All Hail
Cambridge City Council

New App Introduced Amid Debate on Ride-Sharing Services

Taxis in Greater Boston have recently partnered with “Curb,” a ride-hailing app similar to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, in an effort to remain competitive.


Compulsive Tardy Syndrome

I once saw a meme on Tumblr that showed someone texting a friend that they would be late because of who they are as a person; I put the “me” in that meme.

Devereux's Concerns
Harvard Square

Students, Alumni Concerned Over Potential MBTA Cuts

Students and alumni expressed concern for the potential shuttering of MBTA late night service following last week’s public meeting at Cambridge City Hall.

Devereux's Concerns

Local Residents Criticize Potential MBTA Cuts

According to the MBTA, the net cost per-passenger is $1.43 during regular service hours compared to $13 per-passenger during late night hours due to the lower number of riders. The overall cost for the late-night service is 14 million dollars, according to an MBTA presentation.

Betty Scooter
FlyBy Blog

Meet the Scooterers of Harvard

Every scooterer has a story that deserves to be heard.

Harvard Law School

Attorney in Lawsuit Against Uber Talks Labor Rights

The attorney spearheading a major lawsuit against Uber argued at Harvard Law School on Wednesday that the legal classification of Uber drivers as independent contractors provides the workers with insufficient labor protection.


Green Transportation Event Showcases Sustainability Efforts

The annual event aims to “let [the University community] know [about] all the stakeholders that are promoting sustainable transportation across campus,” said Ben Hammer of CommuterChoice.

Student Life

Hovertrax Attax

​In the world of personal transportation, evolution is inevitable. Tricycles to bicycles, roller skates to rollerblades, horse-drawn carriages to the latest model Ferrari. Some modes of transportation, however, are destined for evolutionary failure. Call it Darwinism, call it harsh, call it the truth. Segways are one of these modes of transportation.

On Campus

Love It: Scooters

“Please walk your bikes.” Those four words greet many would-be-cyclists who attempt to ride through Harvard Yard. Except for the bicyclists who consider following this rule to be simply inconceivable, there is just one choice for legal wheels in Harvard Yard: the Razor scooter.

On Campus

Hate It: Scooters

Here’s the fundamental problem with riding scooters on a college campus: They don’t help you in any way. Sure, maybe when you were a youth, riding a scooter was a way to tell the world you were independent, but the day you’re old enough to shave with a razor is the day you’re too old to ride one.

Unveiling West Station
Harvard in the City

Allston Residents Frustrated Over West Station Revelations

Allston residents express frustration over the lack of transparency in the state's discussion with Boston University over its potential funding of a new commuter rail station in the neighborhood.

UC Discusses Side-by-Side

UC To Debut HUID-CharlieCard Pilot Program

At their general meeting Sunday, the Undergraduate Council detailed plans for a pilot program that will integrate the functions of Harvard IDs and MBTA CharlieCards.


As Snow Blankets Campus, University Closes Down

About a foot of powdery snow fell over Cambridge Monday night and into Tuesday morning, blanketing Harvard’s campus. Eight or more inches were expected to accumulate throughout the day.



Snowboarding and other methods of transportation prove to be more useful than walking in Tuesday’s snowy weather.

Cambridge City Council

City Council Approves Transportation Pilot Program

The Cambridge City Council approved a six-month pilot program for Bridj, a transportation startup, on Monday night.