX Cover

Seeking Trust: Navigating Harvard's Sexual Assault Policies

With their sexual assault policies under scrutiny by the federal government, students, and professors alike, Harvard's Title IX administrators have done their best to keep up. Questions, though, persist: How does Harvard respond to cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault? And how should it?

Gender and Sexuality

Task Force Report

Harvard's Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault released its final report of recommendations on Tuesday.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Grappling with Campus Sexual Assault, Harvard Looks to Expand Prevention Efforts

​A semester after a survey revealed the alarming prevalence of sexual assault at Harvard, a task force has recommended that students receive annual sexual assault prevention training and that the University hire a new administrator to spearhead prevention efforts.