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Boston's Urban Planning Body to Study Allston Transit

Boston’s urban planning agency will pursue a large-scale study of Allston transit in response to locals’ concerns over new construction and traffic congestion.

Shuttle Composite

Shuttle Composite

Honk if You Hate Traffic

Allstonians Rally to Protest Against West Station Delay

Standing by a congested intersection and braving 21 degree weather, Allstonians held up colorful signs to protest construction delays on West Station.


Lapp Letter to MassDOT

Soldiers Field Road
Harvard in the City

Allstonians Worry Harvard’s Plans Privilege Vehicle Transit

At a meeting Monday, residents said they worry Harvard’s plans for Allston prioritize automobiles over pedestrians and public transportation.

All Aboard

HUIDs Will Double as CharlieCards for Class of 2021

Harvard University IDs will double as MBTA CharlieCards for the incoming Class of 2021 in a pilot program, the Undergraduate Council announced at their general meeting on Sunday.

A True Harvard Hero

A True Harvard Hero

Hustling down Oxford Street on a brutal weekday morning, the Harvard Shuttle is a dependable ally in the battle against snow, 9am classes and Uber surge pricing.

Infrastructure: Labor, Social, Political, and Economic Issues

Policy Experts and Union Leaders Scrutinize Infrastructure Decline

Experts spoke about the intersection of public infrastructure and labor at a Law School panel, emphasizing the need to invest more federal dollars in infrastructure projects.


Politicians, Experts Optimistic About Local Autonomous Vehicles Testing

Executive orders from the Massachusetts and Boston city governments allowing and regulating autonomous vehicle testing in state could ultimately improve road safety, experts say.

City Politics

Boston Debuts App and Competition to Promote Safer Driving Habits

Boston city agencies have partnered with local driving analytics company Cambridge Mobile Telematics to launch the “Boston’s Safest Driver” mobile application and competition.

All Hail
Cambridge City Council

New App Introduced Amid Debate on Ride-Sharing Services

Taxis in Greater Boston have recently partnered with “Curb,” a ride-hailing app similar to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, in an effort to remain competitive.


Compulsive Tardy Syndrome

I once saw a meme on Tumblr that showed someone texting a friend that they would be late because of who they are as a person; I put the “me” in that meme.

Devereux's Concerns
Harvard Square

Students, Alumni Concerned Over Potential MBTA Cuts

Students and alumni expressed concern for the potential shuttering of MBTA late night service following last week’s public meeting at Cambridge City Hall.

Devereux's Concerns

Local Residents Criticize Potential MBTA Cuts

According to the MBTA, the net cost per-passenger is $1.43 during regular service hours compared to $13 per-passenger during late night hours due to the lower number of riders. The overall cost for the late-night service is 14 million dollars, according to an MBTA presentation.

Betty Scooter
Flyby Blog

Meet the Scooterers of Harvard

Every scooterer has a story that deserves to be heard.