Title IX

Alicia Oeser

OSAPR Director to Leave Harvard for UCLA

Alicia Oeser leaves after roughly three years at the head of OSAPR. No replacement has so far been announced.

College Administration

Harvard Transgender Rights Pamphlet Prompts Conservative Backlash Online

A pamphlet providing information about transgender rights distributed by the College’s Office for BGLTQ Student Life drew attention and criticism from various conservative and Christian websites over the past week.

Inaugural Year of New Title IX Policy

Between Harvard and Office for Civil Rights, A Symbiotic Relationship

As Harvard has searched for administrators to lead its Title IX office and bolster efforts to comply with federal guidelines, it continues to turn to staffers with firsthand experience in enforcing them.

Halley on Steps
Harvard Law School

Students, Profs Skeptical of Title IX Office Restructuring

Student activists and professors question whether the restructuring of Harvard's Title IX Office's will lead to substantive improvements.

OSAPR, BGLTQ & Title IX Offices Partnership
Title IX

OSAPR, BGLTQ & Title IX Offices Partnership

Harvard College Title IX Officer Emily Miller, OSAPR Director Alicia Oeser, Associate Title IX Officer Julia Sanz, Office of BGLTQ Student Life Director Sheehan Scarborough, Harvard Title IX Officer Nicole Merhill gather for a photo after the announcement of the partnership between their respective offices on Wednesday afternoon.

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Seeks Jury Trial in Sexual Assault Case

Harvard has requested that a trial jury decide the results of a lawsuit brought by a recent graduate alleging that the University mishandled her sexual assault complaint.

OSAPR, BGLTQ & Title IX Offices Partnership
Sexual Assault

OSAPR, Title IX, BGLTQ Office to Formally Partner

Representatives from Harvard’s Title IX Office, the College’s Office of BGLTQ Student Life, and the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response will begin meeting monthly in a new partnership.

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting
Central Administration

Title IX Office to Restructure, Split into Two Offices

Harvard’s Title IX Office will split into two distinct offices—one for investigations and one for training and resources—in an administrative restructuring.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Students Rally in Defense of Title IX

​Student activists rallied in Harvard Yard on Friday, calling on federal officials and Harvard administrators to commit to enforcing anti-sex discrimination law Title IX.

The Murr Center
Student Life

A Team Divided

As Patrick Wales-Dinan has led the women’s distance running program to new heights, he’s also been the subject of controversy and administrative investigation.


Court Denies Harvard Motion to Dismiss Title IX Lawsuit

​A lawsuit that challenges Harvard’s compliance with anti-sex discrimination law Title IX will proceed after a federal court ruled Friday to deny the University’s efforts to dismiss the suit.

Women's Center

‘Feminist Hysteria’: A History Of Sexual Violence At Harvard

The year was 1960, it was orientation week for Lynn J. Ochberg ’64's freshman year at Radcliffe, and, she said, she had just been sexually assaulted by a senior on Harvard’s football team.

Student Groups

Our Harvard Can Do Better Discusses Sexual Assault On Campus

“We’re gonna be pushing for a lot of demands that we’ve been quite vocal about in the past,” Amelia Y. Goldberg ’19, a member of the group, said.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Title IX Activists Prepare Statement on DeVos’s Confirmation

Hours after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education, some Harvard student activists concerned about anti-sex discrimination law Title IX started plotting a response.


More Than Two Thirds of Harvard Undergrads Complete Sexual Assault Training Module

Sixty-seven percent of Harvard undergraduates have completed the College’s online sexual assault training module, half a year after the school first unveiled the program in September.