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Capital Campaign Total Hits $8 Billion With Year to Go

With a year still remaining in its record-shattering capital campaign, Harvard has raised $8 billion in donations.


Harvard’s Endowment Plans to Sell $70 Million of Cows and Farmland Assets

Not even Harvard’s cows are safe as Harvard Management Company undergoes a radical restructuring that it hopes will reverse a decade of lackluster returns.

Manhattan Climate March
Student Groups

In Letter, Faust Commits to Climate Progress

University President Drew G. Faust signed a statement affirming Harvard’s commitment to make progress on climate change.

Falling Money
University Finances

After the Capital Campaign

Though Harvard's capital campaign is scheduled to end next year, some say the money will not—and cannot—stop pouring in.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
University Finances

The Rise and Fall of HMC

Harvard Management Company's new CEO is leading an effort to revamp the University's investment arm.

Executive Education
Harvard Law School

'A Win-Win': Executive Education

University leaders trumpet alternative programs as the future of education. Conveniently, they're also quite lucrative.

David Rubenstein Graphic
Central Administration

The New Corporation Man

Billionaire financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein is emblematic of the changing Harvard Corporation.

University Finances

Faust Made $1.4 Million in 2015

University President Drew G. Faust earned just over $1.4 million in compensation in calendar year 2015.


Spending Bill ‘Bodes Well’ for Research Funding, Faust Says

"I think the Congress spoke with a rather bipartisan, resolute voice in favor of the things that I’ve been arguing for, so that was a very good sign," Faust said.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office

Despite Divest Cheers, Harvard Maintains Investment Approach

After a Harvard Management Company official said that the natural resources portfolio is "pausing" investments in fossil fuels, the University maintained that the remarks did not represent a change in investment strategy.

University President Drew G. Faust
Central Administration

In D.C., Faust Calls for Government Backing of Universities

Faust said the renown of American universities is “contingent” on continued federal support during a panel discussion with university presidents in the nation’s capital.

Returns and Endowment Size (FY2006-FY2016) Graph

Yale’s Annual Endowment Report Defends High Fees for External Managers

As Harvard cuts the size of its internal workforce and begins to outsource its funds to more expensive external managers, Harvard Management Company will begin to more closely resemble investment offices at Yale and other peer institutions.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office

Harvard ‘Pausing’ Investments in Some Fossil Fuels

​Harvard Management Company’s head of natural resources Colin Butterfield said that Harvard is “pausing” investments in some fossil fuels.

Endowment Distribution Graph

Endowment Distribution Graph

Faust HAA

Faust Meets with Donors and Alums in Los Angeles

University President Drew G. Faust took a trip to Los Angeles, Calif. this week “to catch up with alumni and donors on the West Coast."