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Yale Campus

For Gen Ed, Harvard Faculty Oppose a System Like Yale's

As the College reviews its General Education program that is “failing on a variety of fronts,” its New Haven rival has maintained a set of distribution requirements as its core curriculum.

CS50 Lecture

After Add/Drop, CS50 Edges Ec 10 in Enrollment Numbers

As of Tuesday afternoon, CS50 touted a roster of 703 undergraduates, and Ec 10 had enrolled 700.

CS50 Lecture

Building on Hype in Cambridge, CS50 Kicks Off at Yale

The expansino marks the first time that Yalies can count themselves among the hundreds of students who this semester will take Computer Science 50.


National Frat Faces Trial for 2011 Harvard-Yale Tailgate Crash

At the Harvard-Yale football game in 2011, a member of Yale's chapter of fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon lost control of a U-Haul truck, killing one woman.

Fischer Touchdown

PSA: You’ll Have More Time to Pregame Harvard-Yale This Year

Public Service Announcement: The Game starts two and a half hours later this year.

Harvard's Global Footprint
Central Administration

Harvard's Global Footprint

Through a growing network of international offices, Harvard remains competitive globally.

Harvard Law School

Law School Dean of Students To Depart This Summer

Associate Dean and Dean of Students at Harvard Law School Ellen M. Cosgrove, who also serves as one of the deputy Title IX coordinators at the Law School, will leave for Yale Law School at the end of this academic year.

Acceptance Letters

Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Pens Letters Blasting Record Purges

Edward Blum—the president of nonprofit membership group Students for Fair Admissions, Inc.—sent a letter Thursday to every Ivy League university president except for Harvard’s to object to deletions of student admission records.

Kyle Style

Men's Hockey Carries Streak into Rivalry on Ice

Looking to improve on a seven-game winning streak, the No. 3/3 Harvard men’s hockey team will trade the confines of its Allston home for Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, when the Crimson faces No. 19/- Yale in the second edition of the Rivalry On Ice game.

David Malan and CS50
Computer Science

David Malan and CS50

Professor David J. Malan lectures on the role of the binary number system in computer science at the first CS50 lecture of the school year in Sanders Theater.

CS50 selfie
Computer Science

Harvard Banishes CS50 TF to New Haven

Much as we love to display the (many) ways Yale cannot (and will never) match up to Harvard, you can’t begrudge the incredible opportunity at Hirschhorn’s disposal.


Scene and Heard: The Game

I roll out of bed at 8:45 on game day (you know, The Game), ready to document the event for posterity. First stop: the pancake breakfast in Annenberg to meet up with my fellow game-day warriors. We then head to a sad pregame in a freshman dorm. The theme of the pregame is “Too many Cooks.” Libations are poured to Smarf, the picaresque anti-hero of the 11 minute video. I’m offered some alcohol. I don’t take it for reasons of journalistic integrity, obviously.

The Game: Harvard vs. Yale

The Game: Harvard vs. Yale

Guide to CS50
Computer Science

Harvard Approves Joint Yale CS50 Venture, Malan Says

Harvard’s approval was the final step necessary for a joint Harvard-Yale CS50 venture, which was first reported in The Crimson in October and approved by Yale faculty in early November.


Harvard Exports to Yale

The interuniversity trade routes between Yale and Harvard opened earlier this month by the proclamation of CS50’s export to Yale College, which is in Connecticut. This is no small step. CS50 is the best bioweapon we have engineered. With its t-shirts and free stuff, we are hopeful that it will divide the Yale campus into two groups: those who wear the “I took CS50” T-shirts, and those who do not. But this export should not be the last one by any means. FM considers other authentic items that Harvard has to offer to this time-honored rival for its betterment:

The Band at Convocation

Class of 2019: Beliefs and Lifestyles

Administrators on the Stage

Class of 2019: Academics & Extracurriculars

The View of Convocation

Class of 2019: By the Numbers

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy