Loui Itoh


Not a Lost Cause

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Last Tuesday, I marched across Washington D.C. in the pouring rain, hoisting a sign that read, “Poverty is not


A Good Place to Come Out

John and Mary seemed like the perfect Christian couple. They attended church and Bible study every week, were active in


Compassionate Judgment

Countless conversations I’ve had with Harvard students about Kaavya Viswanathan’s plagiarism controversy have followed a similar pattern. Someone opens the


An Indiscriminate Policy

If a Communist student group required leaders of the group to subscribe to the ideals of the Communist Manifesto, we


The Calculus of Faith

After attending Harvard for nearly three years, hearing that the First-Year Social Committee was planning an “Anything but Clothes Party”


The Gospel According to Hillary

Imagine if Jesus were alive today. How might he react to the plight of an impoverished Mexican worker living just


Violating the Founders' Vision

Centuries ago, John Locke, a devout Christian and one of the most well-known advocates of religious toleration, wrote that, “No


Not a Time to Kill

I understand why the American public is divided on the issue of abortion, especially regarding abortions that take place early


DISSENTING OPINION: Don’t Incentivize Promiscuity

College is about making lifelong friendships, pursuing intellectual endeavors, and figuring out what to do with the rest of your


The Crusade for a Moral Budget

Two months ago, 150 religious leaders gathered in the rotunda of the Capitol to pray for the failure of a


The Ills of Modern-Day Slavery

“My name is Loui Itoh and I’m calling from the American Anti-Slavery Group, based in Boston. We’re looking to launch


The Worst Form of Slavery

In February 2002, police officers raided a house where they suspected illegal activity. Along with the stashes of morning-after pills,


Selling Our Souls to the Right

I thought Christianity taught us to love our neighbors and to feed the hungry. I thought we were supposed to


The Reluctant Prefrosh

As a prefrosh, I thought I knew Harvard. Privy to its pompous reputation, I quickly decided that I didn’t need



Last week while lunching in Annenberg, a young man approached me and did the unspeakable. Though not a friend of


Earth Movers

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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