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Cigarette Sparks Fire in Quincy

A discarded cigarette likely set off a small fire in the C entryway of Quincy House on Friday evening, causing


Feb. 24: 2:34 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Stoughton Hall North to a report of a large group of individuals in

No Damage After Small Blaze at Restaurant

A small chimney fire broke out at The Red House Restaurant off JFK Street yesterday afternoon, flooding the area with

Suspect Could Face 5 Years in Jail

The 18-year-old Cambridge man arrested for attempting to rob an undergraduate outside Kirkland House last month appeared in court for the

Man Stabbed in T Stop

A man was stabbed several times in the back on the platform of the Harvard Square T station before running

Robbery Thwarted in Kirkland

An 18-year-old Cambridge man faces possible jail time after he and two minors were arrested for the attempted robbery of


Dec. 17: 2:40 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Adams House E entryway to respond to a report of a group of

Forgotten Food Finishes in Flames

A pizza box left in an electrical oven in Currier House caught fire late Saturday night, filling an entire floor

Car Crashes By Leverett

An S.U.V. driving on Memorial Drive knocked over a light pole and flipped over onto the grass in front of

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Car Overturns by Leverett on Memorial Drive; No Serious Injuries

An S.U.V. driving on Memorial Drive knocked over a lamppost and flipped over onto the grass in front of Leverett House

Police Log

Dec. 4 7:56 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to Greenough Hall to a report of a loud alarm clock. The officer

Student Reports Verbal Attack

A Harvard senior filed a report with the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) last week that said she was the victim

Rapist Who Trespassed In Mather Sentenced

A 39-year-old convicted rapist arrested for trespassing in Mather House last month was sentenced to two years in a local

Attempted Suicide Numbers Show No Marked Change

Police responded to four reports of attempted suicides by Harvard students—two involving undergraduates and two involving graduate students—during the 2004-2005


Oct. 22 1:50 p.m.: An officer was informed of a report of an assault where an individual grabbed two individuals’