Atlanta S2E7

'Atlanta' Recap and Review: 'Champagne Papi' Does Not Pop

"Champagne Papi" is the distraction Van needs, but it’s not the “Atlanta” we came for.

"Legion": "Chapter 10"

Is ‘Legion’ Losing its Edge?

If “Chapter 10” is any indication, the show is struggling to find the same level of emotional complexity that made “Legion” truly bizarre and earth-shattering in its first season.

New Girl Season Seven Premiere

Disjointed, yet Charming: ‘New Girl’ Picks Up ‘About Three Years Later’

Although in many senses, this season serves as an epilogue for the show, the lack of progress in Nick and Jess’s relationship hinders the otherwise-enjoyable premiere.

Atlanta S2E6

‘Atlanta’ Recap and Review: ‘Teddy Perkins’ Is Both ‘Ebony and Ivory’

“Atlanta’s” sixth episode, “Teddy Perkins,” is a Frankenstein monste, a masterpiece that will likely become known as “Atlanta”’s best episode.

Dan Stevens in "Legion"

‘Legion’ Loses Itself in A Maze of Madness

When “Legion” gives us women with mustaches, singing, then has a character say, “Wait, were there women with mustaches, singing?” it’s lampshading at its worst.

Atlanta S2E5

‘Atlanta’ Recap and Review: ‘Barbershop’ Builds Up Frustration With No Payoff

At its halfway point, “Atlanta: Robbin’ Season” is going nowhere (like Alfred’s hair).

Keri Russell in "The Americans"

‘The Americans’ Shows Subtle Signs of Complacency

Despite aspects of its unmitigated success, some of the premiere’s smaller moments lack the nuanced craft that previous seasons consistently maintained. “The Americans” is on the cusp of getting stale.

The Last O.G. TBS

‘The Last O.G.’: Humor in the Face of Reality

The show’s main weakness is its plot, a fault of its all too familiar central trope. While the pilot just provides a taste, it is still not evident that the characters will become sufficiently compelling to make up for this mundane objective.

The Crossing ABC

‘The Crossing’ Makes a Lot of Promises, But With No Sign of Fulfillment

The pilot of “The Crossing” provides a lot of questions, but it fails to define the context in which these questions exist. Moving forward, the series will need to do a lot of world-building and character development for any of its revelations to have some weight.

Atlanta S2E4

‘Atlanta’ Recap and Review: ‘Helen’: ‘Get Out’ Meets ‘Love & Basketball’

What ensues in “Helen” are inevitably racist interactions, a much needed wakeup call for Van, and Earn acting like a bigger baby than his apparently invisible daughter (seriously, where is Lottie?).

Atlanta S1E1

‘Atlanta’ Recap and Review: 'Alligator Man' Avoids the Sophomore Slump

“Atlanta” is back in all its glorious strangeness, and seems to have been worth the wait. Don’t believe me? Just wait until “Alligator Man,” the episode’s titular character (Katt Williams), proves you wrong.

Atlanta S2E2

'Atlanta' Recap and Review: 'Atlanta' Fails to Ride Its 'Sportin' Waves'

Even “Atlanta” is not immune to the pitfalls of a second season: It rehashes old material by reframing it in slightly different contexts.

Atlanta S2E3

‘Atlanta’ Recap and Review: 'Atlanta' Tries Something New in ‘Money Bag Shawty’

You know you’re famous when a white woman starts crying over the lyrics of your rap song.

Good Girls Photo

Nasty Women Take TV in ‘Good Girls’

"Good Girls" shows mothers as they are day-to-day, trying their best to raise the next generation of women while navigating their own challenges, doing what they have to do to ensure their best chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of $30,000.

"Hang the DJ"

'Black Mirror': 'Hang the DJ' Takes On Modern Romance

The course of true love never did run smooth, but it sure packed a punch.​