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Undergraduate Council

Living with Landry's

“They’re writing about you?” one friend asks incredulously as she pulls up a chair. “Yeah, about how much of a burden I am on my friends,” Michael J. Landry ’15-’16 answers sarcastically.

Central Administration

Harvard Tightens Travel Restrictions as Ebola Outbreak Worsens

The University released last week a new set of guidelines regarding medical screening and travel to the countries most affected by Ebola.

Serenity Room

Following Report on Stress, Freshman Serenity Room Opens

The space, which will be open 24 hours a day, is the first of its kind in the Yard.

Student Groups

ACA Has Little Impact on University Health Plan Enrollment

Barreira noted in his email that since UHS does not ask for the reason why a student elects to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, it is difficult to know how the Affordable Care Act impacted that decision.


Harvard Policies on Medical Marijuana To Remain Unchanged

Despite the legalization of medical marijuana in Massachusetts at the beginning of 2014, Harvard will not be altering its drug prohibition policies on campus to make an exception for medical marijuana.

Party Smart?

The Drinking Games

It’s 9 p.m. on a Friday night, and Serena and five friends from her freshman entryway are getting ready for the annual freshman formal. Sitting around a second-floor common room with all the lights on and a “HARVARD 2017” banner hanging over the mantle, they’re drinking mango-flavored vodka and Coke from nine-ounce red plastic cups. They estimate that they’ve each had about four shots since returning from the formal dinner in Annenberg, though they’re not sure.

Student Life

Where To Get a Flu Shot

October marks the beginning of flu season, which usually reaches its peak in January and February. Given that it would be ideal to avoid the kind of public health emergency that rocked the Boston area last winter, we put together a list of where you can get your flu shot before winter hits.


UHS Advises Students To Carefully Consider New ACA Health Options

As the White House works to repair the technological glitches that impacted the rollout of the new online health exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act, University Health Services has a clear message for students: think carefully before jumping onto a new plan.


Students Satisfied with Mental Health Care, Survey Suggests

The majority of students who sought treatment for mental health care at Harvard University Health Services last year felt satisfied with their experience and said they would be willing to recommend their clinician to a friend, according to the results of a patient satisfaction survey released at a UHS-sponsored “Community Conversation” Tuesday night.



When students leave campus to go home due to mental health reasons, they are faced with a complex and stressful web of procedures and difficult choices which at times are beyond their control.


Going Home

For a handful of students each year, Harvard’s environment is too much to bear. In search of wellness, these undergraduates leave Harvard, returning home to a world without the worries of college life. But before they go, students must navigate a complex and often stressful web of choices and procedures that at times are beyond their control.



House Life

Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey

In a year marked by a major cheating scandal at Harvard, more than 30 percent of graduating seniors admit they have cheated on a homework assignment during their four years as undergraduates.


Students Tested After UHS Confirms Case of TB On Campus

The Cambridge Public Health Department and Harvard University Health Services are urging a limited number of students and faculty to undergo tuberculosis tests after a member of the Harvard community recently tested positive for the infection.

The Holyoke Center

Assessing the Outrage: A Comparative Approach to Mental Health at Harvard

Responding effectively to questions of mental health necessitates an in-depth, comparative approach. Programs and policies implemented at peer schools, in addition to input from mental health experts across the nation, shed light on the status of Harvard’s own mental health practices.

Men's Ice Hockey

Hockey Preview 2014

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?